Over the years, I have been very concerned about sorting out the things around me, such as keeping the shoe rack clean or the bookshelf at all times. I am not clean, and I am not looking for anything, but deliberately. Because, knowing the difficulty of success , frustration always hides in the corners or flanks of the mirror.
  These seemingly inconspicuous daily details, be kind to it, can become sun or oxygen to nourish yourself, let the heart sink, slow down, calm down, keep yourself a perseverance, let persistence become a habit, unconsciously Go and insist on doing one thing.
  Aristotle said: It is our habit that has made us.
  Excellence is not an act, but a habit. Yes, only when persistence becomes a habit, persistence can become sneak, become ordinary, become natural, and thus can be applauded and blessed.
  Many people have said that I also think so: it is very important to do something, but it is impossible to do it by talent. Talent is the brocade in the clouds, the streamer shining on the water, although it can feel, but it is not really in your hands, stepping on the feet.
  It is like your exhalation or inhalation, it is yours, not yours. It is slimmer than the swept moth and more sensitive than the new one's eyes. It is rushing and thin, and consumption or idleness is a prelude to destruction, and the cold is speechless.
  When you think of it, it may have flowed away with time, like a woman's beautiful eyelashes, and the autumn screams can't contain any tears.
  Remember, when you find a certain talent, please keep an eye on it, just like staring at your life , then looking for it in the direction of its coming, with crazy persistence, hysterical persistence, breaking the insistence of the casserole until the end, until It can't escape and crash into your arms.
  You don't have to be slow to progress, and you don't have to go to extremes. When our eyes are naked, when the skin is bronze and the back is heavy, when our fate is clean, please believe that all this is not bitter, but "not to Jiangnan first smile."
  What is persistence? Two words: one "diligence" and one "bearing".
  Speaking of diligent words, perhaps the first thing that makes people think of "diligence can make up" is the simple and idiom with a little praise. I want to say that this is a lie. Qin is to fill the sky, not to make up.
  Let the diligence to make up, it is tantamount to which pot does not open the pot, let yourself murder yourself. I can't imagine that if Chen Jingrun worked hard to make a football game on the pitch, Bolt went to edit computer programming, Wu Qingyuan went to study astronomy, Clinton went to save the wounded and injured... This world will become what it looks like.
  If people can't follow the rules of nature, the more they persist, the more self-inflicted, the self-depletion, and finally the success is Fan Jinzhong's success.
  However, our education system advocates “diligence to make up for the shackles” and pursues “all-round development”. The English of Chinese medicine practitioners cannot be graduated. The engineers cannot remember the inability to pursue further studies. The art of learning should be followed by Newton's theorem. Hey, mourn! Comprehensive is actually the biggest one-sided.
  The dictionary burns, the philosophy is crying, only stupidity and jealousy laugh in the dark. I thought that the reward of heaven and earth is the first in the sky. The word "day" here means both the blue sky and the talent of the individual.
  Everyone has his own talents, planting his career on the soil of his own talents, doing what he is good at, supplemented by hard work, hard watering it, helping the heavens, helping the land, helping others, and smoothing the rain. The rain was fine, and the seeds buried were smiling.
  Then say the word "forbearance". People are most afraid of tolerance, Kafka said: Human beings have been driven out of paradise because they have no patience. Because they have no patience, they can never return to heaven.
  A person is just a grass that can think about it. It is weak, small and hooligans in our blood, in the bones, thirsty to drink water, hungry to eat, cold to add clothes to warm, hot to cool down. How can such a delicate and soft life suffer from suffering in the word forever?
  Perseverance in patience, like an ant on a hot pot, just wants to escape, can't do anything. But no one reading person will take the sin of reading every day, just as no morning runner will suffer for getting up early every day, because of the habit.
  The habit is to do things in the way of life, content, and habits. Like the wind disappearing into the wind, it is the meaning of the unity of nature and man, and the road has no trace. Therefore, the best way to write the word "forbearance" is to develop a habit and let the habits erase the word.
  Life is too short, the road is long and long, the road is big and bad, the opportunities and challenges are side by side, the temptation and the trap are the same, you have to be inferior, you must be more confident ; you have to know each other, you have to know yourself; you have to work hard, but also Follow the rules of heaven.
  Talent is God's will, to be obsessed with God's will, don't let the diligence to make up. There is only one road to Rome, and one more is astray.