I have a friend who has a daily routine as follows:
  I wake up in the morning and wake up naturally. It is basically 10 o'clock. Open your eyes, first touch the phone under the pillow, look at the circle of friends, brush the microblog, and then delete the spam message that has not been cleaned.
  After completing this routine operation, it has been half an hour and people are almost awake. Go up to the bathroom, look in the mirror, breathe a cold breath, and sigh "Wow, cold." Then quickly jumped into the bed and wrapped the quilt.
  The chase is just updated, and the takeaway is on the way. After reading the episode, the meal was just right. The free time of not going to work is a kind of coziness and an intangible consumption for him.
  In the afternoon and evening, it is also a reprint. Lying in the drama, playing games, screaming, repeating life, and my heart is gradually no twists and turns. In his own words: "I even want garbage, I want the courier to help me throw..."
  After six months of waiting, he told me more than once about the current confusion. He feels that life is hopeless, that life is over one-third of the life, and the rest is almost all embarrassing. He said that even if you get out of bed, you must have a lot of courage.
  What is the unemployed, and what does the office worker look like? I specifically interviewed three old workers who had been working for a few years, and found that their 8-hour work and outside, it seems to be "not very glorious."
  A said: "I go to work, play while doing things, once in order to grab the exemption, invite friends to help, and the results are sent to the boss's WeChat. Mom, quickly withdraw, scared my heart..."
  B said: "At nine o'clock, I only press the fingerprint every time at 8:59. The road runs wildly, and the breakfast is also solved by the way, just to be able to sleep for a few more minutes to make up for the night and night last night. Day to night, The whole person is faint."
  C said: "If I don't go to work, I will definitely not go out. I almost stay in bed. Anyway, it is more convenient to deliver the meal to the door. It's just a good weekend. It will be over, and nothing has been done."
  We seem to be caught in a vicious circle of passive and constant internal friction. Saying cherish on his mouth, but wasting a lot of time with his own hands. I want to work hard, but it takes a lot of courage to take the first step.
  Work is good, freedom is free, and the modern life of adults is mostly related to confusion and waste. From the bedroom to the door, many people may be able to walk for a day without being bound.
  I don't want to get up, not just the feet, not leaving the bed.
  On the contrary, it is a general appearance; it is a ray of sunshine, but it is not willing to open the window; it is also a state of life that continues to be depressed and cannot be changed.
  I used to be almost in the same way, and the knife was awkward.
  At that time, I was fascinated by an online game. The first thing that opened my eyes every day was to take the game task of the day, and then I sat at the computer desk all day long and my ass did not move.
  Even my mom asked, "Look at the clothes I bought is not good?" I will only say "good-looking and good-looking" to the screen. She urged me to eat, I was extremely impatient, three times five and two, as usual. It is always ignored, and the dinner at the table is exquisite.
  In the school, all the classes that can be awkward are filtered, staying in the bedroom and playing games; staying at home, staying at home, not leaving, keeping the "I" in the game every day, taking real and beautiful time one by one. Isolated.
  I slept late at night and it was not early in the day. In those two years, 90% of the good times were put to the end of my scribble.
  Later, because of my hobby writing, I accidentally regained my pen and re-feel the happiness I got from the lines, and then bid farewell to myself who is obsessed with the unreal world.
  I have made a lot of good people and I have gained the attention of tens of thousands of readers. I became more self-disciplined and awake than before, no longer the young man who was addicted to the game and turned a deaf ear to the window.
  I spend more time reading and writing, knowing the world and broadening my horizons. That will only make a big sleep, only play games all night, only me who eat junk food, and gradually disappear.
  Jumping out of bed, opening the window, and going out the door, not only in the boring moment, but also has a wonderful life and a lamentable life.
  There is a saying: "The sun is still far away, but there must be the sun."
  I don't want to get up and hide the confusion of life, because once I don't know why I get up, why is it that when I open the window, life is a mess, I don't want to solve it, I can't solve it.
  Compared with the soft and hard bubble of life, it is a key key to open the door to confusion when asked about where the heart belongs and where to find the road.
  The first step in changing the status quo of confusion and jumping out of the inefficient circle is to ask yourself: I am out of bed, going out, what I can do and what I want to do.
  Xiao Tang, a friend, from the moment she decided to become a teacher, she resolutely left the court drama in her hand.
  It is normal to read a book in the middle of the night, and to have a holiday without a break. From spring to winter, she is day after day, and we have witnessed the whole process of her " success ".
  The most terrible thing is that people who are better than you are harder than you, crushing you in every way.
  But you don't know, those good people, they are always quiet, talking with action, they set off when the sky is light, not on the bed, for how to not fall, not cold anxiety.
  Of course, there is never a single thing in reality, and life can't be better in a flash. It is not a sin to waste time, and efforts are never worth showing off.
  Anything that looks radiant, there is a sweat that you can't imagine behind. Don't insist on it again, this is no big deal, then I am not rare. Although life is cruel, life is still fair.
  It’s not easy to change, it’s not a good thing.
  But I don't want to go out, don't dare to see the light, don't want to get out of bed, but it's the biggest confusion you are experiencing right now.