One day, I talked with you for a long time.
  She said that she was twenty-eight years old and had no job and no love .
  The youth of the family feeds the dog, and neither of their own youth dogs.
  The 28th year of the 28th year of the shack is 28 years old.
  When I graduated from the university, I had to take a postgraduate exam. When I didn’t take the exam, I thought about it.
  Hard work does not bear the pains of the people, and they die on the road of postgraduate entrance examination, always knocking on the door of a university.
  However, when I graduated, I watched everyone go all the way, and I ate and wore myself, and I was confused.
  The students living next door are all graduate students who are graduating. At night, they are holding bottles of wine. All kinds of ghosts are crying, and suddenly they feel that they are not running.
  Nowadays, the graduate students are all bad streets. How about themselves after three years?
  Thinking this way, picking up the book will never look any longer.
  Going out to find a few laps of work, are first to give internship wages, to work overtime to stay up all night, to match the work to support the scene, think about it is not worth it.
  Forget it, go home first, go to the postgraduate exam, where is not the same review.
  So, the roll cover returned to his hometown.
  One to two, the second year of the graduate admission examination did not go, when I was annoyed, I took the mobile phone to brush the drama, followed by all kinds of people and other silly music.
  It’s just that the days are so mixed, and it’s been a few years in a blink of an eye.
  He said that in the night dreams, he is also ambitious. However, in the morning, his mind is dizzy and his limbs are weak.
  In the dream, it’s still a dream.
  Just, I don't know, when such a life, when can be passionate, dreams bloom.
  The road of life is all coming out. When you are weak and unable to pull your legs, everything is difficult and dangerous. What are the mirages?
  A friend said that his classmate Xiaohai, after 90 years, had a monthly salary of two thousand. When he was on the side of the road, he drank two bottles of beer and made a bold statement:
  Before the age of 30, there must be a car and a beautiful girlfriend.
  Ambitious and radiant.
  However, this buddy was fainting, and when he woke up the next day, it was already three days.
  The phone is out of power, plugged in, and turned on, the supervisor sent n WeChat to himself.
  It turned out that this day to go to the client to sign, the supervisor sent the corresponding materials to Xiaohai, let him organize.
  Xiaohai quickly called the supervisor to apologize, thinking about how to explain a bunch of reasons. I didn't expect the supervisor to just say a word, it doesn't matter.
  Xiao Hai thought, since it doesn't matter, he doesn't have to rush to rush.
  It is the company's lunch break, take a shower, clean up, and go to work in the afternoon.
  When Xiaohai went to the company, the accounting directly settled the salary and asked him to leave.
  There is no need to explain, even the supervisor does not want to give it for a minute.
  Xiao Hai first apologizes, apologizes, and is angry and annoyed. He said that he wants to find the boss's evaluation. Although he has made mistakes, he is not guilty.
  Finally, Xiaohai was driven out by the security guard.
  Xiaohai said, forget it, I didn't want to do it myself. I just wanted to take an accounting certificate and earn more money.
  After half a year, I saw Xiaohai doing Weishang, Jiugongge, it seems that it is the least effort.
  However, it consumes only the contacts, but it does not mix well.
  The ambition is to smash the world, but the limbs are weak, nothing can be done, just want to blame the world is too cruel. It seems that complaints are always easier to achieve than dreams.
  It’s easy to speak out, it’s easy to go across thousands of mountains and waters.
  When the writing camp started, Xiao A said that he wanted to contribute to the parent-child platform. How should he work hard?
  I said, read a little more books, write more and practice more.
  Xiao A asked for a list of books, and also ordered me to buy a book.
  Everything is ready, just waiting for the book to start.
  However, when the reading group punched the card, the small A only insisted for three days.
  Xiao A said:
  I have been on a business trip these days, and I went back to study.
  After a few more days, Xiao A said:
  I just got angry with my girlfriend, I have to hurry to go to school, reading things, big but love.
  In a few days, when he was chatting privately, he did not reply.
  We didn't remind me again, because I was too embarrassed to trouble him to find reasons to explain.
  At the end of the month, Xiao A made a piece of paper.
  After being rejected by the editor, Xiao A said with a disappointment that he is not suitable for writing.
  It is really hard to realize your dreams.
  Yes, it’s really hard, because it’s really hard to let you work hard for your dreams.
  I always want to reach the peak of no one without any effort, to see the mountains and enjoy the infinite scenery. How is this possible?
  In life, we are always ambitious and weak.
  A few years ago, we liked a person, but did not dare to say it. Finally, as Mr. Ma Dong said:
  When the class reunion, a person raised a glass of wine and said: You know, I like you very much.
  Another person said: Really, then, I like you too.
  Therefore, I can only hold a glass of wine and say: Unfortunately, we missed it, and we can't look back when we have a glass of wine.
  Yeah, no one has ever worked hard for that dream, missed it, and only had a drink.
  A few years ago, we used to have a dream of making a fortune.
  I am in a rental house, holding a book and dreaming of a big Westward Journey.
  However, when money is hard to earn, people are hard to find, and when there is no penny, we are all questioning:
  Does this road work? Is it worth it?
  So, in life, we found a more comfortable way.
  Choosing hardships requires courage. Choosing slackness requires only an excuse.
  Courage is hard to find, but excuses can be picked everywhere.
  Many years later, I can only laugh at myself and have a dream that I am not so self-sufficient.
  For those who fight all the way and turn their dreams into reality, they sigh.
  This person, that dream, we all missed it.
  It turns out that those beautiful dreams have come to our lives . We poured some water on it, occasionally took it to the sun, and then we sighed:
  Why don't you bloom, what is the result?
  Since the watch is useless, the thing called the dream, let it go, let it go its own way.
  So stumbled and walked through half-life, calling for the earth, who will pay for my "ambitious"?
  The limbs are weak, some people take three meals a day for you, and they are already carrying weights.
  If you dream of this kind of thing, you can't open your fist and can't move your fist. You can only say one sentence:
  Never seen again.