The cousin is the object of envy.
  She lived nine to five days, went to work on time to punch cards, went home from work on time, and lived without worry.
  At leisure, she was at home, and she was at home in an episode, chasing a hot drama and spending her free time.
  Every weekend, cousin is more leisurely, shopping, singing and eating, her circle of friends is occupied by the life show.
  The friends around me are full of cousin, thinking that she lived a life that everyone yearns for.
  Once, I said to my cousin, see how happy you are, how to live a beautiful life, don't have to work hard for life, and don't have to worry about your work.
  The cousin said: "You all think that I am carefree, but this kind of life in peace, do you know how boring?"
  I asked: "Is your friend's circle in the air, isn't that your life fun?"
  The cousin nodded silently. "Because my heart is bored, I will use my entertainment to kill time. It seems that this life is quite beautiful. In fact, I am not at all practical and I feel that life is not fulfilling."
  I listened awkwardly.
  The cousin continues to say:
  In fact, I am very envious of those who work hard in the circle of friends. They are exposed to the results obtained after hard work, the certificate of hard work after learning hard, and the joy of harvesting after hard work.
  These are the most precious things!
  I suddenly realized that this is the understanding of my cousin's hardships, and I can't help but sigh:
  I have never tasted the taste of struggle, how can I appreciate the preciousness of life.
  The most precious thing in the world is to have a happy life. Can be happy, where is it?
  Happiness is struggling.
  I remember that the university just graduated, and Xiao Lan, a classmate, went to Beijing to work hard.
  When she first arrived in a big city, she was a thin girl, dragging her huge suitcase and swaying several places to find a suitable place to rent.
  Settle in a good life, when faced with a strange and cold environment, she is full of fear and fear of the future. How many times in the middle of the night, she missed the parents who were thousands of miles away, and burst into tears.
  Two years before the work, in order to be proficient in the market business, she ran to the market for research on a daily basis and went home very late. Usually, she rarely participates in social entertainment, and only uses all her energy for learning .
  In her spare time, she taught herself advertising media. When others rested and entertained, she read and settled herself. In this kind of day, one insists on it for several years.
  After five years of work, she became the company's marketing director. The salary has been turned over several times, and colleagues have admired her.
  But she is not satisfied with the status quo, still working hard for her dreams . Using weekend time, she studied corporate management courses at her own expense and improved her management.
  After saving a lot of energy, she has the opportunity to go to a bigger platform.
  Xiaolan feels that it is this unrelenting struggle to make a wonderful life for himself.
  It is the constant transcendence of self, the inner strength becomes stronger, the confidence becomes more firm, and life is full of expectations.
  Struggling life must be brilliant, so we must work hard to fight hard.
  Nietzsche said: Every day that has never danced is a disappointment to life.
  I met a friend who studied art and insisted on studying painting from a young age . For decades, I finally got into an art school.
  His ideal is to hold a personal exhibition and become an excellent painter.
  For four years in college, he never slept a little late;
  In front of the easel, it is often a few hours of sitting, indulging in the landscape of the characters in the painting;
  He also often visits art galleries everywhere to see famous paintings;
  A person goes to the landscape with his drawing board...
  Graduated from college and joined the work. He still does not give up painting, and spends time every day polishing his work. He strives to be better and treats a painting with excellence.
  He took his own satisfactory paintings and went to the competition. The results were announced, he did not receive the award, and his heart could not help but be lost, but he was not discouraged and continued to concentrate on his creation.
  Until one day, his paintings can be discovered by an investor. Investors are willing to invest in him, creating an art training center under his name to help more art lovers improve their painting skills.
  Nowadays, the friend's art training center has won a good reputation, and there are many people who come to learn to paint.
  Although it has become a good painter, the dream of holding a personal art exhibition has not yet been realized. But friends in the art training industry have done a good job, which is also a reflection of the value of life.
  He believes that as long as we are still struggling, life is full of meaning.
  Although struggle does not guarantee that we achieve our ideals 100%, the struggle will definitely make us better ourselves.
  The wonderful things in life are not only the achievements, but also the process of struggle.
  There may be pain and disappointment along the way. But in the end, we will usher in hope.
  On the way to struggle, we can meet like-minded friends and gain a better self. Our lives are also rich in color because of our fulfilling life.
  Youth is not used to squander, but to fight.
  This era of rapid development is the best time for the strugglers. We need to be able to maintain our self-learning ability at all times, to run hard ahead, to cross the hills and gullies, and to harvest a more wonderful life.
  The taste of struggle, the bitterness of sweetness, the sweetness of music. This happy sweetness makes us feel good and has a good aftertaste.
  Young, we have to be brave to try and challenge ourselves. Struggling is the best gift for youth and the best gift for life.
  Only by taste the struggle, can you appreciate the preciousness of life.