On Weibo, there was a topic activity in the previous period, called #十相比较挑战#, I saw a few illustrations in the People’s Daily in the relevant content, which wrote:
  "A decade ago, my heart was written in Renren. After ten years, the circle of friends became visible for three days.
  Ten years ago, I felt that I was liberated after I finished the test. Ten years later, I realized that there are problems in my life.
  Ten years ago, after staying up late, I was still agitated. After ten years, I was worried that I would be bald.
  Ten years ago, I decided to never live a mediocre life. After ten years, I gradually accepted it. Sometimes I always admit that I am an ordinary person.
  Ten years ago, my parents seemed to be omnipotent. Ten years later they began to grow old and needed our care.
  Ten years ago, no matter how far you went, someone was waiting for you. Ten years later, we finally reached the age we started to lose..."
  Very real and very hearty.
  Every time I am close to the year, I will always remember many old things. I think that my own changes over the years have been more and more heavy on the shoulders, and the steps under my feet have become more and more cautious.
  I have walked through a lot of roads that can only be walked by one person. I have seen a lot of scenery that only one person can see. The fresh and lively heart is finally becoming numb and stable in the rice, salt and garlic.
  In the past, it was always easy to be sad and happy. If you are happy, you will be screaming and joking. If you are sad, you will call someone you trust. If you complain, you will complain for a long time. At that time, I always feel that people who say that they will not be separated for a lifetime will definitely Accompanied by each other;
  Later, I found out that some of my friends walked away and dispersed. Some relationships were weakened. Some people loved them far away, and some emotions gradually settled and dissipated.
  Some roads are destined to go only one person, and we always have to accept those unexpected accidents and partings in such inevitable loneliness.
  But sometimes think about it, now we are more mature and calm than before, it is not a blessing.
  Our power to fight the cruel reality is stronger, we are no longer so easy to be knocked down, and it is no longer so easy to collapse and cry.
  We no longer talk about our hard work every time, hide a lot of hardships in our hearts, and only work hard with our teeth; we no longer put our emotions on our faces, and we don’t blindly envy other people’s lives, sinking our hearts and slowly looking for them. Really suitable for your direction.
  Life is like a roller coaster, and there will be a trough, but after the trough, it will surely usher in a new peak.
  If you feel hard, it must be because you are moving forward. You are experiencing the darkness before dawn. As long as you don't give up, stick to it and you will see the light.
  Think about the past hurries that made us feel that it is impossible to cross the past. Didn't it all pass? The one who had been flustered and confused, now becomes more and more independent.
  As Martin said in the show: "Every powerful person has bitten his teeth and spent a period of no help, no support, no one to ask for help."
  In the past, this is your adult ritual, and you can't ask for mercy. This is your bottomless pit. "
  Unsatisfactory things are ten or nine. Instead of being afraid to avoid, it is better to face them bravely. Those who can't kill you will make you stronger.
  Maybe we used to be afraid of being alone. When you go shopping, you will always unconsciously brush your mobile phone. When you eat, you always sit in the corner. One person seems to mean no friends, no group, means Not good.
  But I hope that you remember one sentence : the cows and the sheep are in droves, and the tigers and wolves have always been alone.
  Everyone is lonely life in a required course, if you are not happy with the status quo, do not want their lives stalled, then you have the courage to jump out of their comfort zone, a person, firm, to explore the future direction.
  Some roads are destined to go only one person, but these times of enduring loneliness and persisting in hard work will become the flash of your life and illuminate your next life.
  I know that life is sometimes really difficult, but I hope that you will always have the courage to meet difficulties.
  When you continue to outperform yourself in the past, life will surely be more and more preferential to you.
  After a thousand sails, I hope that your heart will always be the first, and that you will come to Japan for the rest of your life.
  good night.