I have to learn to suffer for a while before I can be sweet for a lifetime.
  These days, the most I heard is: Don't be so depressed, as long as you work hard, life will be better and better.
  On that day, I drove to the city with my girlfriend to stamp a document. I was a little anxious. Plus I didn’t have a good rest. I was a little embarrassed and almost smashed the red light. Fortunately, my girlfriend reminded me in time.
  I sat in the driver's seat and lowered my head deeply. I could clearly hear the heart rushing and slamming. I whispered on the steering wheel.
  The girlfriends patted my shoulders by hand and gestured to my green light. I looked up and quickly restarted. The sound of a series of horns on the back made me wake up.
  After crossing the intersection, my girlfriend advised me to take a rest and rest. This state is not suitable for moving forward.
  We stopped, that is, during the break, I found that the vehicles that came back and forth were even-numbered, and quickly searched for restrictions. As a result, single-day single-line, double-day double-row, we were restricted.
  One hundred thousand unpleasant in my heart, I can't wait to take a slap in the face, and I didn't even get to the point where I was so good. I felt so bad that I felt that I was the most unfortunate child in the world. I burst into tears with my girlfriend.
  My girlfriend waited for me to cry, took a candy from the bag and handed it to me, then slowly opened it:
  Life! Just like this candy, when you don't peel it, you can't taste it. Only when you really peel it off and put it in your mouth and taste it slowly, you will find that it is so sweet. !
  When I heard the girlfriends, I suddenly realized that while life is everywhere, we have prepared a rich gift for us, and this gift is shining in places we can't see. We must believe that life must develop in a good direction.
  Listening to his father talk about, when my uncle is a term that they learn best students, teachers expect of him is the highest. However, at that time, the family was in poor condition and could not afford to study so many people. So the uncle chose to raise a family when he graduated from junior high school. The teacher came to the house to persuade him many times and failed to change the decision of the uncle.
  The sacrifice he made was in exchange for the future of his younger siblings. He went out to work, earned money and was not willing to spend his own money, and all stayed for the younger siblings to go to school.
  The father said that the first new trousers he wore was the first salary that he had received after half a year of working, and the fabric was pulled by himself.
  Although the uncle did not continue to go to school, he never gave up studying, and always kept the habit of reading. He had a part of his salary to rent books.
  Later, the life of the family was getting better and better, and the uncle slowly and selectively bought some books back. Until now, the uncle has been gray, but still insists on reading, the uncle said: can be materially scarce, but can not be lack of heart, only reading, can make life more full.
  The uncle said that although he had not completed his studies in his life, he found his meaning of living in his studies. He always tells us that these juniors, life can be temporarily disappointed, but can not last long-term despair, life will always be better, reading, is the best way out.
  There is a deep impression in "Ordinary World": an ordinary and ordinary person, always feels overwhelmed by the stormy waves of life, will you be overwhelmed? Unless you are willing to indulge in this.
  I really appreciate Sun Shaoping in this work. No matter how difficult the living conditions are, I can always treat life with a full heart, don't give up my pursuit, don't give up my persistence, and believe that life is always in the right direction. Development, pain and frustration are just the biggest medals in his growth.
  As ordinary people in the world, there will always be ups and downs in life. When we have tasted the bitterness, we will encounter true sweetness.
  The important thing is, don't worry, we will always suffer for a while, then we will be sweet for a lifetime!