Our biggest enemy is precisely our own
  Do you have this feeling: the more you grow up, the more sad, the more difficult, the more you will be with you, the more you can express your emotions, the room you can talk to, the time you can breathe, but the time you can breathe. Fewer and fewer.
  Sometimes you are very fragile, maybe a straw, you can easily crush you. Sometimes you are also very strong , biting your teeth, you can go a long way alone.
  Although this road has come, we have experienced many unsatisfactory, unsatisfactory, and unsatisfactory, but as long as you maintain an optimistic , positive, and upward mentality, difficulties and setbacks will not truly defeat us.
  Because in this world, everyone has their own difficulties. What is important is not to cherish the past, worry about the present, and to hurt the future. Instead, we must do our best to do the best in our hands and spare no effort to cherish the people in front of us. Even at the end, the results are not as good as they wish, and there is no regrets.
  If a person evades, fears, and gives up when he is in trouble, no matter how others help him, he will eventually not be able to really get out of the mud.
  On the other hand, if a person can be strong, courageous, and open-minded about what is happening, then the fate is so unexpected that he cannot completely get into trouble.
  Maybe we face countless pressures from all sides every day.
  For example, at work, although I have suffered a lot of time, I have been tired, swallowed aggrieved, and adapted to silent commitment, no complaints, no complaints.
  In life, sometimes misunderstood, smashed, isolated, accustomed to silence, no rebuttal, no explanation.
  In the feelings, sometimes the heart that should not move, the person who loves not to love, also learned self-comfort, self-healing, self-healing.
  In fact, we are by no means a saint. On the way of spiritual practice, we will feel exhausted and exhausted, and we will feel painful and even have the idea of ​​self-destruction. But be aware that blaming will only make things worse and worse. Arguments will only make the facts darker and blacker. Paranoia will only make the right person farther and farther away from you.
  So the only thing we can do is to change, and to fight; if we can't change, we accept it; if we can't understand it, we don't insist.
  In fact, our biggest enemy is precisely our own.
  If your mentality is sunny enough, even in the dark night, you can light yourself and illuminate the way forward.
  If your mentality is too pessimistic, even if it is clear, it will be seen as a dark cloud, covering your footsteps.
  In the end, you will find that there is no such thing as a life in life.
  Because many times, not those setbacks, obstacles, and roadblocks have blocked our way of getting better, and those who abandoned, betrayed, and left us have cooled our hearts.
  Because we end up, we must learn to reconcile with ourselves.
  In the face of difficulties, we must find a solution. If you can't face the conflict, you can go around and you can't do anything. Learning to let go is also a kind of wisdom.
  In the face of martyrdom, we must reflect on our own shortcomings, shortcomings and inadequacies. If you have a clear conscience, why care about everyone's eyes?
  In the face of separation, we must always know that it is not going to stay, and we will not leave if we want to stay. No matter how you will, how to endure, the wrong person will never become the right one.
  People in this life, sour and bitter, what tastes to taste; sorrow and joy, what experience will have; peak trough, what situation has to feel personally.
  Instead of complaining about the injustice of fate, bad luck, and unsatisfactory situation, it is better to learn to use a positive attitude to face all the complicated and complicated in the world.
  Life can't be smooth forever, and it's not always possible to make waves. No matter what happens, please remember to be free and easy, open-minded, and open, and your life will be better.
  May you indulge clear magnanimous open-minded, gains and losses have insisted , I can cry can laugh can be thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
  I hope that you will be loved for the rest of your life, you will have what you want, and you will not be able to get it.
  May you have no regrets or fears, day is a good day, every day is sunny!