How much hope is there in life.
  Life is not good, nine out of ten. There are many things that are alive in the world, but there is also a lot of fun. Everyone thought of giving up many times, and later insisted over have become the fruit harvest. From the beginning of entering the society, we are faced with people and things of all kinds. From the heart that comes from the innocence, we are a little confused and do not know how to face this complicated life. In the hesitation and embarrassment, people have no retreat, only one head into the ocean of life. With confusion, we fumbled forward.
  Trying to walk through a road, sometimes it will break the blood, sometimes it will be discouraged, no road is smooth, and the road of life is full of thorns. How many times have we thought about giving up, feeling a cry when we are desperate, feeling silent when we feel depressed, and feeling sad when we want to find a shoulder. However, most of these times were spent by myself, so I learned to be strong in time .
  Dry the tears flowing down at night, dawn comes, and it is the beginning of the day. No matter what we endured yesterday, when the day begins, we will still play the spirit and life together. Bad, bad, face, accept, solve, tolerate, understand. As the experience grows, gradually, the crying sound is turned into a silent mode, and the face is calm and uncomfortable.
  I appreciate those who have been treated unfairly by fate and are still peaceful. When she met Yang Yi in the past few years, she was a very good and open-minded girl. She worked well and looked good. She felt that she was a lucky person in life. It’s her most lonely stage to meet Yang Yi again in a few years. Yang Yi said that he wants to die. His work is crowded out by young colleagues. Marriage is in a state of divorce because of his disagreement. Parents are often sick and hospitalized, and one person takes care of young children and two elderly people. They are all exhausted.
  In those few years, it is estimated that Yang Yi’s most difficult moment. She has thought about giving up many times. She wakes up every day to see the child’s innocent smile. Listening to the loving care of her parents, she will play a hundredfold spirit and take a look at life. Run away. She chose to divorce, changed her work environment, left the complicated place, and resigned to make a livelihood. During the day, you can take care of your home. When you get to the Hua Deng, you will pick up a large bag of small accessories and go to the bustling night market to sell. You will stick to the same thing every day, and the funds will gradually accumulate. At that time, Yang Yi’s biggest wish was to have a shop of his own, without suffering from the wind and rain.
  Sticking to the stalls for many years, life is not rich, but it is getting better. Through the accumulation of funds accumulated over the years, Yang Yi finally opened his own jewelry store. I passed her shop and saw a busy figure. However, Yang Yi at this time is more beautiful, the traces of life are still online, but the face is hung with a gentle and firm expression that does not admit defeat. Later, Yang Yi, who had experienced the experience, made a brand agent, from retail to wholesale, and completed the counterattack of life. Yang Yi, who had suffered too much, not only had a good life, but also brought out a good team.
  After the hardest time, everything will develop in the right direction.
  Trekking in the lowest valley, how to go is up.
  As an adult, who is not experiencing hardships while working hard. Those who can't stand it will be stunned, and those who can stand up will practice a reinforced iron bone and rush towards a good life.
  Life will only suffer for a while, and will not suffer for a lifetime. It is not easy to compromise, not to give up at will, how much hope there will be in life.
  For the rest of my life, in the river of time, let us raise our sails and go sailing.