At this time, in front of the TV or mobile phone, how long have you not read?
  Reading has become a commonplace topic. Recently, the National Bureau of Statistics data has come out of the heart: The 2018 National Time Use Survey Bulletin shows that the lower the income of the residents, the more TV watching time, the low-income group watching TV every day for 1 hour and 50 minutes; the higher the income The more time residents read the newspapers and periodicals. 21% of high-income groups have reading behavior, while only 6.6% of low-income groups have reading behavior.
  We don't have to deliberately entangle the causal necessity of TV and income; we can also slightly compare the meaning of TV to our knowledge acquisition and even life enlightenment: the great rivers and mountains in the documentary, the ups and downs in the drama, and the smoothness in the action movies. Dripping, these, let us use endless.
  However, there is no doubt that for those real hardcore knowledge, complex, logical thinking, the castle of words is still the most suitable carrier. In the poetry , the temperament is cultivated, and in the history books, the ancient knowledge is known. More importantly, books with their unique cultural charm can bring us the feelings of thinking and the soul, I am afraid that any flowing picture can not be compared.
  Of course, we are not willing to associate reading with utilitarian purposes, but the data is very straightforward to demonstrate the simple truth of "the book has its own gold house."
  Sometimes the logic of human society is very wonderful. It is difficult to point out the direct relationship between the wind and snow in the book, the Jinge iron horse, the wonders of the world, and the material return. However, after a hundred thousand reversals, the book may have inadvertently enhanced knowledge, broadened its thinking, and encouraged the fighting spirit. The material state of life has also quietly changed.
  Reading behavior itself is also a microcosm of the state of life. Under the current colorful food culture, people who can still read a book calmly and calmly can't do it. In addition to the book itself, the life-changing situation is also the inner determination and persistence , a self-disciplined lifestyle.
  One day, when you go shopping and get tired, will you walk into the corner bookstore and open the book? When you watch TV to numbness, will you light up the bedside lamp and let the book accompany you to sleep?