Let me talk about the stories of two people around me.
  The first one is Xiaoqiu. He should be the person I have seen the most frequent job-hopping. In five years, I changed five companies. No job has been more than half a year.
  According to Xiaoqiu, the companies he encountered had problems, either the customer was difficult to serve, or the subordinate factories were not well-coordinated, or the company was struggling, and it seemed that every company could not place his talents and ambitions.
  Therefore, Xiaoqi came to a conclusion: the wrong line.
  Xiaoqi believes that the choice is wrong, so all efforts are in vain. However, he jumped around and never circumvented the industry he hated.
  The other is the same girl A Jiu.
  I once sent a job advertisement for a friend in a foreign trade position, and Ah Ji is eager to try.
  She first sent a message asking me how much money I could open for this position, and then asked about the treatment of the year-end.
  Ah Jiu himself is engaged in the service industry. She has never had any experience in foreign trade or business. I euphemistically reminded her that this kind of work is not the same as the industry she is currently engaged in and may not be suitable.
  Ah Jiu told me bluntly that it was just listening to people saying that the foreign trade industry was very popular, so she thought of changing careers. She said: "As long as the wages are affordable, I can eat anything."
  I am very helpless and have to respond to her clearly: Because this position often goes abroad to participate in the exhibition, so product knowledge and foreign language skills are the most basic requirements, with her qualifications, is not enough entry criteria.
  Why do you tell the story of these two people?
  Because we have just discussed a topic in our class group: which is more important to choose and work hard. Many students think that choice is more important than hard work. A good choice can save people a lot of effort.
  The words are correct, but I have always had a question in my heart: those who claim that "choice is more than hard", what choice do they rely on?
  Just like Xiaoqiu and Ajiu, in many cases, what we “want to do” is inconsistent with what we can do.
  I once envied those students who were engaged in emerging industries. They developed at a high speed several times, but when someone pulled me to start a business , I retreated: because I didn't know anything about the upcoming project.
  I once envied my colleague Ayuan to take orders independently early. When I learned how she came out, I couldn’t get a single order. Only then did I know that Ayuan University has been studying international trade for four years. After I returned to my post, I fumbled for years to master.
  We often do not think about whether we have the capital to make this choice when we envy others to make a correct choice. This is why many people who follow the trend or follow suit have finally become the cause of cannon fodder.
  Choice, by itself, is an ability that includes:
  First, there is a certain awareness of the future direction of choice.
  In other words, his vision and the amount of information available is sufficient to judge whether this choice is suitable for his long-term development.
  This kind of forward-looking cognitive ability is generally derived through in-depth study and a large number of comparative observations.
  Second, there is an accurate assessment of the match between your strength and choice.
  This means that his accumulation and growth rate can withstand his ambitions and have the ability to withstand risks.
  The only basis for this assessment is the income from past work.
  If you leave these two, then it is not a choice, called gambling.
  Through these two conditions, it can be found that the effort is not the comparison item of choice, it is the basic condition of choice.
  When we step into the society from the campus, those zero-start jobs will become our choice; when we have only one skill for us to survive, the work related to this skill is our choice.
  Those choices seem to be our initiative, but they are all tailored.
  Don't work hard, what choice do you take?
  Don't be too superstitious about the power of choice, because there is no choice to replace your own efforts.
  I am now a slash youth, working in foreign trade during the day and writing a manuscript at night.
  When I learned that I finally got the first book, some of my friends lamented: If you used the hard work in the factory for writing, you can't be a big writer!
  I am clear about what kind of choices can be made. After graduating, I tried to make a living by contributing, but it failed.
  It was because of the rich experience in the factory that I gained a new mindset; and the learning methods I accumulated at work also helped me quickly open the door to learning and writing.
  Therefore, I often tell people that it is not necessary to find the right direction, but to work hard, and then there will be direction.
  Yes, many choices can really change the direction of life, but most of these turnarounds are derived from past accumulations, which we created ourselves, not ordinary encounters.
  Too much to think, too little to control, this is a common problem for many people.
  What we can see is that a correct choice can make people struggle for many years; what they can't see is that this choice has made him use many struggles to pave the way.
  When there are not many choices in our lives, the only thing we can do is to do things right, learn more, observe more, and think more.
  Only by continuous improvement in our efforts will our vision be gradually expanded and our goals will become more and more precise. All future choices are rewards that have been won at the moment.
  When you greet the opportunity of choice, you will know that no sweat has been paid in the past.
  By then, you will understand that choice is not a thousand opportunities to fall from the sky, but a thousand ways to realize your dreams .