There was a time when I was very emotional. I kept repeating a sentence in my heart :
  There is nothing to open the life, it is just that there are noble people to help.
  Then, after watching a few episodes of the night, I was suddenly poked by a barrage.
  This life has to be a singer, don’t worry about it!
  People in this life, can meet a few really help you, really not easy, so now, I never go for extravagance!
  If you are self-study, you will feel that if you can have someone to give you guidance and guidance, you can ask someone if you have problems, you will feel super happy!
  Yes, I am most afraid of meeting problems when I am self-study, because sometimes I can’t do anything, I can’t start. So, self-study will definitely take a lot of detours. This must be experienced, but in the end, you will harvest It is the ability to solve problems independently, and this ability is very important, it is a big difference between you and those training!
  So what should I do if I have problems when I am self-taught?
  When I first started, I encountered problems that I wouldn’t have. I was basically helpless. What I could think of was to ask others (what did you know when you started Google, StackOverflow), and later discovered that these problems were not around. A few can ask, what to do, the way to think of is to add a variety of technical exchange groups, remember to add a lot of exchange groups at the time, but every time you encounter problems, go to these so-called exchange groups to consult, usually no People bird you.
  Of course, occasionally you will meet a good-hearted person, come out to help you solve this problem, don't mention how happy you are, and suddenly feel that you are learning programming, but it is undeniable that, in most cases, no one is your bird.
  What to do, when the problem stops, it is a waste of time. I heard that there are some technical forums, you can go to the above question, then try it, and find that it is the same as asking in some groups. Stone sinks into the sea, or no one bird you.
  I don't understand, why is this, different from what I imagined, a simple question, how can anyone tell me?
  Later, a good-hearted person told me that if you encounter problems, you should not think about asking others at first. Instead, you must first try to solve the problem yourself. I said, I will not.
  Baidu, you will know!
  Ok, next time I have problems again, the first time I don’t ask others, first go to Baidu, but I will immediately encounter a new problem. This question is how Baidu, I don’t know why. Wrong, so for a long time, I am in this state:
  Encountered a bug, open Baidu...
  Then daze, I really don't know what to write in the search box!
  All the way to the present, I have just started, but when I have problems, my first thought is to ask for personal questions. At that time, it is very realistic that no one can ask, but now, I have a lot to do with me. The person who asked, the big factory, the senior, I have people to ask, but now, I rarely ask others (I didn’t say no, just because I follow a rule, I can’t ask if I can solve it myself.) other people).
  Why do I have a questionable person now, but I don’t ask much. First, I feel that time is really precious, so I can’t easily waste other people’s time. Second, I feel that I can solve it myself and solve it myself. After all, it is impossible for others to help you all the time, but you may always encounter problems, and it is most important to develop your own habits and abilities to solve problems.
  Of course, if you don't know what to do, or if you want to find a better solution, you can ask your predecessors. After that, send a red envelope and thank you!
  However, I think, you will definitely encounter a question sometimes asked, others are not willing to answer you, I think, there are two reasons:
  First: This is the question you asked. He doesn't know how. It is normal. After all, the technology is so much so wide, and who knows where you are pulling a wonderful bug, how do you let others answer you? Tens of thousands, and yours is wonderful, sometimes not normal!
  Second: just don't want to answer your questions, even if you know!
  Why is this? I used to wonder, these people are too loaded, asking a question is not a bird, I am a cow, but now I understand, including sometimes people ask me questions, I will ignore it directly, why is this?
  Then a screenshot was sent. At first glance, a red burst was the place where the program went wrong, and then it was not followed.
  Yes, send a screenshot directly, it is an error message, ask "Is this wrong?"
  "Help me adjust it."
  Generally, when I encounter this, I basically ignore it directly. I don’t have much leisure time to help you adjust the bug, and you don’t have to spend time to solve this problem. Just ask me directly. Of course, I am here too. Nothing is below.
  "Well? I have a problem. I checked it on the Internet. Some places don't understand. I tried to solve it. I still didn't make it. According to the information I checked , I found that it was probably the error here. I tried. This solved..."
  Then send me the error message.
  Generally, when I encounter this, I will help you to solve it, because at least you make me feel that you have worked hard beforehand and tried to solve it. It may be limited for some reasons or cannot be solved. Have the value to help you!
  Not let me feel that you are squeezing my time for no reason!
  Therefore, now that I have problems, I must first solve them myself. I can not bother others without bothering others. When you gradually feel that time is getting more and more precious, I believe that you will certainly do this unless you are a selfish person. If there are some problems that I have to ask others, I will generally be prepared for this problem, including spending time researching, finding some online solutions, having a little understanding of myself and then asking others. When I ask, try to The problem is clear, so that when someone answers you, you can straighten out the point, and you don’t understand what you want to ask. Moreover, because you have studied it beforehand and have your own understanding, you will not be able to tell others. I don’t understand it at all, it wastes both time!
  Of course, I believe that you will also meet those who are willing to help you. If you meet such a person, even if you help you once, remember that if you can return in the future, I will try my best to return. I have encountered it before I learned Android. A few seniors, they have helped me, although I rarely ask them questions now, but I still remember them, maybe I have forgotten some of them early, but I remember, I have been thinking about it, I can help them in the future!
  There is nothing to open the life, it is just that there are noble people to help.
  The premise is that you also deserve to be helped by others!
  For everyone, it is necessary to master an important ability, that is, self-learning ability. For each self-study person, one ability that must be mastered is the ability to solve problems by themselves!
  If you are not willing to work hard, how can you expect others to help you?