Yesterday, I found a very interesting phenomenon on the high-speed rail.
  Regardless of men, women and children, many people are shivering, each one is laughing and laughing, and from time to time to the next person, make everyone laugh.
  This reminds me of my elementary school classmate A Cheng. He especially likes to brush the sound, just brush it whenever he has time, secretly brush when he goes to work, brush when he gets off work, and brush while drinking.
  Others asked him how he liked to vibrate. He said that life is too fucking, and only vibrating can make people happy.
  After being addicted to the vibrato, Ah Cheng was really happy. He could always see him smirking, but he also gave up his work.
  Because he brushed his voice during work hours and was caught by the boss, he was directly cut.
  As a result, Ah Cheng was good, not only did not unload the vibrato before the pain was changed, but it was even more powerful, and it was brushed all over several times.
  The girlfriend advised him not to listen, but also asked people to ask too much, saying that they are only relieving pressure.
  Indeed, the vibrato can be happy for the Chinese, and the laughter is dense enough. In a few seconds, people can laugh and laugh. After a few hours of urinating, they have already laughed a few times.
  However, can the brushing sound really decompress happiness? I am afraid this is just an idiotic dream!
  The more happy things, the more vigilant
  I know there is a question: What young people can't touch?
  There is a great answer: something that can get short-term pleasure.
  Psychologist Adam Alte found that there is one thing like drugs, and being indifferent can make people addicted and difficult to quit.
  They are all entertainment products - games, gossip, live broadcasts, and more.
  Behind these products are powerful professional teams who will design a ring-and-loop product based on the psychology of the public. It will continue to stimulate your nerves and make you feel happy and unable to stop.
  The sole purpose of these products is to make money.
  Like Acheng, he is accustomed to this low-cost, high-reward stimuli, and it is difficult to do some "boring" things, such as: work, study , exercise.
  In "Beautiful New World", I have described such a future:
  In order to comfort the citizens, the government used a drug called "ramie" to make ordinary people feel happy.
  If there is any large-scale commotion, there is no need to worry. Just use ramie as a vapor absorbing agent, and people will soon become swaying and have no time to do anything else.
  "One gram of nettle, melancholy!"
  Because of the nettle, everyone is too lazy to progress, too lazy to think, too lazy to take a good look at the scenery of nature.
  How terrible, even if there is no nettle now, the way of vibrating, fast-handed, games and so on has become the same as nettle.
  You only need to turn on the phone, you can see the needle and suck it, so that you can cool yourself.
  It’s true that it’s cool, but you don’t know what it’s like.
  It will make your happiness threshold higher, you can't get used to it for a long time, in exchange for some happiness.
  In addition to these "electronic drugs" that make you cool, you can't be happy with other things.
  It's like those who rely on drugs to escape life, without any difference.
  The way to seek happiness is pulling the gap in the class
  Happiness is the pursuit of mankind, but the way to pursue happiness is an important reason for opening the gap between people.
  Sociologist Barbara, after eight years of undercover, found that the more people at the bottom, the more they would seek happiness in a consumption-like way, such as soap operas, drugs, and video games.
  The higher the level of people, the more they will seek happiness in a complementary way, such as running, reading, and learning.
  In the BBC documentary "56ups", it took 56 years to follow the film, and came to a very cruel conclusion - the elite child will become the elite, the bottom child is still at the bottom.
  Unless the underlying children are as good as the elite children, they are always happy to read and study, rather than waste time and energy.
  Whether it is vibrato or games, there are all kinds of entertainments on the market that make you cool and make you happy. It is accelerating the solidification between classes.
  You have spent a year and a year in the haha, and the elites have achieved breakthroughs and reached the peak of their lives.
  The gap between people is being opened here.
  The unhappiness of the Chinese people stems from the life you live in.
  Why, can the vibrato sound quickly rise in China?
  I very much agree with the writer Kitano because the Chinese are too unhappy.
  Hadron is the one I have ever met, the most qualified to be unhappy, the most qualified to rely on brushing the sound of the day.
  Hadron is a car mechanic who drills under the car every day and makes the whole body black and greasy.
  Originally relying on hardworking hands, the days have been good, bought a car, bought a house.
  When everything was getting better, Hadron’s daughter detected leukemia. In order to cure her daughter, Hadron’s family was hollowed out and owed a lot of money.
  As the pillar of the family, the burden on the hadron is really big. If he is addicted to the vibrato and frowns every day, no one will blame him.
  But the hadron does not, every day is happy, and often say some funny paragraphs.
  When someone asked him, how could it be so hard, and still so happy? Hadron said with a smile, "Happy to find yourself, the more you are sad."
  "New Weekly" has done a survey and found that the Chinese people are most lacking in happiness. In the 80s of the mainstay, those who feel happy have only a pitiful 0.91%.
  As Bai Yansong said: "Now, the Chinese seem to be always unhappy.
  Students complained about many homework; white-collar workers complained about tired work; women complained about household chores; officials complained about more entertainment; old people complained that their children didn't go home..."
  Indeed, life is not kind to anyone, it always thinks that the Fa Conference will marry you.
  If you are being killed, just brushing the sounds and holding the variety, you want to laugh through these difficult moments in the hahaha, and in the end you will find that the more you are sad.
  Life is not used for jealousy, life is used for it!
  When you use 熬 to define your life, I am sorry, how can you live happily?
  Life is not easy, don't live by inertia
  Some time ago, takeaway brother Lei Hai to explode a circle of friends.
  In the third season of "Chinese Poetry Conference", he defeated the Peking University Masters to win the championship.
  The opponent commented that he was like a sweeping man in the "Dragon", and as soon as he shot, he could shock the whole river.
  Before he became famous, Lei Hai was a takeaway brother. It looked like no difference with the little brother he met on weekdays. He was riding a food delivery car, coming in the rain, making some hard money in the big city. .
  Unlike other takeaway brothers, Lei Hai likes ancient poetry . Every day when he waits for a meal, on the way to a meal, when he waits for a red light, he sees the poems.
  After work, other colleagues are lying on the bed to play mobile phones, only Lei Hai read a poem for a person.
  Because he feels that this is helpless life.
  In the absence of fame, a lot of people think that Lehigh is blind is not happy to find a food delivery, back so many poems word what's the use?
  In fact, many people are like Lei Hai as the people around them, and they live by inertia every day.
  I ate almost the same food, did almost the same job, lived a similar life, and didn't feel a bit stunned.
  Many people are unhappy because they are repeating their lives yesterday and relying on inertia to live.
  Some psychologists have found that children can have more happiness because they live differently every day.
  They are always willing to explore some unknowns and find happiness in the ever-expanding comfort circle.
  Adults are different. Adults are more accustomed to living in a comfortable circle and can make a year a day.
  If an adult wants to have more happiness with a child, then he has the courage to dare to get out of the comfort zone and have the determination to live without inertia.
  Perhaps, it is forcing himself to climb out of the warm bed and go to the deserted street for 10 kilometers, but when running, the dopamine brought to you by the sport is far longer than the game and the vibrato;
  Perhaps, it is forcing yourself to unload the live broadcast, eat chicken, and go to a big head, but when you finish reading, you will find that this sober happiness is a live broadcast, eating chicken can never give.
  If you want to be happy, you will please yourself first.
  To please yourself, this is the best use of the WeChat community.
  The person who sells food says that eating delicious food is just pleasing yourself;
  Selling clothes says that wearing a beautiful new dress is to please yourself;
  Selling cosmetics, the lipstick with the latest color is to please yourself...
  Everyone knows to please themselves. Some people are more pleasing and more excellent. Some people are more pleasing and more depraved.
  Different ways of pleasing will lead to a different life.
  In my opinion, if a person wants to be more pleasing and more excellent, then his way of pleasing must be carried out according to at least these three principles.
  Principle 1: Try to add fun
  Interest is not high or low, but there must be two ways to supplement and consume.
  Complementary fun, it may be just a trifle, but every time you do it, your heart will be more and more enjoyable, this kind of pleasure can maintain your happiness all day long.
  After starting to write, Haruki Murakami fell in love with running, from the beginning of the asthma, to the final super marathon, running to benefit him.
  First, the thin stomach, and later the sober mind, and then the continuous inspiration.
  This is a supplementary interest, and the benefits it brings are definitely not just "hahahaha".
  Principle 2: Do not follow instinct
  The more instinctual people live, the easier they are to be satisfied, because their threshold for happiness is too low, often at a glance.
  The more people like this, the more they like to pursue the pleasure of the senses. It may be a junk food with heavy oil and heavy salt. It may be a bare porn video, and it may be a drug that takes a sip.
  Obeying the instinctive interest is often to satisfy the animal nature.
  When you continue to feed your animal nature, the result is often that the animal nature will expand to the point where it can't be controlled.
  Principle 3: Don't think once and for all
  Happiness = reality - expectation
  The more cruel the reality, the higher the expectations, the easier it is for people to feel pain.
  Just like people who buy lottery lottery, the higher the expectation, the lower the excitement of the prize.
  If you put your bad life on an interest, then you will easily lose because of the high expectations.
  So, before choosing any kind of interest, please don't be too fanciful about it.
  Time never lie, where is your time spent, and what kind of person you will become.
  When you squander your life in a shallow level of happiness , you end up with only a brief excitement and a long emptiness;
  When you are charging your life in deep happiness, you end up with long-lasting happiness.
  Don't hope for happiness to others. When you expect to vibrate to give you happiness, you are not far from being abolished.