I am embarrassed to say that I am a major university graduate
  Some time ago, a boss selling a duck meal in Guangzhou was on fire. His sentence "I have ten houses to collect rent, not ten sets!" It is the heart of countless people.
  An ordinary rice shop owner can sell a delicate and delicious duck rice for only 12 yuan. It turns out that there are ten houses to collect rent.
  Many people use this as a paragraph to forward, with a crying expression, and self-deprecating: "Also give me ten houses to rent, I can also make delicious duck rice!"
  There are still many people who complain that why my 985/211 graduates still don't have a small shop owner and a salesman who earns a lot.
  Every time I hear this self-deprecating self-deprecating, I am speechless. Why do you read the 985/211 to do the easiest job, holding the highest salary; why else will have to lower you, holding a meager I am envious of the students who graduated from a famous school all day long?
  Just because of a two-day exam? Because of a famous university?
  People with lower education than you have more money than you, because they have to pay, those who are blinded by the superiority of the prestigious school are hard to achieve great achievements, they completely ignore the importance of personal value.
  If you don't give up the students' thinking and do nothing in the wrong direction, no one can touch them.
  In April, there was a video of graduate interviews on the Internet. One of the graduates from a famous school and two graduates said that the ideal starting salary was at least 10,000 yuan, otherwise they would continue to read Bo.
  “The lack of basic salary and further study” is a typical student thinking. This logic is caused by the lack of clear goals. There is no clear direction, and it is just a waste of effort to rely on the student's thinking.
  A classmate with a good grade in high school, the university major was a very popular petroleum project at that time. After graduation, it is expected to be stable in the oil companies with the "iron rice bowl".
  With this idea in mind, his college life has indeed been very comfortable. As long as he does not let his studies fall too far behind, he will slowly follow the big forces and be able to choose the satisfaction during the graduation season. Going on the road.
  However, the reality did not satisfy his reverie. In the year of his graduation season, the oil industry fell in a trend that no one could think of. The major oil companies also successively reformed the company system. "It has now become a "broken porcelain bowl" that has been shattered on the ground.
  He also called me at that time and appealed to him for his misfortune. When I asked him what plans he had in the future, he reluctantly told me that he planned to continue his studies to survive the oil downturn and wait for the situation to be better.
  Now that a few years have passed, the oil industry has not climbed the peak as the king in the trough, as he expected, but it is even more showing the trend of desolate.
  He is deeply poisoned by the student's thinking that “the basic salary is not enough to continue his studies.” Many college students also have a “student thinking” with a single value, linear thinking, and test-oriented reading to complete a university, even until they go to a career.
  Some people like this kind of student like a cockroach, a long-lost cockroach, and continue to swim in the water will only become a giant cockroach, no way to become a frog that can jump ashore.
  The society will not because your 985/211 students will give you a smooth look at the end, and will not give you a test paper again and again, so that you can advance your career as long as you answer the questions carefully.
  Out of school, we are no longer facing the test environment of “question block questions”, but we have to choose the complex life of the test papers ourselves.
  Losing students' thinking and turning a single, linear idea into a deeper level of thinking can find our own value in the ever-changing choices.
  The value we have for ordinary people is more reflected in whether we have a skill.
  In the era of the media and the Internet, even ordinary people can successfully counterattack, because they use their own excellent ability to break the upper class's "monopoly" of resources, education, and background.
  I remember in a news report that the reporter went to interview a primary school student and asked her what she wanted to do in the future. The child's answer was when the net was red. I am not convinced of this answer, but it is mapped that the value of the individual can now have a huge impact on the amplification of the Internet.
  How many people are engaged in work that is not related to the university, not even going to college, there is no fixed place for work, but this does not prevent them from entering the tens of thousands of months.
  I have a friend who started to like photography from high school and systematically taught himself a professional course in photography.
  Before he graduated, he is already a famous portrait photographer in the circle, especially in mobile photography. He opened a public number, Weibo and other platforms to share his work, and also received some commercial and personal appointments through these platforms.
  When others are still in the dormitory, he has already entered the 20,000 or more months. He runs back and forth between studying photography and taking pictures all the time . The university is full and meaningful.
  Some people say that photography is too expensive, and a few thousand shots are not something that ordinary people can afford. The computer is always within reach of most people.
  In the self-media circle, there are many public number authors who started to work as public accounts in college. The outstanding ones are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. They don't have the capital, they rely on their own abilities, and they continue to hone their mastery of writing skills.
  Regardless of whether the character is introverted or extroverted, whether the hobby is more or less, we can discover the areas that we are good at, highlight personal values ​​from the skills, and seize the true iron rice bowl.
  In other people's coordinate system, how you struggle may be just a "bronze"; in your own coordinate system, you are the "king".
  Recently, the company has a new employee, Arjuna. The article is well written. After taking over the public number, the data has improved a lot, and it belongs to people who have content talent. Some colleagues wondered if she had done business before. She did not expect her answer to have never been exposed to content operations.
  Ah Zhu is a master's degree graduate of 211. After graduation, he has been working in the bank. He lives a stable life of nine, five, five and one gold every day.
  When she was amateur, she liked to read books, and her thinking was very flexible. However, the work of the bank did not use her special skills. Everyone just has to do their job with the precise operation of the parts under the rules of the bank.
  After working in the bank for one year, she found that she was completely uncompetitive. The master's degree was a lot in the bank, and the promotion was far away. Moreover, his own flexible thinking is not suitable for the bank's dull work, and the talent of his own words can not be fully played.
  After unintentionally giving our company a resume, the solid writing skills were appreciated by HR, and she was hired after the discussion.
  In the first few days, Arjun also had a work style that was not accustomed to operation. After a period of running-in, coupled with her original writing skills and active thinking, she successfully transformed into an excellent operation.
  I asked her that time: Your operation is doing so well, why not do it earlier?
  She replied: "At first I felt that I worked very well in the bank. I can gradually find that although I worked very hard, in a place where Dr. Haigui was everywhere, the performance could not be highlighted. Later, because I liked the text, I came here, but I didn’t expect it. I can do it so well."
  Those who seem to be mediocre may only have not played their talents for the time being. When they find their own coordinate system and compare it with the people in their own coordinate system, they may become the king of everyone's mouth.
  It makes sense to compare with people in your own coordinate system. Who knows how your life will turn upside down after finding the coordinate system that suits you?
  We can't have a sense of superiority at all, because our school is going to look down on others and cannot impose our arrogance, narrowness and prejudice on others.
  In an era when everyone tends to work steadily, we are looking at the platform and the value of the company. As long as your company is strong, you are the people of insight in the eyes of the people and the golden turtles in the aunt's heart.
  Now, in the information-oriented, more important is personal value. No backstage can always be tough under the impact of the torrent of the times, and no one can always give you a stable wage guarantee.
  As long as your personal strength is strong, even if the times are rolling forward, you will still be the last mainstay of laughter.
  Don't do the moon that shines through the sun, we should be a glowing star.
  When you look at people who are more expensive than you, and swear by your mouth, "Isn’t you earning a few dollars?" Are you still embarrassed to say that you are a 985/211 student?