The "lazy" you stole when you were 20 years old is the "pit" that you will fall into when you are 30 years old.
  A few days ago, on an anonymous sharing platform, a 35-year-old uncle Tuca said that he was hired for sales. Every day, he followed a group of young people in their 20s to shout slogans and fight chicken blood.
  He complained: I am so old, shouting slogans.
  Someone in the comments said: Then why don't you think that when you are 35 years old, what about sales?
  It is not that everyone is unwilling to sympathize with one's self-respect. It is only when a person is 30 years old and still puts himself in such a predicament. He can only say that he did not prepare for risk prevention in the early stage.
  There is a famous speech called "The 20-year-old is no longer coming", and your 20s is one of the most simple but extremely changing times. The decisive moment of 80% of life takes place before the age of 35. This means that before the age of 30, we must learn to grasp the focus of life and try to make decisions, not just waiting to be pushed away.
  You are afraid that when you are 30 years old, you will have to pay back the mortgage, the subway to be squeezed, and the milk powder to be earned. Then at the age of 20, you dare not give up the game at night to choose to go to the library. You Can you read more than one hour of books after work?
  Reading can be regarded as the lowest cost appreciation method in the world; lazy is the biggest enemy on your way to success .
  Not all the lazy who have been stolen at the age of 20 can't make up, but you have to work harder and harder, the goal is clearer, and you are more embarrassed.
  It is not so fast that you can achieve your goals. You must be strong enough and be confident enough. 30-year-old will be a better 20-year-old, but only self-disciplined people will be qualified to say: "I deserve a better 30 years old."
  Speaking of this, many people are starting to panic. What should I do? Should I take the time to learn English, work hard , and learn a new skill? Dreams can be temporary, but the goal is to plan carefully.
  Maybe before you decide to start a new dream, you need to ask yourself three questions: What do I love? What am I good at? What can provide me with an economic source?
  If you only love you and are not good at it, you will be in a state of poor happiness. If you are only good at not loving, it is a "rich and boring" situation, and if you love and can't make money, then it is "just a dream." Both love and good at it, but also provide a source of income, can be said to be the most perfect career.
  If you choose to cultivate your habits, you can not consider the economy utilitarianly, but you should also try to use some methods to select the skills of your inner needs, instead of both trying to get up early and want to learn English. In the end, no plan has been implemented thoroughly.
  In a recent book, "Just do it," the author gives a way of judging how you should choose which habit to cultivate, because there are two kinds of kernels that drive people to do one thing, one is passion, one Kind is pain.
  You can list a table, divided into three dimensions of enthusiasm, pain and timing. Score 10 points to score which is the habit you want to develop. In a limited enough time, you must pick the inner desire, rather than let your own heart swing with the public. Time management, doing subtraction, not addition.
  When I was young, I always felt that this world was not worthy of myself. It was too bad, and I had unlimited life. I could squander or create, but slowly discovered that my own efforts were not worthy of the world I wanted.
  When you are only 20 years old, you have the opportunity to be anyone, but please work hard and become a better self.