People can't be idle, and once they are idle, they will be abolished. This is the best explanation for confusion.
  a, my former classmate, he is really very energetic, the university has done a lot of things, changed a lot of interest goals, but no one has achievements, he told me, feeling no love, fighting spirit is no, life is good difficult.
  b, I have a master, famous local coffee circles, has a good income, but he likes to make desserts, and even where there are learning classes, inquire into the local market desserts too. However, he did not have any movements, and he was always talking about his own plans. Finally, he told me that I didn’t take that step because I didn’t know how to give it up. It’s the stability of the present or the future that I don’t know. I feel very confused.
  c, one of my hair is small, going to school, graduating, working, everything goes well, and I have done what many people want to do. However, he often complained to me that it is too boring to go to work. Every day after doing the work, there is nothing to do, not to play with a mobile phone or to sleep. I feel that life is meaningless.
  These three stories actually represent the three kinds of confusion of some people.
  First, do too much, do too much, have no purpose, no one belongs to yourself
  Second, not satisfied with the status quo, but did not dare to come out, afraid to bear the unknown risks, has been tangled.
  Third, do nothing everyday. I don't know what to do, it is dark to the future.
  What kind of class do you have?
  In fact, it is very simple, it is less, and it thinks a lot.
  Don't do it, since it's boring, since it's okay, use your free time, do what you want to do, or learn some knowledge or even read a book. You have to know that not all things have been learned. If you do it, it will be useless. It will come in handy one day. In such a situation, you will use your time reasonably, your life will no longer be boring, and gradually your future will slowly become as clear as the fog.
  Don't ask others what to do. No one in this world knows himself better than yourself.
  Life is always full of unknowns, no one can predict what the next step will be. Since you are dissatisfied with the status quo, then change, don't think too much. It’s not as clear as you are thinking. Nothing can be thought of as ending from the beginning, and the plan will never catch up. So what you have to do is take that step.
  Don't worry about it anymore, especially those who have already thought a lot, time will not wait for you, while you are still thinking, maybe someone has gone farther than you.
  Then someone asked, I did, and did not think about it, how is it still so confused?
  The so-called do not idle, not let you fly like a headless fly.
  When you do things, you must understand what your strengths are and what are the disadvantages. What is what you need, so that next, you choose to do things that are in line with your own.
  Instead of blindly doing it, I have worked hard, still can't see the future, still so confused. Do something meaningful, give yourself a feedback, and you can't make it.
  People do anything, hope not to be useless, but also hope that people who are in confusion can find their own way, no longer confused. Unless you are idle, no one can help you.