Recently, my girlfriend, Xiao Jia, was particularly short of money. Every time her salary was not paid for a few days, she began to borrow money to turn around.
  After asking several times, she told me that I had a little embarrassment to buy things some time ago. Now, every month I have to pay more than 4,000 installments.
  In fact, there are not many people like Xiao Jia. There are even paragraphs on the Internet that the greetings between people and people should be "Is the flower garden still?" "How much is there in the installment?" "Is there a balance in the white line?"
  Staged consumption is too common. More than 70% of young people in first- and second-tier cities have used staging.
  It’s easy to ease the economic pressure, and the poor can afford it.
  Even the latest iPhone, as long as 12 points, 895.74 yuan per month, an ordinary white-collar can also use Apple's top mobile phone.
  Even so, I still want to take a look at the stage today, let you take a look, this way that looks so convenient, actually hides mystery.
  For many people, staging does not allow them to use the inflation bonus to save a lot of money, but it is easy to become a pit.
  You have to believe how cool you are when you staging, and how salty you are when you repay.
  Saving money is nothing more than looking
  As long as you shop, the business is changing the pattern to encourage you to stage.
  When shopping, all kinds of advertisements with zero interest periods are constantly tempting you to buy and buy;
  When paying, the one-click button can be used as long as the amount is sufficient;
  After swiping the card, you will have a text message promptly, you can choose to quickly stage;
  When repaying, there are also options for billing instalments, telling you that you don’t have to work too hard...
  Such a big fan is to make money on you.
  Because, it seems that the staging of 0 interest is actually very expensive.
  Although, at the time of staging, financial institutions will emphasize that there is no interest, but he will still charge a fee, which is actually a disguised interest.
  Take the mobile phone mentioned above, in the official website, its price is 9999, if you are divided into 12, each month's repayment of 895.74, the total repayment amount is 10748.88, the handling fee is 749.88.
  According to the promotion of the instalment, the annual handling fee is only 7.5%, even if the interest rate is very low.
  But if you believe it, it is too naive.
  Because you are repaying every month, the arrears have been decreasing. In the last month, the principal was only 833.25 yuan, but the handling fee was calculated according to the arrears of 9999 yuan.
  In order to calculate its real interest rate, I specifically asked students who worked in the bank. The result was that the real monthly interest rate was 1.13%, and the real annual interest rate was 13.57%, which was close to 15%.
  You think that the staging is very cost-effective, and in fact, it is almost straightforward.
  Moreover, there are still many banks, even if you interrupt the installment, you want to pay off in one lump sum, the handling fee will still be collected, and there are many pennies.
  I have seen a set of data. With this phased business, a bank’s personal loan business reached 545.407 billion yuan in one year.
  Now you understand why these financial institutions have always changed the way you let the stage, not because the profit in the middle is very objective.
  Very simple! The bright side is to let you realize your dreams ahead of time , and secretly the salesman’s performance is guaranteed.
  Staging is good, but desire is hard to fill
  Perhaps, you will say that there is no interest, no commission, and it is to borrow money to give you flowers. Such an opportunity must not be missed.
  Even so, my attitude is still not determined!
  Because once you have tasted the sweetness of the staging, even if you have interest and handling fees in the future, you will still be divided.
  Economist Prelec found that people can experience strong "consumption happiness" when paying with credit.
  This kind of pleasure of buying and buying other people's money is easy to feel a pleasure.
  Although it will hurt when you repay, it is nothing compared to pleasure.
  Like all girls, Xiao Jia likes to buy some good things to treat himself.
  Because the salary is not high, in order to use her favorite things early, she began to use the staging. “To achieve your wishes ahead of time, the pressure can be shared, how good!”
  With only a little money, I can use the Dyson hair dryer, the lamer cream, and the ex-boyfriend mask. Soon, Xiao Jia is caught in the staging.
  At the beginning, she would still care about the handling fee. Later, she did not care about it. She felt that it would cost more money.
  The result has passed more than a year, and many good things have been shelved. The lady's skin care products that have been blown up on the Internet have not turned her into Lin Qingxia.
  There is a noun in psychology, called the ratchet effect, which means that people's desires will continue to expand. At first they only want a lipstick, and later they want the lipstick of the whole color.
  Many merchants are using this kind of psychology. First, you can use a 0-rate 0 fee to let you taste a sweet taste. When you want to stop, you will start to fish and get a fee.
  Do not think how strong your willpower is.
  Many times, we are just the little fish in the pond. They have already seen their companions because they have lost their lives for a while, but when the hooks are down, they will not bite them without hesitation.
  You are not only spending the money of tomorrow, but also breaking the road of tomorrow.
  Maybe you will say that the joy of life is buying and buying, then I also advise you not to rely on staging.
  On the post bar, I saw such a story:
  The netizens are ready to buy a house, the deposit is paid, and the contract is signed. As a result, the mortgage cannot be approved. Finally, the house was not bought, and tens of thousands of dollars were lost in vain.
  The reason for the bank’s refusal is that her credit is not good.
  Netizens are very depressed. Before they used to use credit cards, they would be instalment, but each time they repaid on time. How to collect credit is not good.
  As a result, she asked a professional to know that her credit was broken by her previous staging habits.
  The staging is actually a loan. If the borrowing institution is a formal bank or financial institution, the credit report will be reflected in the loan.
  But if you buy mobile phones, beauty, and English classes, then most of the debts you owe are some small private lending companies. They are not only high in interest, but also show small loans in credit letters, which is more than regular banks. It’s going to be a little bit more.
  Moreover, in many cases, each time an instalment is made, there will be a query record on the credit card.
  So, even if you are on time, for the auditors, he will think that you are so poor, even thousands of dollars can not afford to buy things, but also to be able to get it in order.
  Bad credit letters take 5 years to eliminate. The general mortgage is based on records within five years.
  Don't think that you don't buy a house in the future. It doesn't matter if you don't buy a letter. When you use the letter, it is too late to regret it.
  At that time, I could only find a small loan company with more people.
  Don't be confused by the outside world, it is time to flee
  Last year's double eleven, a new word "wrinkle" appeared on the Internet.
  It refers to some people who don’t have any money, but they are particularly daring to spend, and often they can spend a lot of money inexplicably.
  The reason why these people dare to spend so much, the main thing is that the whole society is advocating "buy and buy."
  "Package can cure all diseases, if a package is not cured, then buy two", "a quality life, this can be worthy of yourself", "a woman who does not apply lipstick, there is no future"...
  No money, as long as the little hand point, a few seconds account is more than a few thousand dollars; as long as the little hand point, and then expensive things, can also afford to install.
  In such an environment, young people buy peace of mind and owe it to a bright future.
  It is like a frog soaked in warm water. When the water temperature rises a little, they not only do not escape, but also enjoy the pleasure of warm water.
  I thought it was very comfortable, the actual crisis was heavy, and finally, I could only be cooked in happiness.
  In fact, people are like frogs. In a big environment, you won't be in danger. Just because you are in line with the public, you don't take risks at all.
  Just follow the people around you and live in self-sufficiency. If you don’t know how to escape, you will die.
  This is the status quo of young people nowadays. They are entangled in various stages of buying and buying, and are tempted by stages.
  But the more you are at such a moment, the more young people should stay awake, the more they should stay away from the thrill of being too easy to get.
  The so-called temptation is just magnified by you.
  There was a group of economists who conducted a follow-up survey of the poor in India for several years and found that the poorer the person, the easier it is to impulsive consumption.
  The reason is very simple, and the ones that are not available are always in turmoil.
  This is the case with human nature, which unconsciously magnifies the advantages of not getting things.
  Xiao Jia said that the first thing she bought in stages was a set of ladies skin care products, which cost more than 10,000.
  At that time, the major beauty bloggers were recommending this skin care product, saying that it is particularly good to use the skin, and people can be younger than 10 years old.
  After seeing such a recommendation, Xiao Jia was moved at the time, biting his teeth and bought a set, which was divided into 24 periods.
  Finally, she got the heart and mind, Xiao Jia was happy, but not long after, she found that the effect was very general, and did not improve her skin.
  It is not because of how good that thing is, it will make you feel in your heart; but because you are unconsciously exaggerating the happiness of having it when you are thinking about it, exaggerating its role.
  Just like your male/goddess, when you don't get it, you wear a filter to see each other and think that he/she is the best person in the world.
  As a result, when you have tried your best, you will find that they are just ordinary people. They will fight like the same, they will fart, and they will be constipated in the toilet.
  It is a good thing to pursue life, but you must not be enslaved by your own desires. In particular, when you zoom in on the temptation, you must keep a little calm and rational.
  Otherwise, you will find that the monster of desire is never satisfied. Before it, you are just a small slag, and you can't fill it with a bite.
  Everyone is carrying weight, but don't let yourself die
  I have known that I have seen such a warning that young people should understand that they are different from others.
  Maybe, your colleague and you both have a monthly salary of 8,000.
  But you can't look at colleagues to buy and buy, and you buy and buy with unscrupulous.
  Because each person has something different, maybe his girlfriend doesn't need him to buy a house; his parents have a pension and don't need him to support...
  And your girlfriend, not only the garage, but also a lot of money; your parents, lost a few years in the labor force, can only rely on you to feed.
  What one is most afraid of is not the burden, but the inability to recognize himself, blindly obedience, and finally being overwhelmed by the burden.
  Of course, it is not necessary to kill the staging one by one. As long as you are rational enough and the interest rate is appropriate, staging is also a way of allocating resources.
  But before the staging, please be sure to guarantee three points:
  1 Look at the interest rate of the split period, don't earn hard to earn money yourself, and make bonuses for others in vain;
  2 Be rational before buying, don't spend your credit limit as your own money;
  3 If it is necessary to stage, each institution's interest rate is different, and the interest rates of each period are also different.
  The staging is really cool, but this cool is only the shadow of the ground, it will never last long, sometimes only a cloud of darkness can disappear without a trace.
  If your short-lived youth is ruined by this illusory thing, I feel sorry for you.