Every dazzling future needs to work hard now


  Before becoming a freelance writer, Yoko worked hard in the big city for three years, step by step from small staff to the middle of the company, but she made a surprising decision at the peak of her career - she decided to resign Then, start a business with friends and open up another territory.

  At that time, everyone advised her not to be so impulsive, but she did not waver when she made a decision, and she was bent on making her company bigger and trying to earn back the cost of investment.

  Yoko's efforts and ambitions matched. In less than half a year, the company developed rapidly and soon received a good project. The business is booming, but no one knows what happened. Yoko's father suddenly fell ill and was found to be In the advanced stage of gastric cancer, Yoko resolutely left the company's affairs and rushed back to his hometown to take care of his father day and night.

  Yoko’s deposits in the past few years have all become the father’s medical expenses, but Yoko’s father died after half a year of struggle with cancer. At that time, Yoko not only accepted the bad news, but also owed others a debt. Her entrepreneurial partner abandoned her at this time. She felt like she had lost the world, and she was frustrated and desperate.

  During that time, she was in a heavy mood and suffered from mild depression. After a long time, she regained her dream of writing. She began to go to college for further study, then kept writing, submitted to the studio, and participated in various script contests. Followed by the scriptwriter as an assistant... She kept writing and wrote for three full years before she received her first film and television project, and then smoothly opened her own studio and lived a life of envy.

  Yoko once said such a passage: "All that I have now is not by luck. I have come to today by hard work and strength. If I have not worked hard in the past, I will not give up, clench my teeth and chase. If you dream of yourself, there will be no dazzling life for me today. Don’t envy me, because I am hard enough to have everything."


  It is easy for us to envy those outstanding elites in the industry or in the field of big coffee, thinking that they are lucky enough to have a good time, but they do not know that their dazzling at the moment is due to the persistence of the past and the thorns.

  I know a full-time housewife, Lin Jie. She has a self-media of hundreds of thousands of fans. She doesn't have to go to work. She can earn a living family by operating from the media. Today, she bought a new house, and she also gave birth to a second child, husband and wife, family and jealousy.

  Some fans questioned Lin, and she felt that she was lucky. When she met her current husband, she passed the day of happiness and stability.

  In fact, Lin’s husband is not a rich second generation, but an ordinary office worker who has no car and no house. They are naked, and Lin’s first child is still living in a small rental house. The conditions are worrying, she has to worry about anything, and the two often quarrel for trivial things, not happy.

  She always likes to write and hand-painted. When she goes to work, she always likes to publish articles and cartoons on the Internet. At that time, she just started to rise from the media. She registered several platforms, and every day, she wrote a message, and she was unwilling to make a living. The bigger and bigger, the more and more fans, she decided to resign after repeated consideration, concentrate on writing articles, and operate from the media.

  After Lin’s resignation, the friends around her are not optimistic about her. She feels that she is not doing business. Even her family does not support her. She has to get up early to take her children and do housework every day. She is busy with her work, but she doesn’t care. After suffering and tired, she still firmly wrote and painted, insisted on working hard from the media, and spent those days that were devastating. Her self-media has gradually improved. Fans support her and her advertising revenue far exceeds salary. Today, she started her business, her husband resigned from her job, became a family husband, and became her solid backing. She worked hard to earn money to support the whole family.

  Lin Jie said: "I can have today, relying on my efforts to bite my teeth. Others question me that I am fine. I will prove myself with strength and action. In my career, my talent is worthy of ambition. I don't have to rely on anyone. I can live very well!"


  You have to know that the other people you admire are actually working very hard, but you can't see them squinting and bravely going forward for their dreams, and they can't see the sweat and tears they shed on the road ahead. I don't know if they shine. What kind of price has been paid today?

  Those who are gleaming, in order to reach the other side of the dream, wading through the mountains, rushing in the wind, rushing through the wind and frost, breaking through all the difficulties and difficulties, will become a dazzling appearance, and what everyone sees is only the small one that he is successful . Steps, but ignore the nine thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine steps that are vital and difficult.

  The realization of every dream is full of hardships. Every eye-catching transformation contains tears and sweat, and every dazzling future needs to work hard now.

  You have to know that hard work will not necessarily succeed, but there will be no reward if you don't pay. The life you admire will not appear out of thin air. The dreams you are obsessed will not be realized easily. You only have to be down-to-earth, courageous to change, and work hard. Persevere, keep moving, and that dazzling future will come to you.

  Listening to friends, time has passed quickly, and in less than a month we will join hands in 2019. Has your dream come true this year?

  There is still time to continue to work hard. When we encounter a trough in life, let's look back and don't forget why we started because we walked too far. Grasping the steering wheel of life and adding enough oil, one day we will cross the finish line and see the scene of the village.

  I wish you good night.