You are 23 years old this year, graduated from college, standing at the crossroads of life, you have nothing but a paper diploma. You have been away from home and have been studying in a different place for four years. You still can't find a sense of belonging in this strange city. You still don't understand the intricate traffic. Everyone knows that you are a foreigner. You are not the official second generation is not rich second generation, you do not have a rich background, only a lonely back.
  You are not an outstanding graduate of a prestigious university. You are not a gold medal professional. You do not have any honors. You open your computer and put a resume on it, and cast a hope. You participate in a job fair, try to dress yourself up and look good. You ran to the station in the cold winter. Holding a thin resume and squeezing through the layers of people, standing on the crowded bus feels hard to breathe. When you step into the office building, you first find the bathroom, look at the meter carefully in front of the mirror, then reveal a smile, knock on the company door, I hope this interview will have good results.
  You were rejected by big companies, and finally got a few offers, not very satisfied, but not too bad. The meager salary makes you worry about yourself. Your self-comfort will always be good. You believe that if you work hard enough, the future is worth looking forward to.
  You browse through the rental information and calculate how to get to a fairly clean house at the lowest price. You are busy with Baidu Google to find the map, see how far the house is from where you work, and occasionally see a few favorite houses, you look at the rent, sigh and close the page.
  You started working for nine to five. You get up at 6 in the morning, wash, pick up a bread and milk and go out in a hurry. Take an hour or so bus to the company. You pay a smile to each of your predecessors. Facing the manager, your waist is going to the ground, you Diligently running around to serve everyone, working overtime at night, dragging the tired body back home, continuing to do the report, and then tired to fall on the bed to fall asleep.
  After a few years, you jumped a few times and slowly mixed into a small supervisor and talked about a good girlfriend. She may not be so beautiful, so the family conditions are not so good that you can fight for a few years, but you feel good, two people together, support each other, take care of each other, this life is quite satisfactory.
  After a few more years, you are married, and with one or two lovely children, you feel more stressed. You still work so hard, take care of your wife, and love your child.
  One day, you are insomnia, you are lying in bed, recalling the life of these ten years, what appears in your mind is that you just went to college, high-spirited, ambitious; you think of you and your brothers go out drinking at night and then drunk Helping each other back to the dormitory; you remembered that you shouted in the dormitory at that time that Laozi would one day come out; you remembered that you secretly loved the flower of the next door, sneaked into her for a long time but did not dare to open, finally looked She entered the embrace of others; you remembered that in the snowy winter, you were wearing a formal suit and rushing to the bus; you remembered that your resume was thrown aside at random, the manager told you to go back and wait for news. You remember the first time you received the offer of the offer; you remembered that you received the first month of salary and excitedly found the best buddy to go out to eat and drink to celebrate; you think of the first time you are entangled in the excitement; you think of you once The uneasiness of the date; you think of the wife’s bright smile when the wedding is sworn; when you think of your child’s first call to Dad, you are excited to hit the table, knees Green half a month to go before consumer ...
  You think of your brilliant dreams , you think that you have been yelling at non-beauty, you think of the big house you used to be, good car...
  You roll over and get out of bed, into the bathroom, the dim light illuminates you, you find that your hair loss is getting worse and worse, you cry, not the expected embarrassment, just the tears have been flowing, the tears are blurring your eyes . The wife appeared behind you, staring at the sleepy eyes, asking you what happened? You rub your eyes and smiled.
  "Nothing, blink of an eye. Go to sleep."
  The dim light illuminates the small bathroom, as if nothing had happened.
  Postscript: 1, this kind of life, some people sneer, feel completely lost; some people are happy to yearn, feel that stability is the most important. This may be my life, this may be your life, or this is the life of most people. They used to be full of ideals and bloody. They were once knocked down by reality and stood up again and again. Maybe they will work hard for a long time and will eventually be mediocre; maybe they will forget the taste of their dreams when they struggle, and they choose to follow the crowd.
  2, I think this is the life of loser, please work hard. Please be clear, if you don't work hard, you will have results. Maybe you will still live this kind of life in your eyes after you work hard, maybe you will be a blockbuster, worthy of the sweat you used to sway. In any case, you have to know that you are not qualified to despise, and some people work hard in places you can't see, even though there is no good result.
  3, I feel that this is a stable and happy life, please work hard. Please work hard to achieve this life, have a lover, have children, have a job, be very happy. For most people, fighting for so long is nothing more than to live this happy life. After all, the outstanding people are only a few. May you realize your dreams and live the life you want.
  4. No matter what life you want, no matter how hard you try, you will never live the life you want. I hope you still remember your dreams. I hope that one day, you can proudly say, Hey, this is my dream of the year! I finally realized it.