Behind all the brilliance, there are unknowns.
  Because of outstanding young teachers to attend classes race weekends, school grade teacher invited Li to those of us participating teachers talk about class.
  After listening to Mr. Li's insights on the teaching materials, we admire the five-body vote, and unanimously believe that this special-level teacher is well-deserved.
  Xiao Wei said inferiority: "I have not been confident after listening to your explanation . If I go to the competition , I must be shameful."
  Teacher Li said that she had come over like this at the beginning, and even once was worse than we thought.
  That time, she went to the night before the game, and the ideas for the lectures were still undecided. Until 2 o'clock in the morning, barely figured out the lesson plan, and then quickly remembered it.
  By the time all the details have been checked, it is already 4 o'clock in the morning. After sleeping for 2 hours, I got up and rushed to the school class.
  At 8 o'clock in the morning, the first one to take the class was myself. The time was tight. Before the class, she briefly met with the students. After a little bit of a break, they started the game.
  The class was not halfway through, because a student’s answer exceeded the presupposition, and she did not know how to guide herself. The scene was once dying.
  No way, my class still had to be completed by myself, so I had to think about what to say in front of the teachers in the district.
  I can imagine that the result of that competition, Teacher Li’s name fell to Sun Shan.
  Therefore, many teachers who know or don't know have a lot of arguments, saying that she is not serious about preparing lessons, fooling students, and having limited ability.
  Teacher Li said that her life has never been as unbearable as she was at that time. She feels very painful and very shameful.
  But only indulging in pain is unable to realize the dream of his special teacher .
  She had to reorganize the rivers and mountains and go to various competitions without hesitation.
  With the tempering again and again, the taunting voice is less, and the voice of appreciation is much more.
  After more than ten years of hard work, I finally realized my dream.
  Over the years, she has participated in no less than 50 games and lectures. Repeatedly in pain and struggle, hope and despair, unwilling to go through, but too, but in order to realize the dream, cheeky and patient.
  Yes, no one is born to be successful .
  Only by being able to withstand cynicism, helplessness and jealousy, compromise and embarrassment, can we persist in the end.
  In order to let the light into the gap of life , let yourself become a glamorous person.
  My friend Xiaochao, after resigning, opened a training institution with the old. After several years of development, now she is doing well, and many people are envious of her achievements.
  Who can think of it, they did not have trouble in doing this.
  Because they didn't have more startup funds, they rented a house.
  It took just half a year to stabilize the student source. Unexpectedly, the landlord owed a debt and mortgaged the house to the usury company. The usury company will come to the house without saying anything, and will move away within 3 days.
  Reality is more bloody than TV dramas.
  Moved in 3 days, where can I find a house? Fortunately, I found the house, this pile of tables and chairs, teaching materials and assistants have to be cleaned up for a while?
  Xiaochao said that he had no choice but to cry, and felt that this matter might not work. However, crying can't solve the problem. Since the matter is over, you can only move and find the house first.
  Later, I thought that Xiaochao’s family had a large yard and many bungalows. They used the three-day period to pack and pack the most important things, and hired a big truck to put things back to their homes. Other things were sold to the waste station.
  Then find the house without stopping.
  Regardless of the day and night, as long as the right houses are out, they will hurry to see the house.
  On several occasions, half of the meal was eaten, and the intermediary called to say that there was a house to watch. Xiaochao said that he would go to the house without saying anything about his rice bowl.
  The house must be found within a week, because there is no place to catch up with the class on the weekend, and you can only watch the drain of your hard-working source.
  I was busy for a week, and finally found the right house on Friday. In the afternoon, they moved the tables and chairs into the classroom, and they took classes on time on Saturday.
  Xiaochao said that that week was like a war. I feel very depressed every day, and I have to give myself encouragement. I just have a chance to find a house. But vaguely afraid that parents and students will not come to class.
  When people are alive, they will always encounter a few big pits, and they will smother our nose and face. If you don't climb out in the mud pit, you can only become a rotten person.
  Instead of complaining about the bad environment, it is better to turn this mood into a motivating force and support yourself to climb and move on.
  Therefore, even if we endure all the hustle and bustle, we must yearn for light and dreams.
  Fan Chengda, a poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, said that if the road is more than a mountain road, the world road will be more than ten million.
  Yes, success has never been straight. The human heart is sinister, the world is changeable, and the road to the peak of the ideal has always been a difficult curve.
  Behind all the glamorous, there are unknowns.
  You must know that those who are glowing and heated have also been squeezing words in the subway in the morning and evening peaks. They have also silently wiped away the grievances of tears after being approved by the leaders, and continue to visit customers. They have also been dragged by overtime. Body, walking alone in the empty streets.
  Who is not pursuing light and heat while being pressed by the reality in the dust, can not lift his head.
  If we only work hard once or twice, because of grievances, loneliness, ununderstanding, lack of hope and depression, we will give up, where can we wait until the opportunity arises, and where can we reach the peak of life.
  Only with patience and incomprehension, using tears to wash the grievances, using action to resolve the pain, in order to be in the forefront of the road, scars, and hard to go step by step.
  Be convinced that as long as you take off the dust on your body, cheer up the spirit of exhaustion, and stick to it, even if it is difficult, tired, and unbearable, those obstacles are nothing more than paper tigers.
  The so-called glamorous and bright, are all shackled and unwilling, desperate and hope continue to grow.
  I hope that you and I will be able to maintain a confident victory in the dust of life.
  Don't fall into the trap of stealing, don't indulge in sorrow and sorrow, and work hard to see the radiant and bright self.