Your efforts must be worthy of your age.
  I saw such a passage on Weibo, an 80-year-old grandmother said: "You don't travel when you are young, don't take risks, don't fight for a scholarship, but you haven't tried life, brushing Weibo all day. Going online, playing online games, doing what I can do at the age of 80, what do you want to be young?"
  It’s really good. If you are young and seek comfort and comfort, don't try to break through the limits and challenge yourself. When you are older, what qualifications do we have to enjoy life?
  Your efforts must be able to support your age.
  The high school class of the cousin brought the college entrance examination full of red, the whole class was admitted to the undergraduate, and several of them got the notice of the famous school. She got the school's bonus and her position improved.
  Many people went to congratulate her and praised her for her ability. The cousin said in a low-key way, how can it be so powerful, that is, persistence , no matter how hard it is to give up.
  Her class was the worst mixed class in the whole year from the first year of high school. The most naughty students in the school were in her class. Therefore, in addition to learning , she has to worry about discipline; in addition to teaching, she also needs to train and write scientific research papers. She goes out early every night and can only take a day off on weekends. Especially in the third year of this year, she lost seven or eight pounds.
  Her mother-in-law was very vocal about her, complaining that her cousin only thought about her work and forgot her family. Some individual parents sometimes have a headache because of stereotypes or short-sightedness that do not match cousin's work.
  But which job is easy in the world? Cousin feels that when he is the best able to fight, he does not invest and does not pay. In the future, he will only leave regrets, sorry for himself, and he will not be able to live with students.
  In the face of incomprehension and grievances, she has personally withstood it and has persisted until now.
  Those who succeed are not necessarily the best people at the beginning, but they must all insist on reaching the farthest. Life is not so much reason, and it means everything.
  Life is not as good as usual. If we can treat the unsatisfactory situation with optimism and tolerance, then the dilemma may also become a turning point.
  A friend who had done sales talked about his experience: When he was approaching the year, he lost a big list, and the big customers who had been in the middle of the year had been smashed by the competitors.
  At that time, he was carrying a mortgage, his mother had chronic diseases and needed to take medicine all the year round, and all the money was used everywhere. Suddenly he lost a large source of income. He was disheartened and didn't know how to get through the storm.
  His wife did not have a blame, but comforted him: What a big thing, after the big deal, Yang Chun noodle one bowl.
  He bit his teeth and regained his confidence: during the Chinese New Year, he went to the field to run customers to find resources. In life, two people saved money and used their friends to borrow money for a few months. They spent the most shabby Chinese New Year. It is a winter season.
  After the spring, he continued to regroup and took the initiative to apply to another city to open up new markets. His efforts have not been in vain, and the new business is booming. Not only has he opened up customer relationships, but he has also accumulated resources in the industry and started to start a business.
  Today, his business is developing very well, but he still works very hard, and often tells his staff with his personal experience: "Life is persistence. You think you can't go through it. If you stick to it, you will see another landscape. ""
  No one's life is smooth sailing, and no one is born to be the darling of heaven, and can live a life without paying forever.
  Sometimes, we only need a corner distance from success. But how many people, before the corner, chose to give up.
  There is a line in the film "Chinese Partner": "The most sad thing on the road to success is to be able to withstand loneliness and to live alone. There is always a way for you to go alone. Maybe this process will last for a long time, but If you pass, the final success will be yours."
  Life is inevitably frustrated, but the real strong will not be scared and scared, but will be more and more frustrated, and will make the suffering years a little sweet fruit.
  Sometimes the more you experience, the more you will understand. There are always a few things in this world that others can't take. For example, the books you have read, the scenery you have seen, and the dreams you have been ridiculed.
  As long as you use the right place, they will eventually integrate into your blood and body, and become a force that no one can take away.