I used to post on this post, I have seen such a post:
  "32 years old, his own deposit is 0, it really is almost suicide."
  Netizens said that they are 32 years old, but they still have nothing. They used to think that when they were 30 years old, they would have a promising future, but when they were 30 years old, they found that the future was bright.
  In terms of knowing, if you search for "30 years old", you will have a lot of questions about anxiety 30 years old.
  "How many deposits does a 30-year-old man have to be normal?"
  "Is the girl who is not married at 30 years old a monster?"
  “Is my boyfriend 30 years old and has no grades, is it worth living with him?”
  “When women are 30 years old, they start to lose money?”
  "What if a 30-year-old man has nothing?"
  Asked a circle of colleagues around the 90s, both men and women, think that 30 years old have a little achievement, I feel that if you are 30 years old, then this life is really finished.
  Confucius mentioned in the Analects that "the thirty is standing," and the "right" in the original meaning is the consciousness of self-personal independence.
  But now, thirty, has evolved into a benchmark for measuring a person's success – whether there is a car, a house, a marriage, or no money.
  Therefore, nowadays, young people are particularly scared by 30 years old. When they are afraid of 30 years old, they cannot be satisfied with themselves, their parents and the society.
  For women, when they are over 30 years old, the only thing that can best beat them is marriage.
  Colleague Xiaorui, before the age of 30, was not in a hurry about his emotional problems. Even if there were a few good boys around, he never thought about developing.
  When someone else reminded me, they said that they were still young, not in a hurry or in a hurry.
  Who knows, just after her 30th birthday, she panicked. Every day after work, she rushed to the bathroom to make up her makeup. At night, she went to blind date. At the most exaggerated time, she saw 25 men in a row.
  No one urged her now. Instead, she constantly urged people to introduce her to her. She said that she must marry herself at the age of 30, or she would become a grown-up woman.
  In order to be able to marry himself, Xiaorui's request for the other half has dropped and then dropped directly. Now, as long as it is a man, as long as she can marry her in 2019.
  As a result, every time I listened to this request, the normal man was scared away, and the rest were eager to get married, trying to find someone who would make a living.
  Perhaps, this year, Xiaorui can marry herself as she wished, but she can live happily in the future.
  After all, happy marriages are based on mutual appreciation, love, and understanding, and have little to do with age.
  In the TED speech, Mihir once said a phenomenon. She said that many people are like this now. They are not in a hurry when they are young. As a result, they start to panic when they are 30 to 30 years old, just like playing a stool game. When the whistle sounded, I immediately grabbed the nearest stool and didn't care whether the stool was what I wanted or liked.
  If a person is too obsessed with the age of 30, then the result is to grab a stool and grab it. In the end, it is not a responsible attitude for his own life, but just punch the card on time.
  For men, when you are over 30 years old, the only thing that can best beat them is achievement.
  The more a man is near 30, the more he has an achievement anxiety, for fear that he will be far away from his peers.
  Before, there was a reader who wrote a message in the background. At the age of 28, he heard from a friend that if a man does not have 1 million in his 30s, there is no difference with castration.
  But at that time, his personal deposits were less than 2,000. Even if he didn't eat or drink every day, he couldn't get 998,000 in two years!
  So, he began to frantically find a way to make money, after looking for two days and two nights, he found that the gambling ball is quite reliable, as long as the principal is large enough to definitely return.
  From the beginning, he used his savings, cash credits later, and finally the online loan sharks. He went farther and farther on the road of gambling.
  In just one year, instead of earning 500,000 yuan, I owe almost 1.6 million usury loans. The phone calls of people around me have been beaten up by the dunning company. The former friends have been hiding far away, for fear of him. Will find them to borrow money.
  In fact, if he was not in a hurry and could work hard and make money, he would definitely be able to save 1 million before the age of 35.
  According to statistics, the average age of recent graduates is 23 years old. In the five years before work, their average income is only 8,000 yuan. If you don't eat or drink, you can only earn 670,000 yuan at the age of 30, which is still worse than 1 million. A lot.
  But if you open up the reality and oppress the young people with the ideal requirements, the final result is not the greater the pressure and the more power, but the fatal mistakes that continue to occur under such high pressure.
  In psychology, there is a law called "Yekies Dodson's Law."
  What is said is that when people work under high pressure, the work level of people will decrease with the increase of pressure. In other words, the higher the external requirements, the worse the effect will be.
  When people are young, what they need most is not such an unachievable goal, but an ideal that can be reached by tiptoe. If you want to stand up for your own economy, it is often counterproductive.
  When I was 30 years old, the most common sentence I heard was: "If you are all 30 years old, can you be realistic?"
  For a person, 30 years old is an age that cannot be dreamed. At the age of 30, you have to be down-to-earth and take on the responsibility of a middle-aged person.
  The former was a medical student. At the age of 28, he gave up his dream of being a surgeon .
  The reason is very simple. He graduated from the 28-year-old graduate school. He can't go to the hospital to be a doctor. He either works hard, or after 1-3 years of resident training. When he is 30, his career has just begun. .
  Look at his classmates, they have accumulated four years of work, have achieved little success in their own industry, earn more money than him, and rise faster than him in the future.
  "The cost of dreams is too great, I can't afford it."
  Now, the seniors have been switching for many years, and the money earned is enough for him to feed a family, but every time he passes through the hospital, he can't help but look at it a few times. After all, it can carry his long-cherished dreams.
  Sometimes, others advised him not to take a test of Bo, and to go back to the original line, he sighed. "The man who is almost 35, can still do unrealistic dreams."
  What age should be done, it seems to be the only way for a person to grow up.
  But this is just to kidnap yourself with age and force yourself to keep up with the rhythm of peers, but no one has the same rhythm. If you use other people’s standards to ask yourself, the result is that you never live. Life.
  I really like the words that Zhang Aijia once said. I am only 64. I ran and the road was still long.
  Age is only a time when human cells grow up. It can't be the reason for self-limitation. If you want to compromise your age and give up your love, the final result is that you have wronged yourself in order to block the eyes of the visitors.
  Last year, in a career show "Hello! In the interviewer, there is a job seeker who was rejected by the applicant because he was not given a person at the age of 30.
  Her reason is that they are all 30-year-old grandfathers, and they are also asking for such a casual attitude. It is simply not a responsible attitude.
  Because of this, it caused a dispute between the guests on the stage.
  Writer Liu Tong believes that "Thirty people stand up and really hurt a lot of Chinese men."
  At one time, Liu Tong was also the victim of the concept of "Thirty Stands." At the age of 28, he was once on the verge of collapse, because at that time, all deposits were only 17,000 yuan, which did not reach a man's status.
  I very much agree with Liu Tong’s point of view that the Chinese are really miserable by the “Thirty Stands”.
  Everyone's life can't be achieved according to the ideal schedule, and different time nodes can achieve different life goals.
  Compared with the past, modern people step by step, 18 years old to college, 22 years old university graduate, if the last graduate student, a doctoral degree is even older; for a person who struggles only a few years, think about it At the age of 30, I can have a car with a wife. If I don’t rely on my parents, it’s hard to get to the sky.
  Many people don't know that there is another sentence behind the "Thirty Stands": "I don't know how to be polite, I don't have to stand."
  In short, the thirty-story, in fact, is "thirty and ceremonial", which is not something we often have in the room and have a car.
  The true thirty is not related to money, power, name, and profit, but as a mature person, can you treat yourself with the most sincere attitude and treat life.
  Just like Wang Xiaobo said in "Thirty Years": "I will do everything in good faith in the future. I want to think like Descartes and attack the windmill like Don Quixote. Whether writing poetry or making love, Great sincere completion. Right in front of Rhode Island, I am jumping here - I don't do anything like this, this is the existence itself."
  In fact, behind the thirty, it is still people's anxiety about age, for fear that they will be left behind by their peers.
  If life is a marathon, the most important thing is not that you can run the first few, but in the whole process of running, are you happy?
  Everyone who does not care about the "Thirty Stands" will not easily give the choice of life to the age. On the contrary, they must firmly grasp the initiative.
  For example, Wang Deshun, who has been a mime actor for most of his life, has been obscured until he was famous in his 70s. It is because of his fear of age that he can live a life of several generations;
  For example, Grandma Moses, who started painting at the age of 70, went to the exhibition at the age of 90. Because she was not kidnapped by age, she could make life never too late;
  For example, the 84-year-old grandmother, along with her son, rode a motorcycle to the Sichuan-Tibet line. Because she was not led by the age, she lived in the drizzle and walked over the mouth of more than 4,000 meters. It was not high enough.
  Everyone has their own time zone. Some people graduate early, and they become the winners of life as soon as they are on the wind; some people have to go to school for a long time and have to settle for decades.
  Don't stand because of the 30, just rush to press the fast forward button for your life, don't look too heavy, otherwise it will look too light.