In these years, poverty is an enduring topic. Recently, the news of a tricycle hitting BMW has smashed the circle of friends, not to mention that the protagonist in the news is blasphemy. Just the word poor, you can earn a lot of eyeballs.
  The gap between the rich and the poor and the solidification of the class are always the pain points of this era. Whether it is a gathering of friends or a chat with a colleague, the topic with the highest rate of appearance is four words: getting rid of poverty and getting rich. Many people say that poverty is a hard injury that is difficult to change. From the moment of birth, it is engraved in the bones.
  To tell the truth, I don't think that it's not a slap in the face to paint you a big pie, but the friends around you are attacking the cold, getting rid of poverty and getting rich too much. The posture of getting rich is varied. According to the girlfriends, it’s really a big road. mine.
  She is the first generation of people to get rich around me. Every time I talk about this, there is always someone to refute. That is because you already have money, so for you, life is everywhere. For the poor, food and clothing are problems, can't afford a car, can't afford a house, and still find a gold mine? It’s very hard to get out of the house.
  Sometimes, I always want to educate them. There is no poverty in the world for no reason. I can always persuade me with my girlfriend, and such a large person does not have to explain. Some people have no fortune.
  I believe this. If you see more people, you will find that if one can get rid of poverty, there are actually traces to follow.
  Take my girlfriend for example. A few years ago, resolutely died of the iron rice bowl, moved to the financial circle, fight for a few years, and then headed into the Internet, life is like a roller coaster, although the process is difficult, small pits continue, but overall look, basically every step to earn It’s full of pots. Many people don't know that when she was poor, she didn't live like a poor man.
  Sending a friend's gift, never getting soft, going out to eat, rushing to pay the bill, never listening to her crying in front of others, only I know how to save money in her back. At that time, I still thought she was stupid, like a big head, throwing money outside.
  Later, when she saw that the level of her friends was getting different, she introduced some small businesses inexplicably. At first, it was hundreds of thousands. Later, the coffee shop downstairs of her house became a local gathering place. Everyone who evaluates her will say a comment, this person is worth paying.
  Later, I carefully pondered this sentence. The so-called worthy of paying, in fact, is not greedy, how can show a person's greed, in fact, willing to spend money. All said that good friendships have to talk about money. It’s really more than a good friend. Now, in this era, if you want to make money, you have to pay for it first. The so-called money, not squandering, but let you not live too much like a poor man.
  As my girlfriend often said, being too poor to be a poor person is a problem for many poor people. For example, in this news, this tricycle guy, if he honestly admits that he has no money, repay the loan in installments, and say something nice, maybe the other party really does not want it. Unfortunately, he showed the most pit of a card: poor.
  Obviously, this young man who is not deeply involved does not understand it. The world has never understood the poor, especially those who talk about the poor. You are poor, very difficult, very hard, but what about it?
  When you are poor, even mistakes are especially difficult to be forgiven. No one will consider your growing environment and economic situation. You will only feel that you are poor, so you have low IQ, low quality and low vision.
  Therefore, the first sign that a person is out of poverty is that he no longer lives like a poor person. Because of the poor label, once it is posted, not only is it difficult for others to change your mind. Sometimes, even if you believe in yourself, using poverty as an excuse, you can’t say goodbye to poverty.
  I have read an article before, which is particularly interesting. It is said that after people move from rural to urban areas, their personality has become better and their temper has become smaller. Some people say that the level of contact is high. Some people say that education is good for people. In fact, it is not because of money.
  You have a big temper, a bad attitude, and the emotions say that it collapses. In the countryside, someone is not allowed to tear away from you. You can go to the city, people are warm and cold, no one wants to see your stinky face. When you can't make money, you will naturally converge on your temper.
  I thought about it carefully. It’s really the same thing. In life, many people’s temperament is against the money. For example, a big sister of our company, to buy a lunch to be torn with people, take a courier to cope with people, it is said that all the hawkers selling fruit with the company are offended. I don’t want to buy a fruit for the holidays, but I have to pay for it at a high price.
  It turned out that she and the hawkers selling fruits were not forced to smash because of the shortness of the pound, because her high-pitched air hurts the other's small heart. Offended her, she is not willing to buy. If she is offended, people are not willing to sell. Pick and choose, just one can talk about it, the price naturally rises.
  The boss said helplessly, my sister, your temper, will be poor in the future. do you know?
  In fact, not only her, but also the hawkers who are not willing to sell things to her, 80% will also be poor. On the contrary, it was such a shrewd person who saw the old lady’s need and took a big customer.
  You may not believe that some people in this world have temperament, innateness and money. Speaking and doing things never leave a way for yourself, but also love to remember. However, if you really want to make money, you have to be a bit open-minded in business. You can see people laughing, but you can forget others' knives.
  The so-called qi and wealth, resentment and wealth. The rich are very good at restraint, while the poor often tear. Therefore, the second sign that a person begins to get rid of poverty is to know how to converge and to clear up the urgency. Since it is really hard to make money.
  Another point is worth mentioning.
  I don't know if you have observed it, the poorer people, the more they don't believe. They don't believe that there are many opportunities outside their own eyes. Instead, they feel that people who talk about money all over the world are liars.
  If you say that you are giving them a chance to make a fortune, his first reaction is not to learn and understand, but to tell you decisively that this is impossible. Even if you can barely believe it, the next sentence must be. If you can make money, someone has done it. Where is the turn?
  Sometimes, I really can't understand why many people like to block their own roads. If they haven't tried it, they will use their failure to make a conclusion. They may not know that one person is starting to become poor.
  Speaking of the success of others , they can always find out some of the so-called hard injuries on their own, trying to prove that they can't do it. This explains why so many people around the world crying and crying and crying, while continuing to let themselves be poor.
  What I feel the most is writing this. I told some friends around me that the public number can make money, and most people responded with nothing to do with me. Some people say that they can't write, and some say they don't have time. Even people who are interested in writing always like to say that the bonus period is over and there is no residue left. Even if I can still fire, I write so badly, can anyone see it?
  Every time I meet such a person, I will not say more. Because I know that some people haven’t started making money. This 窍 has another name, called 魄力.
  Making money is a price to pay, and this price may be in vain. But for the poor, they can't afford it. Because I am afraid of uncertainty in the future, I would rather not pay. This is why the poor call out poor every day, but they have no mobility.
  Ma once said a word , one of the biggest difference between rich and poor is the courage and spirit of adventure. They suffer from loss, look ahead, stand on some important nodes of life, and have difficulty grasping opportunities. In fact, the poor do not see the opportunity, but see it, and pretend that nothing happens. But they don't know, sitting and waiting to die, they will really die. Therefore, the third sign that a person begins to become poor is swearing.
  Many people say that wealth is a resource. In fact, I prefer to believe that it is an ability. Because of ability, it means that it can be cultivated and can be changed. It means that you still have the opportunity to let your next generation not become a poor second generation. The signs of becoming poor are actually more than the three that I said, but at least they can be referenced. People don't burst into poverty all night, and most people are getting poorer, so they still find early treatment.