In 2010, I was a freshman. With the best dreams , I entered the bright and bright time. I have always believed that after leaving the complicated learning tasks of high school , then the next time is definitely extremely free. I can have enough time to do what I want to do, and have enough energy to complete the little dreams that I have been thinking about in high school.
  I want to work hard to read the books that I have been in high school for a long time, and write a novel that I think I have never had before. I want to go to the great rivers and mountains of the motherland and read the beauty of the world. I want to try my best to get a CPA, and I can get a proud offer. I want to learn English thoroughly. I can see that I can speak fluent English without hesitation. I even want to learn another foreign language and say that I feel very special. I also want to do more part-time work, while making money, while maximizing my ability to work, when I graduate, I can be a good man. I want to get the certificate I got as much as possible in the past few years, and I can fill a file bag when I graduate. I also want to find a girl with a chest-chest straight buttocks to be a girlfriend, to spend this wonderful four years together, before the flowers, not happy!
  While still in military training , I took a high school textbook and studied it. I didn't expect that a small exam for admission would not be bad. In addition to the computer being a scum, mathematics and English also entered the experimental class. When I was a freshman, I also studied hard for three months. It was quite good. Although it was not as good as the school’s schoolmasters, at least a few streets were taken by the boys in the class.
  But the next time, I feel wrong. Why do other people carry the computer LOL, but I am so stupid that I have a book, why do people take my girlfriend to the schoolhouse to open the house at the door of the school and I am still in the study room to see the high number, why others are skipping shopping and I look in the classroom Innocently listening to the teacher about those lessons that you can't understand.
  It’s not four years, it’s not too late to play hard.
  From then on, I actually found out that the university really had such a fun, the endless test was gone, the teacher’s chattering face was gone, and the parents asked the transcript to hate the iron and the tone of the steel was gone. The movie is really nice. It’s great to wake up in the morning and sleep at 11 o’clock. It’s great to have a drink with the roommate at 2 o’clock in the morning.
  So when I graduated, I read a handful of books, and I wrote a few hundred thousand copies of the words of Zizhen. Even Changsha did not go out, let alone the famous mountains and rivers, and read the beauty of the world. In addition to the accounting tax law class, I didn't even touch the CPA books, and even went to work in the end with an accounting certificate; English six is ​​passing by, too lazy to brush points. Until now, even the words have been read continuously; a few times part-time work is not a tutor or a leaflet, this kind of low-explosive thing, every month can not make ends meet; when dragging the box out of the school gate, I still do not humble with the attitude of a single dog A big middle finger for the huge and unknown future.
  The original extraordinary attitude was in such a wonderful time for the most mediocre group of people. I think, for the entire college career, I am a Lucer. Nothing is done, nothing is done. Seeing that others demanded themselves with the lowest attitude, they could not wait to commit themselves to go to Wenshui. Obviously, my heart is extremely upset and I am desperately comforting myself. The time is still early. It’s not far from graduation. Everyone is playing, and no one knows who really went out of school and starved to death.
  In fact, many people are the same. Do you think that this incident does not seem to be so anxious, so let's do it tomorrow. It feels a bit uncomfortable today, and it will be better if you are better tomorrow. Today is already It’s late, it’s not suitable for making new adjustments, or waiting for tomorrow as a new start.
  You see the people around you are shopping, you can't help but go back to the lesson that doesn't seem to matter much. You see other people, you, me, you, me, you can't wait to devote a relationship; you Watching other people play games, no matter Wei Jin, you also turn on the computer and start chasing the Korean drama that you haven’t played. You see other people’s short talk about the efforts and efforts of others, and you also begin to despise those who are looking down on their peers; others Saying that your dreams are too vulgar, you also feel that your dreams are too emotional.
  We always complain that there are too many unfairness in this world. Why do some people have a natural skin and a beautiful family, and even have a good career and love ? Why are some people born with a tall and handsome look? Why do you obviously seem so hard or do you want to work? Obviously, I have been steadfast in my work, and I have been dismissed by the leadership and even swearing. In fact, absolute fairness itself is a false proposition. There is no absolute fairness in this world. It is stipulated that no one is more or less, more is reduced, and less is added.
  Only some people try hard to achieve their own fairness in subjective sense. In the day when they finally become the kind of people in the eyes of others, some people continue to complain in complaints, and continue to complain in mediocrity. old.
  In fact, you can't compare those who are not as good as you. You can't be more comfortable with them than with them. Because of the ease and comfort of the young, with the arrival of age and the oppression of real life, one day will be fully returned. You can't see other people's bags beautiful, you must go to the overdraft credit card to buy one, the only thing you can do is to work hard to make money, open source and reduce money to buy a better look; you can't see others staying in the dormitory all day to play games to watch Korean drama I feel that my efforts are so incomprehensible in their eyes, because after a few years out of school, they are the ones who are incompatible with this society; you can’t see others passing a pass even if they don’t work hard at the end of the year. It does not affect graduation, because big companies and postgraduate research and development and even going abroad need a very beautiful transcript.
  Why are we not radiant, not the kind of people envious of others, or even the kind of people they want to be. The biggest reason is not that the world is too cruel, not that this society is too unfair, nor that others are too picky about you. The only reason is that you are not enough to fight. You have not yet prepared for your ideal life. You even think that the comfortable life is also very good. I feel that I am not worse than most people around you. You are even Compared with those who are worse than you, it seems that they are not as good as me, and they are very good. Then why should I continue to work hard?
  You blame your own misfortunes, and magnify these misfortunes innumerable times, to gain those poor sympathy points or to show how difficult your life is to show that you are actually working hard to grow, just because the environment is too It’s too bad and it’s a long way to go. In fact, living in the same world, everyone faces the same difficulties and hardships. You and I are not born with a golden key, nor are they born in the home of the rich merchants. You are alive and confused, and you feel that the future is long. In fact, everyone is the same. Only some people, even in the face of adversity, still firmly believe that as long as they give up the luxuries and ease of the young, they will always come out of a bright road; while some people live in warm water, even if the future is long. I don’t want to change at all, because that road always looks so unclear.
  In fact, I am not a very hard-working person. I can see it from the time of the university. However, standing at the fork in the current road, I feel that if life really goes on like this, it is undoubtedly a great tragedy for the self in life. Therefore, there are always some changes that must be made, starting from tomorrow, or at the moment of writing an article.
  May you not be mediocre.