These days, everyone is busy resigning and welcoming.
  Someone happily summed up in the circle of friends, what was done in 2018, how close is to their goal; some people regretted that time passed too fast, and in a blink of an eye, they disappeared for a year, as if they were not sure; Some people are grateful for everything that happened in 2018. It is still possible to remember the original heart in 2019 and become what you want to be.
  This year witnessed the changes around them, it was a promotion and pay rise, someone saw two dozen books, was to test the certificate you want someone to lose weight successfully , some people want to go to the country to study, some people develop Healthy living habits, some people have learned more than a dozen new dances, some people have traveled to many cities, some people have learned a new skill...
  It’s really very emotional, and time really has a lot of power. In the past 365 days, as long as you have worked hard and sincerely treated you every minute, you will always gain in the end.
  Your efforts, your seriousness, your attachment, your failure to give up, your sincerity, time can be seen.
  On the contrary, if you slack off, you are perfunctory, and it will clearly help you remember that all the laziness you have stolen will become your regret in the future, and the gap between you and others will get bigger and bigger.
  For us, you can sum up in your heart, where you have done well this year, and you need to work hard, but don’t be too discouraged, because we have a new year, a time to start a new start. node.
  We have been unable to change the past, but we want to have less regrets in 2019. Please be sure to do the following three things:
  1. You must have the courage to start a new life.
  By doing a new sense of the New Year, do a ceremonial thing, list a list, write everything you didn't like in the past year, and throw them all in 2018.
  Keep yourself in the eyes of those who care too much about others. Don't be alive in the new year, we have to live for ourselves.
  Keeping that thing down, brushing entertainment software on your mobile phone, and wasting too much time, keep it here. In the new year, we must be an action school that values ​​time, makes full use of time, and lives, learns , and works efficiently .
  Let's stay in 2018, the one who stays up late, can't get up early, and eat too much junk food. In 2019, we will be a healthy life, stay up late, get up early, live regularly, and have more to read the book.
  And the one who can't love it, the tears that flow for him, the emotions that are wasted for him, are also here. We can't take you to 2019. In the new year, we must love ourselves and meet those who know more about us and cherish us.
  There are also those who can't control their emotions, are easy to worry, and are easy to hesitate. Let them stay here. In 2019, we are going to be a more brave, more determined, and warmer person.
  Give yourself a new beginning, throw away unsuitable feelings, unactive emotions, unhealthy habits, and the lazy self, telling yourself that you must live seriously in the new year.
  In our life, if we want to be better, we must be brave enough to give up some things, and have the courage to let ourselves go to a new life and stick to this good change .
  2, insist on doing something you want to do
  I have been emotional before, those who do not seem to win, often can come to the end.
  Just for me, five years ago, I was not the smartest one in college. I was not the one that our teacher valued the most. Eight years ago, I was not the best in our class ten years ago. The one who is smart, but now I look back, I found that I am no worse than those at those moments, because the grades are good, the teachers like them, because they look good and are liked by the female students who are good.
  This way, I have not given up on myself and tried to keep up. I will do it in a year, then I will use it for two years.
  This way, some girls have gained some love, they went to fall in love with the boys, no longer think about self-development; some have received some good praises, they are happy or satisfied; when they are young, it is easy Lost, walking and losing direction.
  But I don't think they are as smart as they are, they are not so good-looking, and they feel that they are a bit stupid. They need to work hard and work hard to look like them, so they always try to improve themselves.
  Looking back at this road now, I believe that the strength of persistence is better than anyone else, and it seems that it is very small, but if you insist on doing it, the harvest will be great.
  3. As long as you can persist, dare to persist.
  So, in the new year, if you have something you want to do, then you must do it and try it.
  If you want to learn to dance, then go to school, don't worry that you are a little white, as long as you can stick to it, one year is enough for you to learn more than a dozen dances;
  If you want to lose weight, then go to exercise, control your diet, insist on aerobic and oxygen-free daily, and you can practice the vest line in one year;
  If you want to learn a new skill, then take the time to learn. Maybe compare the big cows now, your skills are very young, but please believe in the strength of persistence, do it, one year, two years, five years, to the end you It will not be very bad.
  In the new year, find the thing you want to do, and then go on the ground, firmly and persistently, you will gain a better self.
  4. Go to action now.
  In our time, there is no shortage of people with ideas, no shortage of intelligent people, what is missing is what people want to do immediately, and must be made.
  Many of us know what we should do and know what we want to do, but when we act, it is procrastination, and we don’t want to do it when we drag.
  So, if you really want to change and hope to have a different self in the new year, stop the delay and force yourself to become an action leader.
  Don't feel that there is a casual success. No, those who are better than you are better off than you are.
  Compared to lying in bed, brushing entertainment software, eating potato chips, playing games, reading data reports, reading professional books, doing ppt, going to the gym for 5 kilometers, these are very tired and hard, the same for anyone. of.
  Those who are better than you, when you are lazy again and again, have defeated yourself and become more and more excellent in this process.
  Force yourself to leave the comfort zone again and again, forcing yourself to keep moving forward, and you can become better and become a better self.
  Don't hesitate, don't worry, don't worry, these are costs. Get dressed, pack the battery, pick up the weapon, and bravely go forward.
  When you accept your efforts as a state of life , everything is not so hard.
  I hope that we can have fun in 2019 and make our efforts become a very happy thing. By the next year, we can proudly say, "This year, I live full and no regrets."