Cherish the present and win the future
  Not long ago, I had a dinner with my cousin. During the dinner, he talked about the recent feelings.
  Previously, cousin had always wanted to own a car of his own, able to drive to find poetry and distance. After working for a few years, he worked hard to buy a car that he was obsessed with.
  At that time, my cousin was really excited for a while, and we were all happy for him. Now, when he sees his cousin, he is frowning.
  The cousin said that some of the company's colleagues had opened up high-end cars, and their own cars seemed unremarkable.
  I advise my cousin that the purpose of buying a car is to facilitate the journey and experience the beauty of life. Now it has become a kind of comparison. The fun that has been there has become an intangible burden. Endless desires only add to their troubles.
  The cousin was embarrassed and nodded silently.
  In reality, we are constantly pursuing our goals and fulfilling our instinctive desires. But if it is only material satisfaction, it is destined to be short-lived.
  As we saw dazzling landscapes along the way, we ignored the moments we had, and anxiety and confusion would follow us and disturb our hearts.
  Cherish the moment, it is our best choice. We can only live in a down-to-earth manner.
  Every cherish will moisturize our hearts and make us feel more comfortable.
  This is the fifth time that Xiaobin has changed jobs. He has a lot of complaints before each job change.
  The company's system is too rigid. The 
  company's work efficiency is too low. The 
  company's welfare is not good 
  But Xiaobin didn't get the job that made him feel good after every job hopping. He repeated the cycle in this unsatisfactory, and his enthusiasm for work was exhausted by him.
  In fact, Xiaobin’s academic qualifications are not low, and his professional ability is not bad. He is a bit too high and can’t sink his heart to do things.
  He believes that basic work is too mechanized, which is a waste of time. When he went to do challenging work, he thought that working overtime was too hard and too tired, and finally every job was abandoned halfway.
  The leader looked for Xiaobin to communicate repeatedly. Xiaobin turned a grievance and thought that these complicated work was not suitable for him. He always thought that he could have a better job waiting for himself.
  Over time, Xiaobin is more and more unsatisfactory in the company, so he can only change jobs. Every time he goes to a new environment, he must start from the basics. His high-spirited eyes are low-handed and he can't concentrate on it. In the end, he can only get through the company.
  Years have passed, and when other students have been promoted to become supervisors or managers, Xiaobin’s career is still stagnating.
  We are always eager for the harvest of tomorrow, but we are not concerned about today's persistence.
  Every achievement in the future is made up of every pair of footprints in the moment. While we are pursuing it, we sometimes forget the importance of the present, which leads us to deviate from the direction of pursuit and get lost.
  Only by cherishing the present and taking firm steps can we go further. It’s so long that it’s so long.
  Da Ho is a classmate who is inconspicuous in the university. He wears a pair of thick glasses and studies hard. He is the most diligent in his class . But unfairly, his level of effort is not directly proportional to the test scores.
  The classmates who cuddled their feet before the exam had almost the same scores as him. Those classmates often laughed at what was so, and it was so effective to learn that he did not see him.
  He did not agree, he said: "I just want to be good at the moment, the result is not important." The students sneered at him.
  In the university, the students of the class are now in the middle of the night, and Dahe’s current moments are spent in the days and nights of countless libraries.
  Time is so fair. Finally, when I graduated, Dahe quietly completed a gorgeous turn.
  When the classmates seemed to be forgetting the insignificant big time, he got the graduate admission notice from the domestic 985 university. The classmates who made fun of him at the beginning began to respect Dahe. And they, what they left in college, are more regrettable.
  Indifference to the present will only make you drift away from your ideals and lose your goals and direction.
  The current contribution may not let you see the results, but it will always come to a certain moment in the future, allowing you to meet new life in a more relaxed way.
  Time will prove that every ordinary moment is worth cherishing.
  Too many aspiring people are not lacking in lofty ideals, but they often lack the present. Their eyes are full of flowers, but they are not simple.
  Why don't we be an ordinary person, cherish every moment around us, and work hard every day. Live a hard life, study hard, and work hard.
  Its gift is to harvest a calm and calm life and guide you to the direction of happiness.
  When you look back, this one is the footprint of your life, full of hardships, and even more gorgeous.
  Please cherish every valuable possession, cherish every silently adhere to cherish every moment of existence.
  Cherish the present and win the future.