Don't let your lazy today become a difficult future for you.
  In the past two months, because of the expansion of marketing, I go to different companies every week, and I have different workshops and see different lines.
  However, these workers have the same thing: that is, being too lazy to accept new things.
  Their thoughts are surprisingly consistent: how many pieces have been worked out after work, and how many piece-rates are earned today.
  I taught them how to use mobile banking, tell them how to use each module, and then let them pay for their own phone bills, they all said: Do not bother to go home, let the children help me get it.
  I am still looking at their young face, almost 40 years old, so they are so resistant to new things.
  What surprised me was the workshop directors of several companies. Although they were older than the workers, when we went for the second time, we found that they were very skilled and used mobile banking to do business several times.
  At that moment, I suddenly understood that the reason why the workshop directors quickly learned to use mobile banking is because they are used to thinking.
  And those workers, they are on the assembly line every day, their eyes are just staring at the products on the assembly line. Their minds are fixedly rotating like a waterline. They rarely enter new things. They fix their own heights in the assembly line.
  They resist new things and are too lazy to accept change. In their world, this workshop may be a lifetime.
  This is their circle.
  It is their own heart to draw the ground.
  I have a classmate Zhou Mei, who was a workshop worker in the same factory before her husband and her husband, Li Hao.
  Their factory benefits are average, workers come to work, and they are looking forward to returning to work. At that time, the factory had dormitory rooms, and they mostly lived in accommodation. After dinner, I will get together to play poker.
  They live a lazy and simple life.
  Zhou Mei and Li Hao were not willing to live this life, they decided to change the environment.
  Li Hao passed the examination to participate in the college entrance examination and was admitted to Hebei University of Technology.
  In the same year, Zhou Mei took the certificate of laboratory technician and transferred it from an ordinary worker to the laboratory.
  After Li Hao graduated from the civil service, Zhou Mei was promoted to the position of quality inspection department.
  A few years after they got married, the factory was seriously bankrupt due to losses.
  Zhou Mei’s colleagues went to the county party to petition, and most of them were placed in another state-owned enterprise as workers. Zhou Mei only took a few days to apply for a company and became a quality inspection supervisor.
  A few years later, she took another qualification from the pharmaceutical industry and went to a pharmaceutical factory to work as a project manager for a department.
  Perhaps in a familiar environment for a long time, people feel comfortable with the habitual environment, feel comfortable with the familiar people, and become unwilling to change.
  If you don’t advance, you will retreat, and the big waves will wash away. One day, the environment will eliminate you.
  Only by constantly challenging yourself and raising yourself to a new level, you will enter different circles, which in turn will prompt you to keep on making progress.
  Staying afloat and updating yourself from time to time will have a new look.
  I remember having such a story.
  There is a fisherman who woven nets every day to watch the sea.
  There is a rich man who has been operating a company in the field for many years. After donating most of his property to the school, he came to the beach to live and often went to the beach to see the sea.
  The fisherman said: "You see that you have been working outside for many years, isn't it the same sea as me?"
  The rich man laughed and didn't answer, just looking at the sea in the distance.
  The fisherman sees the sea and sees only the sea.
  The rich man saw the distance of the sea, his eyes have crossed the sea, he saw the place where he passed his life, the city he went to, the school he funded, the lovely smiles of the children.
  They all see the same sea, and their difference is the eye, the experience.
  The fisherman’s circle is a fisherman. His life is just fishing. The rich man’s circle is a corporate elite. He has been making progress all his life.
  The end of the rules is that the mind is rigid and not enterprising.
  Lazy thinking is fatal lazy, he let a person stay in place. The less you think about progress, the lower the circle, the narrower the field of view, and the lower the pattern.
  Don't give up on your own challenges, try to change yourself, go out and discover a new world.
  In fact, everyone is willing to stay in the comfort zone and not want to enter an unfamiliar area.
  In an environment for a long time, like warm boiled frogs, you have not changed, but you don't realize that the environment is changing. One day, when the crisis comes, you will be caught off guard, you will be stunned, you will find that there have been many changes outside. There are a lot of new things, but you are very strange, you can't start, don't know how to deal with them.
  The ancient Greek materialist philosopher Heraclitus said: People cannot walk into the same river twice. Change is eternal. Therefore, people must constantly accept new things and learn new things.
  As you continue to learn and constantly change yourself, you enter different levels and stand in different circles. When you talk to different circles, your pattern will change.
  The lazy your thinking, the shallower your life. Don't let your lazy today become your future.