After the concept of "slash youth" fired up, many young people were trying to learn more skills, master some skills, and become talents that looked strong and reliable.
  What is a slash youth? Simply put, people who have multiple identities and do different things in different fields. For example, a young author, he is likely to have a number of labels, such as photographers, media operators, hand-painted people, and each label is a proof of ability, making people look dazzling and dazzling.
  There are many such people around me. They not only do their job well, but even the sideline is very good. Some people can even become big coffee in a certain field, and they can support themselves by operating the sideline.
  Daling's job is to work as an accountant in a company. Because she likes writing, she runs some self-media platforms and continues to publish articles on the platform. At first, Da Ling didn't have many readers. The amount of articles read was very poor, but she did not give up easily. Instead, she insisted on writing two thousand words every day and published articles on the Internet every day.
  In this effort and self-discipline, she quickly fired up with a literary essay that read more than 100,000. The platforms have reprinted her articles, and the number of fans has risen. She has tens of thousands of fans overnight. After that, Da Ling did not see it, but wrote it more seriously and continuously exported it. Now she runs more than 300,000 fans on the platform. The advertising fee she has earned from the media has already exceeded The wages of the business.
  Daling is not satisfied with writing a simple text. She has been in the workplace for many years and has a very rich experience in the workplace. Under the strong request of readers, she started an online course on workplace knowledge, not only earning money, but also Received the user's praise.
  Today, Da Ling is a veritable slash youth. She has three qualifications: professional accountant, self-media writer and workplace lecturer. Not only is it known and recognized by more people, but also more income than her own job. .
  Everyone appreciates and admires such slash youths. Sometimes I really want to master a lot of skills. I have mixed up in many fields and become experts and big coffee in the eyes of others.
  Ajin, a friend who wants to be a slash youth with multiple labels and powerful and powerful, has reported many classes and bought many online courses, such as Taekwondo, hand-painted, Japanese crash courses...
  Akin took office in a bank. He had a heavy workload. But he had to squeeze out his spare time to learn this skill. The knowledge and the schedule of the weekend were all arranged. Even the time for rest and entertainment is gone.
  After a few months, I saw Ajin again. After chatting with him, I found out that he didn’t really master any skills and didn’t become a slash youth. Instead, he lacked enough rest because of too many courses. His daily work is not worth the candle.
  Ajin was unhappy and sighed and said to me: "I am really full and ideal, and the reality is very skinny. I originally thought of mastering one skill and I could have one more way to survive. I didn't expect that I spent it. Money, time and energy, now Taekwondo is still not proficient, the level of hand-painting is just general, even the Japanese foundation has not been consolidated, I have seen a lot of online courses, they are forgotten after reading, and very little harvest... How difficult is it to become a slash youth?"
  I said: "In fact, you don't have to envy those slash youths. Love and interest are the biggest motivation for learning and seeking knowledge. You are too utilitarian and eager to seek success. Naturally, you will not really master the skills. In my opinion, you don't Be obsessed with the glamour of others, you must first do your own job, while focusing on the direction of interest, persist in learning, and practice carefully, so that you can really do one thing and truly master a skill."
  There are too many people in life who are eager to become slash youths, but the real slash youths are not all cities, but those who are good at something only in areas they like and are interested in. They will be in an industry. The talents and experts are not necessarily the all-powerful people who have everything.
  So, don't just focus on making a slash youth with a lot of labels. You have to be single-minded, don't waste time blindly, you have to work hard to become an expert in a certain field, not just doing anything but only knowing the ordinary. people. You are good enough if you are exceptional in one direction.
  Don't be too busy with chasing the so-called labels, and ignore the work in front of you, it will only be lost because of small losses.
  In addition to doing your own work, find your own direction, learn the skills of a field according to your own preferences, and do one thing seriously and conscientiously. When you really master a skill and become a leader in that field. You are naturally not far from the slash youth.