To defeat yourself is to overcome every coveted ease


  On the subway after work, all sentient beings.

  Some people, wearing earplugs, listening to music, are immersed in their own world. Some people, hanging armrests, leaning their heads on their shoulders, closed their eyes to raise God. Others, whose eyes are dull, stare at a point, the whole person is like a stone sculpture, and does not move.

  I can see that they are very tired.

  Every day, we must do our utmost to make the leaders feel at ease, to satisfy the customers, and to adapt to various irregular bombs. With a little carelessness, it is easy to fall into the abyss.

  Sometimes, I really want to quit my job, and when I am gone, I live a good life.

  Maybe this impulse has been for everyone. But in the end, we still bite our teeth, squatting, what to do, what to do.

  Tired? The answer is beyond doubt. But if you want to come and think about it, which one is not tired, which one is easy, which industry has more money and less is close to home.

  Everyone in the world is not easy to live.

  Our bitterness today is for the sweetness of tomorrow. The difficulty today is for tomorrow's good. Everything we do today is for tomorrow, we can live the life we ​​want.

  Maybe fighting is a very hard thing. But if you don't struggle, the result will only be worse. We can accept ourselves and, after doing our best, still fail to do so. But we can't let go of it. We never tried hard, we chose to give up.


  I once met a group of migrant workers in a noodle restaurant.

  Before they entered the store, they suddenly put the helmet on the ground outside, patted the dust on the body, and then timidly and carefully entered the store to sit down.

  While waiting, I saw them, and I was so helpless that I was afraid that others would cast a strange look. The face came up, they tried to restrain themselves, don't eat so embarrassed, but the stomach is too hungry, after a few big mouths, full of a bowl of beef noodles, even the soup was drunk.

  I noticed that there was a woman, probably a husband and wife, who went out to earn money. Her hands are full of old men, and even everywhere is a scarred blood. However, she did not cry out and complained. When she finished eating, she immediately took her hat and prepared to continue to move bricks and mud on the construction site.

  At that moment, I was touched. Although she didn't complain, but looking at her slightly sloppy back and the sensation in the skin, you can understand how hard this job is.

  But she, why should she still support it?

  Perhaps it is because economic pressure is high, perhaps because it is necessary for the baby to study, perhaps because it is in urgent need of money. In short, there are thousands of reasons for struggle.

  We thought that it was the hardest thing to suffer and suffer.

  But you don't know, you can rely on your own hands, have the opportunity, have the ability to make a living, take care of your family, change the status quo, all the effort is worth it, no complaints, no regrets. .


  In life, there are always so many times of gloom, hardship, and bitterness. We want to cry, I want to escape, I just want to give up.

  But thinking about those dreams that have not yet been realized, those who need our care, and what we hope to do, our hearts have rekindled the spark of hope.

  Maybe it will be very tired if you continue to struggle.

  You have to fight day after day, year after year, and even your life with your own inertia, procrastination, and slacking character and habits.

  These visible and invisible difficulties are both huge and fragmented. To overcome yourself is to overcome every coveted ease, every sloppy and slack, every temptation and comfort zone that may make you stop.

  We don't have armor protection, no body protection, or even nothing, but we have the courage, confidence, and perseverance to create a better tomorrow!