My friend Xiao Jun is working in a construction company. Being an outstanding architect is his dream .
  He often forwards some classic buildings in the circle of friends, expresses his admiration for the designers, and what dynamics in the industry will be shared for the first time, and each time he will be accompanied by a few words to strive to realize his dreams, from my motivation .
  Everyone feels that Xiao Jun is very motivated and will praise him every time, hoping that he will realize his dream as soon as possible.
  Finally, last year, Xiao Jun took a screenshot of the website of the registration builder, and it was a big wave of praise.
  I leave a message: You are closer to your dreams.
  During that time, in order to let Xiaojun concentrate on reviewing, friends will no longer meet Xiaojun. In a few days, Xiaojun blamed us in the group and said why there is no fun to call him.
  Everyone explained that he hoped he would review it well, but he said that he had arranged the review rhythm and was not in a hurry. So I joined our games, k songs and strings.
  More than a month before the exam, I once went to Xiaojun’s house for dinner. I opened the review materials in the corner of the sofa and found that 90% of the content was brand new.
  I said to Xiaojun: This is also an exam, and you still have so much to watch?
  Xiaojun glanced at the book in my hand and said: I have n’t had any status in recent studies . In a few days, I started to retreat and practice. I found the state and reviewed it very quickly. No problem.
  However, Xiao Jun’s status was not found in the exam, and even the textbooks were not finished.
  Xiao Jun, who had no confidence in the exam, eventually gave up the exam directly.
  Everyone has their own ideals and hopes to achieve something. Everyone knows that to achieve ideals, it is absolutely necessary to endure hardships and pay. Faced with the bitterness to eat, most people are used to choosing to avoid and give up.
  I once read a sentence on the Internet : the saddest thing in life is nothing but ambition, but it is too time-consuming.
  The mind is ambitious, but the action is slow and weak, so while you are not good enough, you can't make yourself better.
  The years have passed away in the conflict between ideals and reality.
  Some time ago, high school classmate A Qing published his first law book.
  When I was in high school, I was very good with Aqing because we had similar ambitions: I had a good academic career in the future, and I said that I would use the words and thoughts in my pen to influence more people.
  A Qing has always adhered to this initial intention and ideal, and made unremitting efforts to this end.
  At the time of college, Ah Qing desperately improved his professional knowledge. In addition to the professional courses, he also carried out a lot of extensive study, soaking in the library every day, is a famous bookworm in the department.
  Since the third year, A Qing has published articles in journals and magazines, and has popularized the history of law, as well as professional discussions on hot news.
  A Qing's doctoral program is a grassroots judicial system research. In order to obtain more abundant case materials, he has been researching in rural areas in the southwestern provinces. In each case, he will record in detail the whole process of case handling, analyze the application of the law, and study the practical difficulties of the use of grassroots law.
  With a large amount of first-line materials and in-depth thinking, A Qing's thesis has achieved excellent results at the national level. Since then, he spent another year replenishing the material and finally edited the results into a book and officially published it.
  A Qing wrote in the circle of friends: I finally published the first book. Although I know that the road ahead is still very long, at least I am worthy of my heart today, because I have not lived up to the years of these years!
  When I saw this sentence, I was really ashamed and difficult. After work, I have been through and have not continued to learn and improve, and the book says that this ideal is even more dare to mention.
  A Qing said that he did not live up to the years, and I, but really spent the time.
  Time is the fairest referee. If you live a serious life, time will definitely reward you. If you spend your days, you will find out that your ideal has already disappeared into a bubble, dissipated, and you regret everything. can not do this.
  Harvard University has published a research video that summarizes the nine reasons that hinder individual success . The top two are hesitant and procrastinating. In fact, this is the most direct manifestation of the vain time.
  It is time to waste, but life is waste.
  If you lack the extreme desire and persistence of the goal, you can't make up your mind to challenge yourself. You can only watch the precious time pass by your hand, and finally nothing can be done.
  We will wonder why others have succeeded and they are doing nothing; we even complain that we feel that it is because the fate is too unfair.
  We are all used to looking for reasons outside, but we are rarely willing to admit that the real reason is actually ourselves.
  You only see someone else losing weight in a few months, but you don’t know that when you are still sleeping, he has started running in the cold wind;
  You only see colleagues getting a salary increase, but don't know that when you chew the potato chips, he is still working overtime and charging;
  You dare not take risks, choose a comfortable job, but envy others to make achievements. You have declared a lofty ideal all day, but have never worked hard for it once.
  What is the qualification of the giant of the language, the dwarf of action, and dissatisfaction?
  The difference between a winner and a loser is that when they find the direction of their dreams, some people immediately begin to bow their heads, while others have always stood in the same place.
  There is no unsuccessful success in this world, and there are no pavilions that rise out of thin air. Only a thousand streams can achieve a river that never stops.
  May you and me, can not live up to the ideal, live up to the time.