Lose the moment to win the future
  If you can't afford to lose, how to win
  When my son was in the second day of school, there was a school organization speech contest. I gave him a name in the class group. When I told my son about the registration, he suddenly blushes and immediately shook his head and said, "No, I don't participate!"
  When he was a child, he was a timid and introverted child. He never dared to raise his hand in the class. When the family came to the guest, he always acted like a shy girl. I just want to give him a chance to exercise through this competition.
  At my repeated request, my son finally agreed to participate. First of all, I asked him to carefully write the speech and read it out loudly in front of me. From the beginning of the custody to the final read, the son took the first step.
  Before the game, I said to my son, I don't care about your winning or losing. What you care about is that you can stand on the stage. All of a sudden, standing in front of so many people, the timid son is inevitably nervous, and his mouth is clear when he is not at home. The game ended in failure, but I was overwhelmed, and my son’s loss was as I expected.
  After that speech, the son was obviously active in the class, and his friends increased. Later, as long as the school had similar activities, I always encouraged my son to participate and told him not to be afraid of failure. Finally, my son stood on the podium and was no longer timid. He was able to talk and laugh, and he was free to take the first place in a high school speech.
  If there is no previous N losses, there is no such win. Only if you are willing to let yourself lose at first, will it be possible to win later.
  Twenty years ago, I studied painting with two female students and prepared to apply for the Academy of Fine Arts. Because I started studying after graduating from high school, the foundation is very poor. In the first year of the exam, three of us fell into the list at the same time.
  After the list fell, the other two female students immediately went to the provincial capital to find art tutoring classes to prepare for the second year of the college entrance examination. When I asked if I would go together, I hesitated. If you continue to learn, you will invest a lot of money and energy, but whether you can get it in the second year is really mysterious.
  "What if I can't test it again?"
  "If you can't do it again, then take a few more exams, and there will always be a day of examination." A female student answered me like this.
  How many times does it take? This is something I dare not think about and can't accept. In the end, I chose to give up, because I was afraid to invest too much cost, but in the end I was beaten. I am thirsty for the future to go to the Academy of Fine Arts, but when I fail to do it again and again, I am not willing to bear it.
  Two years later, both students were admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts and realized my original dream , but I never bid farewell to the campus. Seeing that their paintings are getting better and better, every time my heart is mixed. It was because they were not afraid of losing at that time, so they won the prospect of envying me.
  Later, I gradually realized: If you can't afford to lose, how to win?
  In fact, many people have similar starting points. Some people can fly high because they fell more than once during the test flight. Some people chose to be in the flats because of their fear of pain, and the sky has become an unreachable dream.
  When writer Bernard Shaw was young, he decided to make a living by writing. He wrote five novels in six years. When he cast his novels with confidence, he was repeatedly rejected by many publishers.
  The mother distressed her son and advised Shaw to give up writing and earn money to raise him. But Shaw did not dare to win the future because he lost the moment. He chose to continue to write hard. Later, he wrote the script more and more popular, and eventually won the Nobel Prize in Literature.
  In an interview with reporters, Bernard Shaw recalled that it was not a big deal to be rejected by a publishing house. But if it is rejected by 60 publishers at the same time, it is by no means a blow that anyone can bear. George Bernard Shaw is undoubtedly a loser. If he was afraid of losing and losing and writing, he would not have a huge achievement.
  A lot of wins started from losing. It was precisely because they lost that they helped the people who finally won, and eliminated so many retreating competitors. Only those who can afford to win can win.
  No one likes to lose, so they evade the result of losing. But without experiencing the accumulation of loss, you will never wait for a leap in winning. The current failure is not terrible. The terrible thing is that it is no longer eager to win. Once you are afraid of losing your legs, you will never be able to reach the destination.
  Only by losing the present can you win the future.