Yesterday morning, I got off work and took a taxi home. The driver talked to me: "Is it off work? It’s really hard." I said, "Yeah, you haven’t gotten off work yet." The driver laughed after listening, he knew I was feeling with him. . When people live forever, they have to have some thoughts to support themselves.
  I have received some messages from readers about the moments of their sadness:
  A girl said: Two weeks ago, Mr. was cut off by the company. Today is me. I feel suddenly that I have no sense of security;
  One student said: The fourth postgraduate entrance examination failed in life. The first three times were only one step away from success . I did not expect this time to drop by two points;
  A mother said: 9 months of marriage, 3 months of pregnancy, and run away from home after her husband quarreled, he came to me because he lost gambling, I want to help him pay back his money...
  Sometimes I feel that I am the biggest hapless person in the world, but when you find out that anyone will inevitably encounter such annoying things, you may not always be worried.
  At the end of last year, I left. I didn't dare to talk to my parents. They called and asked "I didn't get off work." I said to a bunch of job postings, "On the way home," and after tears, I wouldn't disappoint.
  I tried to hold my cry and said to my dad: "I want to get rich overnight, too tired." This is a joke, I didn't expect my dad to come back to me very seriously: "Prostitute, I know you are very tired, But if you insist on it for a while, my mother and I are already trying to create better conditions for you."
  Then, they told me about some of the things that have been done recently for family income. At that moment, the desire to become better and better in my heart was stronger than the continuous listening to 100 inspirational lectures. Nearly half a hundred parents still work hard for me. Why do I just imagine that the years are quiet but not hard?
  I had a question with my friend before: "Persever so hard, why don't we give up?" Finally came to a few conclusions: "To make yourself better, then to meet better people"; "for parents no longer save." Use, no longer worry about us"; "For future partners and children, don't be too hard"...
  You see, the reason for giving up is only one "too tired", but there are many reasons for persistence.
  I have always liked a sentence: "When you feel that life is difficult, you are often going uphill."
  Time is always irreversible. You say you are too tired and don't want to continue, but you can't get back to the starting point. To be a successful person, you must first make yourself a persistent person.
  Yesterday, the long-lost Lao Lin sent a five-word dynamic in the circle of friends: Heaven, finally cleared.
  How dark is his life in the past two years? Entrepreneurship was deceived and he was heavily in debt; his wife took the child out of divorce; the mother in her 60s thought too much, was sick in bed, and went around for medical expenses...
  In the past two years, he has paid off his debts by taking delivery. Also through the delivery of the take-away, he learned some of the doorsteps of the store to solicit business, so he opened a restaurant, and the current operation is very impressive.
  Destiny, sometimes I love to do some "prank", occasionally throwing a stone to you, making you pain; occasionally setting a barrier to let you fall. Leave it alone and continue to carry forward with the bag.
  And the fate of the fight, the people who are sluggish think that it is a game of winning, but in fact the rules have always been in our own hands, it can be three wins in three games, three wins in five games... there must be a certain node, it will also We have nothing to do, and then our life will enter the calm seas from the reefs of the reefs.
  I have read such a passage in a book: Don't give up! With the first abandonment, your life will be accustomed to retreat, but if you overcome the past, your life will be accustomed to marching in the wind and waves. Looking at it is just a simple choice. In fact, it has a very big impact and is a completely different life.
  I know that you are very tired, maybe the pace of life is so fast that there is almost no time to be upset. In order to continue moving forward, we have given up a lot of things.
  I have seen a blogger's suggestion. If you feel that you can't keep going, you may want to learn to add a little happiness to your life: set yourself a hope, such as the next holiday to travel; take the time to do something that has always been ignored but meaningful. The matter, give yourself a positive hint of "I am progressing", such as going to the sports to read a book; buying yourself a beautiful dress, a bunch of fresh flowers... as a reward for one day.
  Life is like this, you give it a smile, spring flowers, summer nights, autumn leaves, winter snow are all secretly responding to you.
  In comparison with life, there are always people who can win, and hope that there are also those who do not give up.