A few days ago, the papers for the mid-term inspection were issued, and the student Li Hang asked how many points were tested in the Chen Nan period. Chen Nan proudly said that 8 subjects had 780 points.
  Li Hang said his tongue and said enviously, the test was so high. I only took 630 points, the gap with you is too big, how do you do it.
  Chen Nan said that it is ok to listen carefully, eliminate problems, and do a good review. Li Hang said enviously, it sounds very easy, it seems that no matter how hard it is, I took a high score!
  There are not many children with such ideas. They not only envied the achievements of others, but also envied the ability of others to study without difficulty.
  In fact, Li Hang only saw the glamorous side of others, but did not see that the university tyrants were all squatting to polish themselves, and they achieved their glory.
  My student, Xia Yu, is a student at the city's key middle school. With a score of 150 points in the language, he can stabilize at around 125 points.
  When we analyzed the test paper together, we found that the composition score was too low. With 50 points, he only scored 33 points. The highest score in the class is 48 points, he is very envious, I hope that his composition can also reach this score.
  In order to improve the composition level, he insisted on writing an 800-word essay every day, and sent it to me at 10:30 in the evening. Let me comment, and he will modify it after the review.
  I am very curious. He is a high school student. He has more classes and more homework. He goes out early every night and has time to write big essays. Xia Yu said that he wrote during the break or lunch break, writing a short paragraph each time, writing intermittently, and finished writing in one day.
  Others rested his writing, others chatted and he continued to write. It was this kind of perseverance practice that made Xia Yu’s essays improve a lot.
  Therefore, any success is easy to come by, obviously the result of extrusion time, deliberate practice, and continuous efforts.
  What you think is easy, it is watered with sweat.
  Instead of envying the brilliance of others, it is better to polish yourself.
  Learning so, life and work are also true.
  I am envious of others, but do not act, lying in the comfort zone, do not want to work hard, in fact, did not change their determination.
  After I resigned, my former colleague Xiaomei will call me if something is fine. In addition to talking about the recent situation, she always reveals the envy of me intentionally or unintentionally.
  She feels that she has a large amount of work every day, earns less wages, and pays is not proportional to her. She goes to work every day, and her life is both monotonous and not free.
  I envy that I have the courage to resign and start my own business . Not only is time free, I have a good income, but I can control my own life. She has repeatedly said that she also wants to resign and start her own business, and she must master her own destiny.
  At the beginning, I advised her to carefully consider the issue of resignation. After a long time, seeing her attitude is quite determined, she believed her and introduced her to a part-time job, let her try it on the weekend and accumulate some experience.
  Unexpectedly, when she heard that she could not take a break on the weekend, she had to go to work part-time, and she began to find various reasons to evade. What kind of child is small, I have to follow the remedial class to pick up and drop off; I have to go home to see my mom on weekends; my husband often works overtime on weekends, and there can be no one at home...
  At first, I thought it was time to shoot. Later, when she was introduced to part-time, she changed her way to make excuses.
  In the end, I understand that Xiaomei’s mouth is not satisfied with his life and work, and he envied that others can control his own life. In fact, he is not willing to take care of himself, to get out of the comfort zone and work hard to change it.
  Envy, but they seem to have ideals and different looks, but they are not the motivation to let them slap their hearts.
  If you don't work hard, you have no luck. Life without action can only struggle in the dust.
  When you are chasing the drama, others are learning;
  When you are entertaining at the wine table, others are deliberately practicing;
  When you think that you don’t want to give up, others will clench their teeth and try to "try again..."
  The enviable and relaxed is the accumulation of this time and again.
  No one can make a smooth ride in this person who is full of ups and downs.
  Poetry and the distance, there are countless in front of us.
  When you see the sun in front of you, you can't see the shadow behind you.
  Confused people will think that success is easy and innate.
  Lazy people always hang their envy, but they don’t have the opportunity to polish themselves and change the status quo.
  Roman Roland once said that the real heroes are those who have seen the truth of life and can live bravely.
  Flowers are watered with tears and sweat, and success is forged with hardships and hardships.
  Really strong, you can succumb to the turmoil of life.
  I believe that those who have gone through thousands of miles and have tasted the taste of the world will be more radiant and moving.
  Bao Jianfeng smashed out, plum blossoms came from bitter cold.
  Instead of admiring the sharp edge of the sword, it is better to put yourself on the sharpening stone; instead of admiring the aroma of plum blossoms, it is better to experience the cold and cold.
  Instead of envying the glamour of others, it is better to squat and polish yourself.
  I hope that you and I will be able to walk out of our own beautiful life.