A few days ago, friend Lin Fei asked me to chat on WeChat.
  She sent a photo of the salary bar and was particularly excited to say:
  "Can you imagine how much I am paying now? I was so angry that I was shaking."
  I carefully magnified the photo and saw the column of paid wages, which was written: 2530.5 yuan.
  Lin Fei resigned from her hometown in Shanghai. She graduated from 985 university and her monthly salary is 10,000.
  Even in the eyes of outsiders, this job is fascinating, but it is useless in the eyes of parents in the hometown.
  They always called Lin Fei: "It’s too hard for a girl to work hard outside. It’s better to come back early and find a stable job."
  He also said that some elders in the family have already taken care of the relationship and arranged a position in the state-owned enterprise.
  Lin Fei was shaken. After all, she was also fed up with the crowded subway, high-intensity work, and wandering life.
  So, she resigned her home and now receives a stable salary of 2,500 yuan.
  She regretted not saying that she saw her future life:
  Every day in the unit, doing nothing, eating and waiting to die;
  Find a similar honest man to marry, and have a child in the same age;
  The belly gradually filled with fat, and the face gradually covered with wrinkles...
  Lin Fei’s experience made me feel awkward: all the good roads are downhill.
  If a person always lowers the standard and pursues ease, life can only go beyond the lower limit.
  The low allocation is making young people more and more mediocre.
  On the subway, the couple who heard the appearance of two college students chatted without a ride.
  "when did you sleep lastnight?"
  "2 o'clock. I swayed in bed and brushed the sound. I didn't pay attention to the time. I actually brushed it for 3 hours."
  "I only slept at about 2 o'clock. I teamed up with my roommate to eat chicken."
  The boys yawned, and the obvious bags under the eyes and dark circles exposed the fact that he slept late.
  The girls are also languidly leaning against the handrails, staring bored at the phone screen.
  Contemporary young people may have long been accustomed to a low-key life:
  Brush the sense of existence in the WeChat movement, find love in online novels, and achieve the glory of the king in the game;
  The face is sallowly facing the cold screen of the mobile phone and the computer, day after day, in the vibrato, the life is lost;
  The network segment is coming, and the name of the network red is like a few treasures, but I forgot how long I have not seen a classic movie or a paper book.
  Anxious about the status quo, but refused to step out of the comfort zone, no courage to change themselves;
  Everything is three minutes hot, and it’s all day long;
  Always set limits and kill your potential.
  This kind of you, in the virtual world is a beautiful, real life is a feather.
  Writer Li Shanglong said: "Like a person who sleeps at home every day, I never know that people on the treadmill have another kind of happiness."
  People who indulge in virtual pleasure and live alive every day, never know how happy it is to do their best in study and work.
  Do you have the best to go to a high-quality life, how cool?
  The 34-year-old Ronaldo recently sent a very cute video on the ins.
  He wore a white T-shirt and sweatpants, danced while running, and showed off his fitness routine.
  The years seem to have left no trace on his body. His body is more like 24 years old and his body fat rate is less than 7%.
  In order to maintain a high level of state for a long time, Ronaldo in life is extremely self-disciplined.
  He maintains 4 hours of intense training every 3 days a week, training always comes in advance, leaving at the latest;
  Sleeping before 11pm every night, at least 10 hours of sleep at night, refusing to sleep late and nightclubs;
  Strictly controlled diet, the food is low in sugar, low in fat, eat white boiled chicken all year round, and almost no drinking.
  The desire to control, strong-willed, adhere to the tireless, these qualities helped him to become top players.
  In contrast, how young people are used to low-allocation, look at the younger generation of football players will know.
  There have been media ridicule the national football body like a white chicken, the stomach is full of fat, no training traces.
  Something has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet before: after the national football team raided overseas, the diet during the dinner was exposed.
  Not only high-calorie hot pot, but also beer, cola, red wine...
  These players are known as athletes' killers, and our team members are enjoying themselves.
  The lack of self-discipline in the diet and the slack in training make them unable to have the muscles and super physical strength as Ronaldo.
  As a professional player, it is not just a career day, it is not just a career game.
  However, players who are used to low-allocations smoke, drink, tattoo, and do not control their diet.
  They hold a sky-high salary, but they don't have the same skills and achievements.
  Habits are low, and only people will become more and more distressed when they walk the road.
  I know that there is such a question: What happened to the first person in each dormitory?
  A. Zheng Lin answered the example of her roommate.
  “University roommates insist on getting up early, running, reading early, eating breakfast for four years, and giving the rest of our dormitory the front row.
  Self-control is super strong, and our entire professional people are sincerely admired, even the counselors know that she gets up early.
  Later, he entered the top 985 of the professional three from the postgraduate entrance examinations. Because of his outstanding performance, he was directly connected to the postgraduate school.
  During his doctoral period, he was married and married. Mr. is a doctoral brother. Both of them graduated from the same key university to teach and educate people and continue their research.
  Housing has also landed, and even future children can jump out of the pressure of the college entrance examination.
  Seen from the circle of friends, the two of them cherished each other, relying on their hard work in school, step by step to find their own Kang Zhuang Avenue.
  Both families are the most common rural areas. Both parties and parents in the engagement wedding photos are full of simplicity and happiness.
  It should be regarded as the most real and reliable person who has changed the fate. ”
  The upward path is actually not crowded. Crowding is because most people choose comfort.
  If a person always uses his own attitude to smother himself, he will only cross the lower match.
  On the other hand, if a person is always striving for excellence and life, he will eventually rewrite his destiny.
  I have seen such a passage:
  When you recite the words, Alaskan's squid is jumping out of the water.
  When you count mathematics, the seagulls on the other side of the Pacific Ocean flutter over the city.
  When you are studying at night, the night sky on the polar circle is full of colorful.
  But you don't worry about teenagers, when you work hard for your future:
  Those who you never feel will never see, those who you feel will not meet for life, are coming to you step by step.
  I can't imagine many wonderful things happening on this planet, so I worked hard.
  Habits and lows will only let you continue to live a life you don't want.
  And with all your strength, you can see a different world.
  mutual encouragement.