Success is when others give up, you stick to it for a while.
  Once, we went to the mountain with our five-year-old daughter.
  When I first arrived at the foot of the mountain, my daughter pointed to the top of the towering sky and said, "I have to climb up myself!" After that, he climbed up and steadily, step by step, and he was like an adult.
  Not long after, the speed of the little guy slowed down, stopping from time to time, wiping the sweat on his head, and then staring at us.
  I guess she will soon be spoiled and let her say, Mom and Dad didn't expect you to be so powerful, they could climb the top of the mountain.
  The daughter is a good face, because there is a word first, and I am embarrassed to say that I can't climb. She lowered her head and said nothing, stepping forward in two steps, her face flushed.
  Finally, she couldn’t help herself. She sat down on the steps and started to lie, not to go. I pointed to the pavilion in front and told her that if she insisted on going to the pavilion, she could sit down and rest for ten minutes. So she got up and went on.
  When we arrived at the pavilion, we stayed for ten minutes. I told her again: Hold on for a while and take a rest on the 20 steps. My daughter probably thinks that the 20 steps are easy. I counted one or two in my mouth and continued to climb.
  In this way, we take a break every 20 steps, and finally, my daughter actually climbed to the top of the mountain by herself. She is very happy, and I am also amazed.
  Twenty steps seem to be inconspicuous, but as long as you stick to it for a while, you can climb to the top with a few more steps. The child is so, are we not the same for adults? Sometimes we can't get to the destination, but it's just a little too early.
  Years ago, I took over a project. Due to the upgrading of the products, the company produces some inventories of raw materials every year. If no suitable treatment is found, these stocks will be included in the scrap list.
  My job is to minimize these useless inventory as much as possible to reduce the company's scrapping costs.
  There is a batch of raw materials in these stocks, and the amount of stock is very high. It's our custom material, and no second company except us, so we can't find a better way to deal with it.
  Within three months, we talked about the supplier five times, hoping to find a way to consume inventory. Every time, the supplier has no choice but to respond: Because this batch of materials is your own customized materials, no one of our customers has similar needs, we really can't help.
  The leader saw no better way to deal with it and had to inform me to apply for retirement with the headquarters.
  Before sending an email to the headquarters, I once again talked about the supplier and prepared to work hard again. Huang Tian pays off, the supplier told me that they just received a new order in the previous hour. The order products are very close to our raw materials from raw materials to crafts. They can try to re-stock our stock. machining.
  After many efforts, in the end, the raw materials that were supposed to be scrapped were used to the best of their ability. I have also received awards.
  Sometimes, between success and failure, there is only a distance of “try again”.
  It is not easy for everyone to pursue their dreams . Challenges and setbacks are inevitable. Some people can face difficulties, but some people leave the middle.
  Sometimes, failure is not because we are not capable, but because we are too impetuous and give up a little earlier. And those who are determined will always choose to go two more steps when they are about to give up.
  Not giving up is a fear of the dream ahead, but also a cherish for the sweat behind him. Those who have difficulties in holding on for a while will win more choices for themselves.
  Frustration in job hunting, try a few more, maybe there is a turning point; work is tricky, and more research a few times, maybe it will be able to shine; when the entrepreneurial trough, for another month or two, maybe it will be able to see...
  Don't underestimate the way we walk, and every little step of persistence can be a stepping stone to success.
  Success, maybe when someone else gives up, you will stick to it for a while.