Today's children are relishing a few celebrities whose culture is not high, but whose career is successful, to block the mouths of parents.
  However, the fact is: such a person is only a minority. Most children who do not like to learn, when they grow up, find that they have spent a few years of crazy youth in exchange for the humble and bottom of their lives.
  There is a classic conversation between father and son that tells us the difference between hard work and not reading.
  When the son just went to school, he asked the father of the peasant why he should study.
  The father said that if a small tree grows for a year, it can only be used as a fence or as a firewood.
  A 10-year tree can be used as a purlin;
  20 years of tree use is great, you can make beams, you can make pillars, you can make furniture;
  If a child does not go to school, he can put a sheep when he is 7 years old. When he grows up, he can put a large group of sheep, but he can't do anything other than sheep.
  If you graduate from elementary school, in rural areas, he can use some new technology to plant land. In the city, he can go to construction sites to work, be a security guard, or be a small business hawker. The knowledge of primary school is enough;
  If he graduates from junior high school, he can learn some mechanical operations;
  If he graduates from high school, he can learn a lot of mechanical repairs;
  If he graduates from college, he can design high-rise buildings and railway bridges;
  If he graduated from his master's degree, he might invent something that we didn't have.
  "Do you understand?"
  The son said that he knew.
  Dad asked again:
  "Let's put the sheep, plant the land, be a security guard, and throw people away?"
  The son said shame.
  Dad said:
  "Son, don't shame. They don't steal, don't steal, work to make money, support their children and parents, no shame."
  It’s not that you don’t go to school, or it’s useless to go to school.
  Just like a small tree for a year, it is useful, but it is not as useful as a big tree.
  It is also useful to not read or read less, but to contribute less to society, they earn less.
  There are many books, more money, and more time spent, but the contribution is large, and I earn more money and status.
  That conversation left a deep impression on his son. Since then, his son does not need to be intimidated in learning, and he will make the best choice.
  Please tell the children solemnly that there are only a few people who do not go to school and who are at the peak of their lives. The status quo of most people is not optimistic .
  The famous writer Long Yingtai wrote in a letter to his son Andre:
  I ask you to study hard, not because I want you to be more successful than others, but because I want you to have more choices in the future, choose meaningful, time-based work, rather than being forced to make a living.