This is the third time he left home, carrying his bag and going to a distant place.
  Mother did not fill him with the package as before, and gave him a baked sweet potato before leaving. This time, he was only sent to the train station and silently said: "Come on."
  He is my student. He cried when he left home for the first time. He prepared a one-year exam in Beijing. He entered the examination room and went to the diarrhea and fell out of the list. In the second year, he continued to go north. His mother advised him to stay at home. He refused. One person came to Beijing and found a job.
  Life tormented him enough, I wanted to give up halfway, but bite my teeth and stick to the end of the year.
  At the end of the year, the company issued a small bonus, and he bought a ticket to go home for the New Year. When he got home, he was expressionless. Just after the year, he packed his bags and left home.
  The mother’s "refueling" is an encouragement and a greeting. Just two words, warm and vicissitudes.
  When I came to Beijing, I asked him, this time, when I left home, I cried?
  He said, no, because this parting is for a better meeting.
  I said, how do you say that?
  He said that next time I go home, I will get better and better. Also said, I have to change a TV set at home.
  What a simple wish, what a simple ideal. I suddenly realized that parting is the homework of life, and meeting is the hope of many people. It’s better to meet again. But every time you reunite, you only get better, even if you have a little bit, life makes more sense.
  And we, just for this, left home and went to the distance.
  As a teacher for many years, I have heard many stories of long-distance struggles . They are all from home to the distance. One person struggles calmly and works alone. Some people gradually start to shine, and some people are still looking for fragrance in the mud.
  A few years ago, I wrote online: Loneliness is the best period of appreciation.
  This sentence was written in my diary by my friend Xiao Fan. Every night is quiet, she wears headphones alone, sometimes opens the book, and sometimes picks up the pen. Work tired, study hard, can't help, open the diary and see this sentence.
  Late at night is always with loneliness. It’s coming late at night, lonely, but the self under the light is always so strong .
  Once, Xiao Fan’s earphones suddenly popped up the “Father” of the chopsticks brother, and instantly, they shed tears. She picked up the phone, shook her hand, and dialed the landline in the distance. Father took the call and asked, what happened?
  She endured tears and said, nothing. Is my dog ​​okay?
  The father smiled and said that the dog is very good, how are you?
  She suddenly smiled, how did the dog compare with me?
  After a few words, she wants to hang up and continue working. The last sentence of my father said this: If you can’t stop, go home.
  She quickly hung up the phone and burst into tears. She knows that the home is her own harbor forever.
  A year later, she became the team leader of the company and doubled her salary. When the leader raised her, she simply said one reason: her progress is very fast.
  But only she knows that the sweat and tears behind her are nothing but hope for her youth and her conscience.
  I remembered that I left home for the first time, ten years ago.
  In the first year of leaving home, life has ruined me to fragmentation. I underestimated the cruelty of life and overestimated my tenacity. I called my father and said, I can't stop it.
  My father simply returned to me: What can I do?
  Gradually, I understand that you have grown up, even if you are a father, you will not pick you up on the ground like you did in childhood. Because, many times, he can't see where you are crying.
  Later, I understood that people will grow up, people will always leave home, crying can not solve the problem, even if you cry, don't stop running.
  You have to run, work hard, fly, and break into a butterfly. After running and crying, that is the style that the hero should have.
  After the Spring Festival, many people will leave home. I know that there will still be people crying late at night. Every time I want to give them the words that my father said: What can I do?
  Remember, crying and running continues.
  In the new year, please don't stop moving forward. I know that it is very tired and bitter when running, so why bother to run? Because you only have to run through, you can feel the coolness of rest; just as you can only learn the bitterness of learning, you can appreciate the sweetness of life.
  May the new year, you can get better from home.