There is a young man in WeChat to leave a message: I graduated from high school two years ago, and now I am working as a courier. Is there any hope in my life?
  I told him the story of myself and a classmate.
  Twenty years ago, both Huizi and Huizi graduated from secondary school. After entering the factory, they could only work as operators in the workshop. The profession is not right, the environment is not good. In the face of the huge gap between ideal and reality, we are deeply confused and depressed. At the starting point of entering the society, I and Huizi have fallen behind others.
  After entering the factory for a few years, I suddenly heard that Huizi was reviewing the adult college entrance examination. Occasionally meet her, always in a hurry. After a few years, I heard that Huizi was admitted to the China University of Political Science and Law. After that, her life was as high as sesame blossoms.
  When I thought that no matter how hard I could not get rid of the established destiny, Hui Zi, who had the same starting point as me, decided to continue to learn and grow according to her own goals and move forward step by step.
  There is a saying that is good: "There is only one way to choose, that is the way to give up; there is only one way to refuse, that is the way to grow."
  I tried to transfer to the department of professional counterparts, but after all the efforts failed, I reluctantly chose to settle in the status quo, and even a little self-destruction.
  At the age of 27, I finally got transferred to the company newspaper. Before that, I got a self-study college diploma and saw that the transfer work was hopeless. I didn't listen to my friends' persuasion and gave up my self-study. What makes me embarrassed is that in the new position, I can only receive very low salaries, and the title review is also frustrated everywhere.
  I thought that missing the sun would not catch up with the stars. In the workshop for a few years, I mechanically went to work every day. When the opportunity came, I found out that I was almost in the same place.
  Seeing the same starting point of Huizi, I am learning hard, growing up, and through unremitting efforts to achieve counter-attacks, I deeply understand that learning to charge and growing is not only the homework of the students, but every adult. , a compulsory course for a lifetime.
  After that, I quickly put myself into the undergraduate self-study exam. Because I have suffered losses more than once, after 30 years old, I learned the lessons of stagnation and firmly walked on the road of self-study. In addition to work, study writing, study law, study psychology, and through their own continuous efforts, joined the Provincial Writers Association, but also obtained the corresponding qualification certificate.
  20 years of work experience has made me understand that growth is the most important course that can't be neglected in this life.
  Finally, I told the young man: I am not afraid of your low academic qualifications. As long as you have the ability to learn, you will be able to live the life you want. You are not afraid that your starting point is low. As long as you never stop growing, you will have the same chance of success .
  This is both a sincere expectation for young people who are asking questions in confusion, and a summary and reflection on themselves.
  Growth is a state of constant input and continuous updating. When a person gives up his inner growth and no longer has the motivation to continue to progress, waiting for him can only be seen at a glance at the old future and himself.
  Everyone, no matter what kind of starting point, no matter what kind of situation they encounter, as long as they have the desire to go up, they will find the direction of the breakout.
  The growth of a tree is a cycle of constant growth, decay, and regeneration; the growth of a person is a process of constantly breaking up oneself, reshaping oneself, and crossing the gap between ideal and reality.
  "I never grew up, but I never stopped growing." This is the epitaph of the famous science fiction writer Arthur Clark, and the motto of many successful people . Growing up is not a matter of overnight, but a homework that you have to do all your life. Growing up is more important than success.
  In this competitive society, education is really important. This is an indisputable fact. Some people have a higher starting point. If they don't pay attention to the follow-up learning charging and have no ability to continue to grow, they are destined to go far. Those with lower starting points have a long-lasting learning ability and can create their own life.
  Life is a marathon. It is not the person who starts at the beginning, but can reach the destination, but keep running and working hard. No matter what your identity and growth, it is a compulsory course for a lifetime. Only continuous growth can help you reach the height of life you want.