I have been working in Tencent for a month, I want to quit.

  A few days ago, some netizens asked in the background: He graduated in July, graduated nearly three months, the monthly salary is still more than 3,000, no increase, no promotion, should he resign?

  I have not responded to him for a long time. The reason is very simple. I don't know how to reply.

  I don't know his current situation, his work, his industry, his future development.

  However, I hope to give him an inspiration through this article today.

  1. Young people, how urgent are you?

  Coincidentally, not long ago, I saw a story online.

  The owner of the story is an enrollment for the 18th school. He is currently working for Tencent and has worked for a month. This month gave him the feeling that he wrote a lot of sql code. He felt that he had a lot of proficiency in writing sql. The algorithm skills didn’t improve much. He felt a bit confused at the moment and wondered if his planning direction was correct. Should I leave?

  After joining the job for one month, I feel that there is no improvement. Should I leave?

  This is not the trouble of him and the help of the netizens, but the common troubles of many young people.

  This year's young people have increasingly broken through people's imagination. Their first job left on average seven months, and the turnover rate was as high as 30.6%, which is 5% higher than other age groups.

  There are thousands of reasons for leaving the company, but there are many netizens who like to recruit Tencent for a month without feeling like to leave the job: some are urgent, some are eager to seek success, and some are quick and quick.

  Today's society is urgent, and we are more urgent:

  The child is not yet born, eager to be an unborn baby, to teach early; after the child is born, he is anxious to report to him and choose a kindergarten; after the child grows up, he is eager to plan for the future and make a life...

  This is our parents, and those who have just become parents, 80, 90.

  What about young people? Are they so urgent?

  There is an intern in the department. He told me about his life plan. He hopes to find a job with a monthly salary of tens of thousands after graduating. He will buy a car for one year after graduation, and graduate for three years to buy a house in his hometown.

  He has set one goal after another for his life, like working on a KPI.

  The cousin Xiaoou’s future life “goal” is the same as him. However, the difference is that after his cousin graduates, he has changed countless jobs in one year, and the reason is because his salary is within one or two months. Less than 10,000.

  He feels that those jobs have no future, no prospects, and no money.

  Very anxious, very anxious, he was anxious to reach a monthly salary of tens of thousands within a few months of graduation.

  Very anxious, very anxious, very anxious, he was anxious to succeed , eager to live the life he had thought of.

  Why are young people always in a hurry?

  Perhaps the real problem is not anxious, but they are too quick and quick.

  Xue Yong describes the mentality of young people in the book:

  "You are too old, because your expectations for your growth are too urgent, because you are indulging in the virtual world and forget what real life looks like."

  Yes, everyone wants to be successful and successful.

  However, the unsatisfactory reality is the real life.

  In fact, there is nothing wrong with slowing down life, young people, what are you worried about?

  2. If you are excellent, your talent will not be buried by time.

  When Gao Xiaosong returned to Tsinghua to give lectures, the university campus was filled with successful lectures and the quick success and self-lostness of college students. He said with emotion that "life is not only in front of the eyes, but also poetry and distance."

  Zhang Ailing once said that it is famous early.

  This sentence has become the famous saying of countless people nowadays. More and more people want to succeed as soon as possible, as early as possible, the sooner the better, the sooner the better.

  So, after 00, the CEO arrogantly adults, claiming that the company has been valued at tens of millions; in the fast-moving entertainment circle, the draft is gradually becoming younger, and after 95 has become an old man; let alone, there are still many young people. People give up their studies and put their energy and time into new industries such as live broadcast and online red.

  The ancients said that the speed of desire is not up.

  Young people, please listen to me: If you are good, with your talent, you don't have to worry.

  There is no need for the point of interest in the young age, that name, that wealth, give up the calm to precipitate themselves, enrich themselves, improve themselves, let them finally lose because of small, old regret.

  Have you heard the name "Shen Wenyu"?

  Originally, if he and his family did not have quick success, he would be an amazing pianist.

  In the past, Shen Wenyu and Lang Lang and Li Yundi were named "Chinese Piano Three Musketeers". They were former prodigies and genius pianists. He studied in Germany and went under the masters. He won the Rachmaninov International Piano Competition in one fell swoop...

  Originally, he has a wonderful life and a bright future.

  However, his family, for the sake of money and profit, let him give up his studies and enter the show early.

  The consequence of the family's quick success is to bury a great pianist.

  As long as you work hard and don't give up, time will not bury the light of pearls.

  US President Lincoln has experienced many elections, 10 of which ended in failure. He was elected president at the age of 51 and re-elected as president of the United States at the age of 55.

  Opened the history books of our country, the number of those big latecomers is innumerable, the 80-year-old King Jiang’s Jiang Taigong, the 62-year-old Jin Wengong, and the 47-year-old uprising Liu Bang...

  One vivid example after another tells us that life is not too urgent, if you are good, it will shine.

  3. Young people, when should you be anxious?

  Urgent, in this era, you can change a new way of expression - anxiety.

  Liang Xiaosheng once said that the Chinese do not distinguish between men and women, regardless of rural cities, regardless of poverty and wealth, regardless of the masses of officials. In short, we collectively fall into a period of embarrassment and anxiety.

  Some people will be disgusted with anxiety, saying that young people, you do not need to worry.

  However, in my opinion, we do not need to live an anxious life, but our life needs appropriate anxiety and needs to be anxious.

  So, when should we be anxious?

  anxious? It’s not a month since I joined the job. I feel that I haven’t improved. I didn’t have an important time. Instead, I should feel that I’m not feeling right after I’ve worked hard and hard in the same position for 1-2 years. I don’t see the future, I’m not stopping, I don’t have any When you grow up, you should be anxious.

  After all, unless you are really good, or only a month or two, your boss will not give you a big project and give you a heavy responsibility.

  Most of us, ordinary people, need to start step by step, not one step to the horizon.

  anxious? It’s not a year of graduation. I haven’t bought a house to buy a car without a deposit. Instead, I should seriously reflect on my merits after a certain hard work. If I find it wrong, I should be “anxious”.

  After all, it is the dream of countless people to buy a house and buy a car after graduation , but it is not the life of ordinary people. Most of us, if there is no help from parents, this is really difficult.

  Mr. Qian Zhongshu said:

  “It seems that it is easy for us to ignore the current life and ignore many good times. When all the time is wasted and wasted, we can take a certain section out of our memory and pat the dust deposited on it, lamenting that it is the best."

  Young people, I don't want too much anxiety, too much urgency, too much eagerness to seek success, let you lose the initial heart that you should keep at this age.