In the spring of kindergarten, I was taken to the textile factory by my mother. I placed it in the high-quality cloth in the spacious warehouse. I asked the warehouse aunt to look at me and left me a pile of three prices borrowed from the factory library. Mao eight cents a comic book. A picture of each page of a comic strip, a picture that can be imagined, or a happy or angry, with a plain commentary below. I can only save some of the ages of the provinces, rivers, and flowers in relation to the language. The pictures saved me: they are coherent fragments, spliced ​​into stories, and can be seen on TV screens or real life.
  After I was literate, I was originally accompanied by "Yang Jia Jiang", "Tang Tang", "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and "East Zhou Lie Guo Zhi". So the white horse silver gun, the tricks of the door, the dust of the sand field became my original fantasy world. Every time I read Jin Ge Tie Ma, I was nervous. I looked up and looked at the sunny days of the summer vacation. It was easy to dispel this panic. In this way, I read "Water Margin", "Dang Zhi Zhi" and "Romance of the Three Kingdoms", and Jin Yong's martial arts novels. At that time, of course, I didn’t understand that at the end of the “Lu Ding Ji”, how did Wei Jue’s family stumped four people, including Huang Lizhou, on the Manchu issue, and the sorrow and grief of Genghis Khan’s self-questioning hero. Just reading these ancient stories, lingering in the south of the Saibei River, the green mountains and green waters, the long sleeves of the robes, and the swords and swords.
  When I graduated from elementary school, I read "Three Musketeers" translated by Li Qingya. This is expected to see the heroic fencing, but was fascinated by the illustrations in the old version of the novel. Knight caps, fencing shorts, swords and wine glasses, hotels and shirts in Paris. So it became a matter of course, that summer, like eating mulberry leaves, follow the clues along the path. Then I read Balzac's "The Old Man", and Rastini is also a young man who wants to be an ambitious in Paris... My hobby about the Warrior is replaced by the silhouette of the European street. Ivory, crystal, pepper, velvet, art, sugar, wine, tamarind, lance, glass, alfalfa, almond, clove, tobacco, coffee, frankincense, wheat, Odysseus, ocean voyage, will eventually become the base The Marseille sailor of the Count of Dushan, the hoop business of Grande and the desolate house, the manor where Mr. Rochester talked with Jane, the battlefield of Prince Andrey and Napoleon.
  Yes, I probably like reading and writing since I was a child.
  In elementary school, in my memory, watching the brown ball rotate, knocking on the wooden floor, and the squeaking of the sneakers, the empty stadium is particularly quiet. I sat on the edge of the field, watching them run around and see my dad and his colleagues running back and forth. The ball flew to the basket, again and again.
  I used to watch a group of people running on the TV, at school or on a basketball court in a factory. They robbed and threw a ball, and the ball fluttered on a dilapidated iron basket. By dusk, I saw one or two or four figures that were not tall or strong, and they were mechanically and simply practiced on the basketball court. The ball may roll to the feet, and then the tired practitioner turns the sweaty face, please throw the ball back to them.
  "Hey, help throw it!"
  Yes, I like basketball from a young age.
  I went to Shanghai to study at university in 2002. My parents gave me an e-commerce major. I made an agreement with my parents:
  Everything about the university, I come by myself. I will get a degree and will not drop out of school. The premise is that what I do, parents can't manage.
  From the freshman to the sophomore, in addition to completing my studies, I wrote things silently. At that time, I didn't think much about it. I just thought that I like to write things, so let's continue. By the second half of the sophomore year in March 2004, I had the first book and got the first draft fee. I bought a laptop with the cost of the manuscript, and the rest was paid for three months. So I left the school dormitory and lived alone.
  By 2006, I was a senior and had a fourth book. I graduated from college, I didn't want to go to work. It is difficult to know that it is difficult to feed yourself by writing alone. It is a later event.
  In March 2007, a college in Beijing found me and some authors of the same age to go to a meeting, which probably means: first come to this college to study for a period of time, then enter a certain association around the country, and finally enter a certain association in the country. I felt the atmosphere, I figured it out, I went back to Shanghai and started to write sports columns - because I probably understand that I have to rely on writing something to live; then, write nothing without joining the organization or affiliated unit, and can lick myself. Willingness?
  When I was a child, I grew up watching basketball. It was natural to write the NBA.
  Also in the summer of 2007, I decided to go to Paris. In order to save money, I began to increase the workload. From 2008 to 2010, I also worked part-time on a channel in Shanghai to learn about the guests. Of course, the first time to explain the guests, but also to blow a sentence to his father when he was in middle school: "In the future, I will explain basketball myself!"
  Now think of it, it is the root of childhood.
  From 2008 to 2012, a long toss and preparation. I came here to write a draft to earn money, to find a French class in Shanghai, after that, apply for a school, prepare materials, do notarization, exams, face-to-face, sign, refused, re-class, exam, face-to-face, to bank Account flow, find a house, sign...
  At the end of August 2012, when I went to the face-to-face for the second time, the visa officer said that I felt like I had met before. She remembered that I was the "boy writing".
  After answering in French, she began to ask me English questions: "Talk about your thoughts about Paris."
  I said that the first Western book I read was the "Three Musketeers" collected by my dad. The Dada Niang was very young and ignorant. I didn't know it and went to Paris. The second Western book is Balzac's "The Old Man". The Rastigne is also young and full of enthusiasm. I want to be an ambitious in Paris... Some thoughts are there when I was young, and I may feel naive in the end. But always got there to say it.
  Then, the face sign was passed.
  Before I went to Paris in the fall of 2012, an editor worried about me and said that I was out of the country. Isn't the domestic relationship broken and how can I live in the future? I said, I don't know, but as long as I can write things, it's not bad. Come slowly.
  Then, I slowly came to this moment. From 2012 to 2015, the editorial teacher published four books for me. She said: "You always say that you are coming slowly, but writing something is not slow!"
  Occasionally someone will ask me: "Is it very easy to be a freelancer, is it particularly easy?"
  In fact, it is not so simple. The things in the world, the bitterness and the tiredness have always been the same.
  After freelancers do it, they probably have this feeling:
  In a small area, there is a certain degree of freedom, but it also has to bear some risks; on a large scale, it is not so free.
  Because freelancers first have the pressure to support themselves. Even if you don't have to worry about your life, most people want to be able to do their work more efficiently in a short enough time, and to be happy and not want to waste time. And this "do not want to waste time" will always drive itself. Therefore, freelancers know that they have more possibilities, knowing that the ups and downs of their situation are related to their own seriousness, and even the more serious they work, the more freedom they can gain. Therefore, freelancers really need to be convinced, usually not the boss and family, but themselves.
  Looking back at my own path, if there is any lesson, it is:
  When you are temporarily confused and don't know what to do, or if you are idle but have a sense of guilt, then go to work - not necessarily writing, reading, or exercising. In short, do something in your favorite direction.
  I started running in 2014 and learned more things slowly.
  When I didn't run before, I would believe that my mood is everything: I feel depressed, I don't move in the afternoon, I am tired. After I am used to it, I will think for the first time: Is it lack of water? Is it the fatigue caused by the wrong posture, which in turn affects the mood?
  Running makes people a materialist. When you are used to it, you can easily understand that the will and emotion are actually at the mercy of the physical condition.
  After running for a long time, I really don't have to check my body. First, the body will be better than when I don't run. Second, the body is not good. The runners know better than the runners.
  So at the end, running will give you relative control over your body. You will believe that the body is a machine, you know how to maintain, how to eat nutrition, how to drive, how to train.
  The same applies to other things.
  For freelancers, getting up early is the most painful thing: overcoming fatigue, body temperature and other physical discomforts, hard to get up, and can't help but want to find an excuse to continue to sleep; but after this time, there is a kind "Oh, it seems like a white day for a long time" feeling, like a successful escape class , clean and hearty. And I want to take a nap in the afternoon, and I feel at ease: "Isn't this early? It should be a supplement." From the night, the opposite is true. For a little while, guilt persists for one day.
  Persistence in running and writing also makes me understand that people's potential is great. For example, tell yourself in 2007: You may have to write one or two articles every day, and I will be stunned at that time. But you are used to this kind of weight, just like doing anaerobic strength training, and constantly adding strength to yourself, you will find that, fortunately, you can afford it.
  Perhaps, people who run through the steps will generally feel the same: for example, you run with a 5 and a half speed, run tired for two kilometers, pant, walk and run, grind, and finally may use an hour Only 5 kilometers after running; but if your suitable pace is 7 minutes, you can continue to run 5 kilometers in 35 minutes - of course, the speed is very cool, but keep running at the pace that suits you, and finally May run even further.
  I have written it before, even if I am on the road, I can write things. This skill is not innate. I also feel bored on the road and feel that I don't want to write things - just like every runner will instantly feel the mood of "I don't want to run today, take a day off." But if you get used to this burden, it doesn't matter.
  Everything is a step in the direction of your liking, whether it's work, reading or exercise, at a time of boredom or low tide.
  Life is like a marathon. After taking the first step, you must continue to bravely run. There will be difficulties, pains, and difficulties along the way. Only by constantly trying to break through the old and defeat the past can we succeed. If you wait and stagnate, you will never be able to reach the end.