In memory, Grandpa is a person who loves to drink a little wine.
  When he came back from the farm work every day, he used the small hip flask of the narrow neck, poured two or two sorghum white wine, put it into the large enamel tank and hoted it with hot water, and then sat on the hot steamed buns.
  When the hot dish comes up, he picks up a glass of warm wine in the wine cellar, sip a sip of wine, and sip a bite. You don't have to go to the table, listening to the sound from the distance, the fragrance of the food and the happiness of the old man can kill the individual.
  At that time, the economic conditions were not very good. Although the food and clothing had been solved, most of the life of the villagers did not reach the level of eating and eating. Therefore, every year, the biggest hope of a child is to have a good meal.
  Seeing that the child wants to grow the body, the adult to replenish the body, and the old man to add nutrients, the grandfather sets a rule: kill a pig every year in the twelfth lunar month, except for the pig head to the pig to help the pig and help, the rest are left behind. Part of it was frozen, and some of it was made into bacon in a jar, enough for a family to eat for a year.
  Several of our grandchildren and nephews, who like to eat hot hoes, rely on the grandfather who eats meat and drink, and enjoy the grace of a few pieces of meat. Of course, I don’t forget to always pick up the words that Grandpa loves to listen to. When we grow up, we will be happy when we have wine and meat.
  In this case, I admit that there is a lot of content to please Grandpa, but Grandpa’s life is indeed the greatest happiness I could think of at the time.
  At this time, Grandpa always repeats a sentence : If there is wine in the cup, there is no hot head under the body.
  At that time, I was too young to understand this sentence of Grandpa. I was a little older. I used to be old in my ears but I used it. I never carefully pondered the meaning. Now I want to come, that sentence is just the source of happiness for the elderly.
  In the rural areas of Northeast China, most people still have a good time. In the winter, lying on the hot steamed buns, the rolling heat flow quickly warmed the whole body, looking at the snow outside the window, listening to the cold wind blowing through the window, curled up in the bed, the happiness filled the whole body instantly. That is a magical feeling that the northerners do not need to say, and the southerners cannot understand.
  The winter in the northeastern winter is the coldest. It takes a lot of determination and courage to get up from the warm blanket. I even thought that it was the biggest difficulty I had to overcome in my life.
  But in my memory, Grandpa never greedily swears. Whether it was poverty in the past, or later the days slowly improved; whether it was a busy farm or a winter leisure season, he climbed up from the enthusiasm very early, busy with it until the end of time.
  When Grandpa was in his 70s, he was also the main labor force of his family. From spring to autumn, when the sky was not bright, he went to the ground and took his father to make more than a dozen acres of land. Taking the time to squeeze out, first planted fruit trees in front of the house, and then learned to hatch chicks and ducklings. The income earned is not enough, but it is enough to supplement the family at that time.
  Grandpa is using someone to sleep hot and steamed his head. He got up early and exchanged some of his harvest with sweat. He let the family live in a cup with wine and meat in the age of material shortage.
  Fortunately, Lao Li had a retirement procedure last year and often listened to his review and reflection on his lifelong career.
  Lao Li was a graduate of the financial and economics university in the 1980s. After attending the work, he entered an enviable unit and sat in the office to do accounting. There are not many things at work. Although I have to be busy for a few days at the end of the month and at the end of the year, most of the time, Lao Li has lived a life of "a cup of tea, a pack of cigarettes, and a newspaper for a day."
  In addition to the regular work rhythm, the unit has a good guarantee. The old Li unit has a shuttle bus to and from work every day. Single employees live in the dormitory. If they are married, they can apply for a public house. When the children are older, they have to build a school. Everyone is envious of Lao Li’s “safety box”.
  Lao Li has settled down in this unit. When he was completely idle and chatting with others, Lao Li felt that he had missed many opportunities. Many of his classmates did not find a "good unit" when they graduated. But after fighting for a few years, they also caught up with the good policies of reform and opening up, and gradually started their own business. Now some even become worth more than 100 million people. CEO.
  Lao Li did not think about housing when he went to work. He never thought about buying a house. Now he still lives in an old house of 80 square meters. Because there is a car, Lao Li has not learned to drive, and did not buy a private car. Now, after seeing others retire, they drive around and drive, and they only have the envy of their eyes.
  Chatting with these young people, Lao Li always shows up, telling us to fight young and fight together. If you have an idea, don't choose comfort at the age of struggle .
  Lao Li once thought that he was a good unit for his job. When he retired, he realized that the so-called good unit is not the place that allows you to go to the old age, but that can provide you with a platform to let you do a career, and The place where you keep harvesting. This harvest refers not only to material treatment, but also to the cultivation and promotion of personal abilities.
  The ability has improved, I am not afraid of anything, and I am not worried when I go there.
  The same is a major in finance and economics, and friend Xiao Wu has encountered a better self on the road to growth.
  After graduating from college, when roommates were still discussing "peacock flying southeast", Xiao Wu specially recruited to go to the northwest desert and become a logistics officer. In the eyes of family and classmates, although Xiao Wu gave up the opportunity to sail in the sea of ​​business, he also got an enviable "iron rice bowl."
  The desert sand is like snow, and the Yanshan moon is like a hook. The natural environment of the station where Xiaowu troops are located is very difficult. Looking around, there is no life except for a cluster of camel thorns outside the camp. More unbearable than the natural environment is the loneliness of long-term stationed in the frontier. Xiao Wu is 18 years in such a desert.
  In the hinterland of the desert, thousands of miles away from home, Xiao Wu has 330 days in the army every day, 24 hours a day. He said that there was a time when he lost himself in the desert of "watching soldiers during the day and counting the stars at night." Every day after work, because there is no family trivial matter, Xiao Wu has a lot of time to control. After a long time, he even feels that such a quiet life is not bad. Until that year, when he visited his family and went to the class reunion, he suddenly realized that everyone was running on their own roads. Some of the students were doing a lot of work in the system. Some students have already emerged in the business sea...
  When returning to the team, Xiao Wu bought a lot of books and hugged back to the desert. If he dreams of waking up, he will find the direction in the confusion, reorganize the line and start again. He planned the time together, regained the financial professional book, and began to study intensely .
  In the desert, Xiao Wu lost the warmth of reunion with his family, but he had plenty of time and space for others. Through five years of hard work, Xiao Wu has self-study exams for certified public accountants and cost engineers, and applied the advanced management concepts learned to practical work, improved work patterns, improved work efficiency, and affirmed and promoted him. experience of. Xiao Wu suddenly became a model and celebrity in the army.
  Last year, Xiao Wu returned to his hometown due to reform and retired. He did not think that he became the first choice of many units when competing for a job. The reason for Xiao Wu to stand out is not only the bonus points he has served in hardships for many years, but also the certificates of CPA and cost engineers he holds in his hand.
  The enviable military officer status, the unbearable desert loneliness, did not prevent Xiao Wu from running forward. Standing in the new beginning of life and facing a number of roads that can be freely chosen, Xiao Wu is most grateful for the time when the "three more lights and five chickens" were studied hard in the desert.
  Roland said that laziness is a very strange thing. It makes you think that it is comfort, rest, and blessing; but in reality it gives you boring, burnout, depression; it deprives you of hope for the future and cuts you. Friendship with others makes your heart narrower and more and more skeptical about life.
  People, when born, will have dreams , but people will be inert with nature . So when we are pursuing the happiness of tomorrow, we are also eager for today's comfort. This is the entanglement that everyone will encounter.
  When the inertia is heavy, it will be addicted to ease. Too easy to live, not necessarily to bring happiness, it often makes people become frogs in warm water, and ultimately ruined dreams.
  Each of us is a contradiction between "Tomorrow of Me" and "Real Me". Every morning, "I am tomorrow" let me get up quickly, "real me" told me to sleep for a while. Those who have already been on the road to success are mostly in the entanglement of " getting up and lying down", and the "my tomorrow" is slightly better than the one.
  For a moment of comfort, to give up long-term happiness, it is a small cleverness that is not worth the loss; those who are happy for a long time, and a moment of comfort, is the great wisdom of life.