Xu Zhiyuan's "Thirteen Invitations" invites 47-year-old Asian idol Kimura Takuya.
  Xu Zhiyuan asked Kimura: "Do you have any special roles to play?" Kimura replied that it was the efforts of countless people in a professional team. I have no right to choose.
  Literary youth care about their own likes, and professionals pay attention to the efforts of others.
  In the first issue of "Thirteen Invitations", Li Zhi asked Xu Zhiyuan why he wanted to do a talk show. Xu Zhiyuan said that there is no way, I have to earn money (bookstore).
  You see, sometimes even the literary youth Xu teacher knows something, doesn't like it, but must do it.
  Recently, I met a candidate. She said that if she doesn't like her job, it is very difficult to do well, so she wants to do what she likes.
  Ask her what her previous occupation was. She said it was a yoga teacher.
  "Then you don't like it?"
  “I like it very much. I didn’t like it for a while.”
  Asked what she likes now, she said that she likes to do business, reported a lot of online lessons, and finished the difficult "Light of Operation".
  So let her try on the job position.
  The trial period has not passed, she can't go on.
  Operation is a particularly trivial task that requires care, patience and determination, none of which she has.
  The operations she had previously understood were like the generals strategizing, where to play, actually doing it, and discovering the most important thing, not how you stand on the command tower, but how you climbed the command tower.
  This process is plain and faint, unknown, no chicken blood, no words, no motivation, whether the lecturer is a lecture or a writer writes a book, it will be selectively ignored.
  Therefore, the girl thought that she had learned a lot of knowledge. In fact, she had a ambition and a bowl of chicken blood.
  When she left, she said to another employee: "I still have to find a job I like, something I don't like, I can't do it well."
  The girl is only 24 years old. I want to tell her that if you don't have the ability to do things you don't like, then you will become an excuse for the weak.
  The strong talk about persistence , and the weak talk about it. If you don't like it, you can get rid of all the hard work, inaction, and persistence.
  What do you like?
  It represents the short-term mood of a certain time node, whether it is the work you like, or the person you like, when you get along with each other for a long time, you will find that there are many dislikes.
  The host Dou Wentao said one thing.
  After the popularity of "The Threesomes", Taili decided to give him a current affairs program called "Wen Tao".
  Different from the style of "锵锵三行行", "Wen Tao's case" tells the big case, the content is rude and there are no guests.
  This program, Dou Wentao did not like it from the beginning; but this dislike, he did 8 years.
  Dou Wentao later recalled this time in the "round table", saying that because he did not like it, he always worried that he could not do well. Often, the first episode was repeated four or five times.
  "One day after I finished recording the program, it was already 6 o'clock in the morning, and the rainstorm in Shenzhen was like a note. At that moment, I only had four words in my heart: I couldn't love."
  Dou Wentao said. You see, the glamorous people, the smooth life, the things you like again, there will be some moments, bored, and even unbearable.
  This is the life of ordinary people, and even the life of all people.
  Small enough to keep fit, big enough to support the family, to do anything, can not rely solely on interest, but rely on professionalism, conviction and persistence.
  Everything is like, I don’t want to live my life in the way I like. I respect you as a person who doesn’t know the world.
  But such people, I advise you to stay away from it.
  Because they not only have nothing to do with themselves, but also professional pit partners, pit teammates;
  Say good is literature and art, live a life in the way you like;
  To say that it is not good to listen is emotional and irresponsible.
  The sideline of a friend is to open a cafe.
  In this industry, there are only a lot of people who like to talk about it and don't talk about responsibility.
  The friend took out 500,000 and opened the store, and invited a partner.
  Partners especially like to make coffee and baking, and opening a cafe has always been her dream .
  It sounds perfect, right? But the old driver wants to tell you that entrepreneurs talk about dreams, work and talk about what they like, and they are basically unreliable. With this in mind, you can avoid 99% of the pits of life.
  In this world, like love, it is a consumable item, like fireworks, it is easy to be cold. The friend’s store opened less than half a year, and the partner’s passion was insufficient.
  The product is not new, management is not on the heart, April and May is the peak season of business, but she has to go out for a trip, a 20-day walk.
  The friend asked her: "When the July is good, where do you want to go in the off-season, it is a bit of a business now."
  She said: "No, I can't give up what I like for work."
  When you opened the store, didn't you say that opening a cafe is your favorite thing...
  Like, it is the child's face, the day of June.
  Life is long, and many helplessness. After all, we can't achieve success with love , and it is impossible to live a life in a way that we like.
  Xiaomei began to learn piano from the age of 4.
  The family didn't have any special requirements for her. She hoped that she could insist on doing something that looks beautiful and actually boring to death.
  Before the class, she asked her, she said she liked it.
  Later, every time I went to the bottleneck of practicing the piano, Xiaomei could not wait to smash the piano.
  Some people suggest not to force the child, or choose a thing she likes to let her do, in order to get twice the result with half the effort.
  However, don't drink this chicken soup.
  Let's analyze human nature: like is our instinct; at the same time, it is our instinct to be new and tired.
  If everything is instinctual, everyone is a loser and a scum male and a scum female.
  And education itself must have a part that is anti-human.
  The music prince Jay Chou is a genius. He will sing songs when he is two years old. He sings at the age of three. He goes to his mother's colleague's house and doesn't want to go to the piano.
  So like, so talented, how about learning the piano? Do not want to practice the piano, or will be beaten by his mother Ye Huimei.
  Life is hard, and love doesn't make it easy.
  Fortunately, we also have another kind of humanity: easy to be dominated by a sense of accomplishment.
  Let's just say it, like it, is to stand on the mountain to see the scenery on the mountain, and the sense of accomplishment is the observation deck on the mountainside.
  There must be an upswing between instinctive love and an effective sense of accomplishment. It is not like, but faith, that supports you to complete this uphill road.
  Like it, can't be a belief, it will only become a fig leaf for us to see things.
  Childish people talk about it, mature people talk about responsibility.
  One thing, success, must be 10% like +90% responsibility.
  Success is a spiral rise between love and boredom; a rising sense of accomplishment supports us to fight tiredness again and again, reaching the realm of darkness.
  Over-emphasizing the person who likes it, when the first one gets tired, it will change a pit;
  So, they jumped around and exhausted, but they could only see the scenery at the bottom of the mountain.
  Maugham said: "For the peace of mind, people should do two things that they don't like every day."
  However, Einstein’s teacher added: “Interest is the best teacher.”
  You see, even the gods are fighting, no wonder we have heard a lot of reason and have a bad life.
  But if you choose one, I will choose Maugham because Einstein is a genius.
  Genius is born, the world gives way to it, and ordinary people like us, want not to be crazy, not to scrap, it is best to calmly do two things that they do not like.
  In the day-to-day boring calendar, Hua likes to be a belief, to turn interest into strength, to find his own rhythm, and to live in chicken blood.