Try a little bit every day, a little bit is enough.
  I have a colleague Xiao Lin. When she arrived at the company, she was just a cleaner.
  Because of her poor family, she was forced into the society when she was not finished in high school. This job had already satisfied her at that time.
  Every day I saw the well-dressed white-collar workers in the company. She had an indescribable envy in her heart. She yearned for one day, and she could live as vividly as they could.
  So, she used her spare time to report to the English class. She was very hardworking. She took an English dictionary every day and used her words to break the words.
  After such a long period of time, after she persisted , her English level increased day by day, and she could communicate with foreign colleagues in a simple way. This made the boss look at her and made her a secretary.
  The secretary is a highly professional job that requires all aspects of competence and helps the boss solve many sudden and thorny problems. This is undoubtedly a challenge for Kobayashi without any professional training.
  How did Kobayashi respond?
  Continue to learn . In addition to her thoughtful and meticulous work, she also carefully studied the company's various documents and was familiar with the business of each department of the company. In addition, in her spare time, she also applied for a vocational training class, going to class every weekend, rain or shine.
  Hard work pays off. A year later, Kobayashi’s professional ability has been greatly improved. After the work, Xiaolin worked harder and harder, her work ability became more and more prominent, became an indispensable assistant to the boss, and became the core figure of the whole company.
  Someone asked her the secret of success , she said: "Try hard every day."
  On the road to pursuing a dream , always maintain a positive and upward heart, and let yourself be in a state of continuous improvement. Then, success is not far from yourself.
  I have a friend who is a teacher. Once, she shared a story about his students with me.
  This student is called Xiaokang. He was admitted to Tsinghua University in the college entrance examination with the best results in the city. In fact, this excellent child is not very outstanding at first.
  In elementary school, his grades have been around twenty, and his desk is always the first. After one exam, he took 17 and his first table was the first.
  He really worked hard, he was meticulous in learning, and he didn't have a slack in doing anything.
  Although his performance did not show great advantages until junior high school, there was a detail that was discovered by his friends. He was always in a progressive state compared to previous achievements, that is, his performance was higher than that. Make a little progress.
  In a class meeting , my friends played a video of the beach they had taken. After the classmates read it, she took the opportunity to guide:
  You see, when the waves hit, the little greyflies can always take off quickly, and they flap their wings and quickly fly into the sky;
  The seagulls look awkward. It takes a long time to fly into the sky from the beach, but it is the seagulls that can really fly the sea. ”
  The friend found that after finishing the class session, Xiaokang was like a person, and the class was in good condition, and he could still think deeply.
  For those who don't understand, actively interact with the teacher, discuss with the students, and actively participate in various activities to show themselves. His whole person looks very confident .
  He still makes a little progress every time. But when he got the acceptance letter, he said to his friend with tears: "Teacher, thank you, you made me believe that I am the seagull."
  Not to compare with people, just work hard every day and make progress. He believes that one day, he will fly like a seagull to the sea.
  He believes that only faith and persistence will make dreams come true.
  And the difference between dreams and come true is only a small step. That small step is hard work.
  A person, if you work hard every day, even if it is only 1% progress, you will have extraordinary ability over time.
  There is an advertisement that looks particularly warm -
  There is a little boy who is not good at playing football. The coach told his mother that the child's foundation is very poor.
  However, after the mother came home, she said to the little boy, "The coach said that you have made great progress. You can't get the ball at the head. Now you can get a little bit of it! Try a little more, a little bit is enough."
  The little boy was encouraged to start practicing the ball actively.
  When he fell, when the ball failed, during the game, whenever he was disappointed, he always remembered his mother's words: "Try harder."
  Finally, he succeeded.
  The end of the ad: "To defeat yourself is the greatest victory!"
  In fact, sometimes the difficulty is not so terrible, it seems that it is insurmountable, but you can disassemble it into a small goal, and work hard to achieve this small goal every day.
  Maybe you can't reach the big goal in your heart at once, but at least it's closer to success.
  There is no shortcut to success. The best way is to use a little effort every day to save up a blockbuster.
  Please believe: the long way, you can finish step by step; on the way to pursue your dreams, all our efforts will not be wasted.
  Don't complain that your dreams are out of reach, and don't be scared to stop by the difficulties ahead, as long as you have a heart that keeps moving forward. Take a step, take another step, and success will be in sight.