When I was in the college entrance examination, I took a test.

  When I looked at the results that were displayed several times before, there was no horror and discomfort, and everything was expected.

  In the first two years of high school, I was completely in a state of chaos. I didn't have the motivation and no direction. Every day I thought about how to deal with the teacher. Even if I was in the third year of high school , I just had a little convergence of playability.

  How can you have a good result when you have a mixed attitude?

  There were two roads in front of me. One was to take this grade and read a school that was not very good. The other was to repeat, and then endured a year of high-pressure preparation for life.

  I don't want to make a good life.

  I locked myself in the room and thought about it for three days. I finally decided: I am going to repeat.

  Because I clearly understand where the cause of my failure is, since it is clear, why not give myself a chance?

  Going back to school, I set my own goals. Every day before going to bed, I wrote out what I had to do the next day, planned the time, and finished the second day.

  Regardless of the big test, I no longer have the mentality of trying, but strive to do my best.

  Fortunately, in the second year, I was admitted to my ideal school.

  Re-reading this year, I realized that everything worked hard to be rewarded, and I still exercised my ability to manage time without knowing it. After that, no matter what happens, I will do my best to do it, not let myself repeat the same mistakes, and once again experience the pain of regret.

  This time, failure has changed my attitude towards life. Although it has not fallen lightly, it has made me more stable.


  When I was in college, I joined a team of innovative projects. Captain Xiao Yan is a very capable girl.

  Our team participated in independent innovation projects. After countless researches, we selected two promising topics, but between the two topics, the members were uncertain and could not make up their minds.

  In the end, the captain Xiao Yan decided to do two topics together. This means that our team has to accomplish twice the task.

  During that time, we took the pressure of reviewing the exams and did our own tasks as soon as we had time. We always went to the library to close the library, and they were picked up by the administrator. They came to the library early the next day and finally submitted. Completed before the date and submitted successfully.

  But unfortunately, both of our topics were hit back, not even in the preliminary round.

  This is undoubtedly a huge blow to our team, which means that one month's efforts are all lost.

  When everyone is frustrated, Xiao Xiao proposes to revise the topic and sprint provincial innovation projects.

  Although many of us feel that the primary ones have not passed, the advanced advanced hopes are even more embarrassing, but because everyone is reluctant to give up their own labor results, they will also adjust their direction along with Xiaoyan.

  With the previous failure, everyone knows what is the thunder point, and where is the weak item. In the end, the topic we re-do is really going through the final review.

  In Xiaoyan’s words , the most important thing to thank for this success is our first failure. Because of that failure, let us know where we are going wrong, let us realize that we should make better choices. Gained greater success.

  I have to admit that sometimes, failure is living in another way to tell us: there is a place to improve.

  If you can realize the existence of the problem, is it not a chance to bottom out?


  Success is not so easy, and the road to success is often paved with many failures.

  Failure is certainly not fortunate, but if it makes the failure worthwhile, then it is not a bad thing. In fact, what kind of person you will be in the future will be able to reach the height, which is often determined by your attitude towards failure.

  It can be said that the meaning of failure is greater than success. While it brings us pain, let us see our own defects and disadvantages. If we take the failure as a starting point and start again, we will certainly have a breakthrough more than once.

  Failure is not terrible. What is terrible is that if you fail, you will completely negate yourself and stop moving forward.

  If we take up the frustration, ask ourselves with a challenging attitude: Do I have a better choice? Can I still improve?

  You will find that the road ahead is suddenly clear.

  We harvest satisfaction from success and gain growth from failure. It is these failures that give us an opportunity to rise, let us continue to reflect, constantly adjust, and become more powerful.

  Where to fall, where to start running; every failure, as a chance to reborn.

  Even if the current failure makes us have to embark on a more difficult journey, we will be able to climb the higher peaks of life in the future.