Take an interview about my life in New Zealand.
  "I live in a city with a population of 150,000. I live in a lover and a vegetable field. Besides reading and writing, I have no other hobbies. The days are flat and I spend 365 days in this way."
  The interviewer asked me why I chose this kind of life?
  I said that this life gives me the opportunity to be alone.
  Why do you need loneliness?
  "Because loneliness forced me to be excellent."
  Sometimes I went back to China for more than 20 days, plating a plate of the excitement of going east, and then returning to New Zealand, I couldn’t wait to start living alone.
  Remove the bustling coat, return to the basics of life, and regain control of time. In a clean little town, I am alone for eight hours a day, one hour for running, two hours for reading, five hours for writing, and the rest of the time to enjoy the rice and oil with my lover, to maintain the simple social interaction between the two confidants, the days do not have to be very hard Can live with peace of mind.
  I have been working hard to copy the lifestyle of Haruki Murakami . "Get up at 4 in the morning to start writing, eat breakfast at 7 o'clock, then go for a run of 10 km, do translations in the afternoon, listen to music at night, drink some wine, less than 9 o'clock. Go to bed."
  You don't have to wait for someone's participation to start a thing, you don't need to be accompanied to go on, and loneliness gives you the power. The days become pure and singular, and the chapters that make you feel good, can make life more organized and give People make steady progress.
  Loneliness looks sad, but people take the initiative to grasp the rhythm of life. Being alone is boring, but it is a good ability.
  Growth is the process of gradually getting rid of dependence. Being alone makes a person strong , recognizes himself, shapes the present, talks with himself, and draws deep thoughts.
  Loneliness makes one person excellent.
  Zhou Guoping wrote in "Independence is a kind of ability".
  "People have three states in loneliness. One is uneasiness, there is no clue, the Pepsi is unintentional, and one heart escapes from loneliness. The second is gradually getting used to loneliness, calming down, establishing the rules of life, using reading, writing or other affairs. Deportation of loneliness. Third, loneliness itself becomes a poetic soil, an opportunity for creation that induces deep thinking and experience about existence, life , and self."
  This is also the three realms. Lonely people first fear loneliness, then enjoy loneliness, and finally need loneliness.
  Just living alone seven years ago, at the age of twenty, was placed in a strange country, eager to start a new life, yearning for all the excitement, but not being accepted by many people. The landscape that I can't see, the friend who can't talk about it, the program that I can't afford it... I was forced to retreat to a corner of life as I was punished by God.
  I was there to live a life that I couldn't share with people, watch anime, brush my phone, look at the ceiling in bed, and try to spend this long time in all the way. The more lively outside, the more I resist loneliness, the loneliness is the silent night, the dripping clock, the depression of inner fermentation. I am afraid of being alone, I ask myself, what is more terrible than the loneliness of youth?
  Reading Liu Yu’s loneliness, “Adapting to loneliness is like adapting to a disability.”
  Loneliness needs to be adapted, just like deep wounds can also scar. Loneliness makes people accept the status quo and get used to getting along with themselves. I still eat alone, go to work alone, go to the supermarket alone, I no longer pity myself, I begin to understand why I am lonely.
  I began to understand that people-to-people communication needs to be based on "understanding." I began to understand that people's longing for excitement requires foundation and confidence. I began to understand that there are some things that don't require people to walk in, and some things can't be with people. I accepted loneliness, and loneliness accepted me.
  I was finally able to read Schopenhauer’s “either alone or vulgar”, which is already twenty-five years old.
  Be able to be alone, and try to fight for loneliness from yourself. Use these time to build the lines of life, formulate short-term plans for people to grow, focus on self-growth, streamline the circle of communication, and be attracted only by people and things with positive energy.
  Loneliness is the process of exercising the mind. A person becomes mature, strong, clear, and finds the rhythm of growth in loneliness, and I find that most of the things that can make people excellent can only be done by themselves, such as reading, such as sports, such as Writing, such as thinking... loneliness gives me value, I cherish loneliness.
  Everyone who eventually falls in love with solitude will experience these three realms. The first realm makes people struggle with loneliness and has the courage to be alone. The second realm makes people accustomed to loneliness, stripping away their dependence on others and finding their own source of power. The third realm is clear to people. Loneliness is a standard, a standard that is higher than the drift.
  A person who yearns for loneliness must want to be a better self. A person who can make good use of loneliness can certainly gain a lot of value in being alone. The ability to be alone can be cultivated at any age, but as you get older, it gets harder.
  Many people have a lot of time when they are young, but they don't understand the beauty of loneliness. When they go old, they miss loneliness but they are less and less dependent on themselves. When you are young, you will have the courage to face loneliness and cultivate the ability to be alone, so that you can become good as soon as possible.
  I have been poked at the bottom of such a sentence . "Not a good person is destined to be alone, but a lonely person can only be excellent. Good loneliness can make you reborn and laugh at a long road to life."
  Life is only a few dozen years old. I hope that you can learn to get along with yourself. You don’t have to go to the excitement to define yourself. Keep your ability to be alone. Always be alone and excellent. Your inner richness will eventually come. Have a flashy hustle and bustle.