I have a colleague. Every time he organizes a small-scale event, he does not actively participate. Whenever the leader arranges a job for him, he also withdraws and refuses. Every time, his excuse is simple: I will not.
  He always said: "I don't know anything, I am old, and I don't promote it. I can see my head at a glance. I can do it in the past."
  When everyone was too busy, he was sitting in the office and relaxing with tea. Some people even envy him, saying that he can't do anything, even if he doesn't use anything, how good!
  Nothing, nothing to do, really worthy of envy?
  In fact, a colleague has become a dispensable unit. More often, he is a "nothing" role, not as good as the presence of air.
  Everyone is not willing to set up a team with him, because he is not the same as him. He doesn't have anything. He is very tired to work with him.
  Those who blindly look for the "I will not" excuse are more to evade responsibility, they are comfortable with the status quo, lazy to learn , lying in the comfort zone to be intoxicated.
  As everyone knows, "I will not" is the most stupid excuse in the world. It is like a wall, separating growth and progress from the wall, leaving self-righteousness to yourself.
  Once, I also liked to use "I won't" to refuse to grow up. I felt that I was stupid, I didn't understand anything, and I didn't know anything. Therefore, the opportunity slipped away from me again and again.
  When I first got to work, my predecessors told me that in addition to doing my job well, I would learn more about other positions and help myself.
  I didn't say anything in my mouth, but I thought in my heart, I can't even learn the knowledge of my job. How can I study other things? Moreover, what is the use of learning so much? It’s a waste of time.
  In this way, I have been through a few years.
  Later, the leader asked me to go to the office as the director. I said, I don't know the computer, I am afraid of an emergency, the materials will not come out, and I will delay my work.
  As a result, a colleague who did not understand the computer dared to accept the challenge and became the director of the office. Later, he worked hard to make up for the shortcomings, did a good job, and was eventually promoted and reused.
  At that time, the words "I don't know" occupied a large part of my life, but I didn't feel anything wrong. Until one time, my work suddenly had a crisis. If I didn't do well, I would be at risk of losing my job.
  For the first time, I felt a huge sense of crisis and no longer struggled with "I won't."
  As the main responsible person, I will check the information , run the project, and go to the grassroots level to take advantage of all the opportunities.
  During the period, there was a link in the work that was not perfect. I was going to the provincial capital to find an expert to ask for advice, but the unit travel expenses have exceeded the scope of reimbursement. Therefore, I paid for my own money to the provincial capital. After consulting the experts, I will perfect this link.
  In the end, the tasks I took were successfully completed, recognized by the provincial level, and recognized by the leaders. Afterwards, I was assigned to another better position.
  I suddenly found out that many times I didn’t really want it, but I didn’t have the courage to take the first step in learning.
  If you don't have a life, you will walk, you will run, and you will not have anything to do.
  I will not go to school, improve myself in my studies, try my best to try it out, learn it maybe, and never learn it.
  Only by taking the footsteps of "I want to learn" can I get rid of the curse of "I won't".
  There used to be a saying: too many excuses, this life is not good. And sometimes, the "I won't" excuse can ruin your life.
  In life, many people tend to be older, or have no chance. They justifiably put "I will not" on their mouths, set old qualifications, and even some young people, they also put on a "I will not, you I can do what I can, I don’t want to learn, I don’t want to learn, I pin my hopes on others, let others do it, and think that I am very smart.
  In fact, "I will not" is the mantra of a lazy person. It will only make you negative, and you will not be willing to learn anything. Over time, you will not be able to do anything.
  In this way, you will fall into a vicious circle of "I will not, will not learn, and will not".
  The longer you lie in the comfort zone, the more you will pay for “I won’t”.
  A truly intelligent person will not easily lose himself in the words "I will not".
  Although they also have the time when I don't, they actively learn new knowledge and try to change the old self. "I won't" can only delay them for a while, and "I can learn" can make them use them for a lifetime.
  In their eyes, "I will not" is the most stupid excuse, and "I can learn" is the most intelligent action.