These days, due to physical reasons, I have been treating in the hospital and have more contact with doctors.

  During the period, a doctor Liu caught my attention. Her age looked like me. She was wearing thick glasses and facing the patient. She always smiled politely and patiently diagnosed the patient.

  Without the free time of the patient, she did not waste it. Instead, she picked up the medical professional books at hand and focused on it. From time to time, she picked up the pen and wrote and painted on the book.

  Because my bed is close to her, I occasionally chatted a few words. When she talked about the professional book in her hand, she smiled and said to me: There are many strange illnesses in the work, and her knowledge is limited, only If you read more books and practice more, you can let yourself accumulate more and lay a better foundation for the future practice of medicine.

  At that moment, I was awe-inspiring at Dr. Liu. Many people did not have the enthusiasm to study at school after they took part in the work . What’s more, after exhausting the busy work, I was just looking for a kind of Relax yourself in a comfortable way, and count the day.

  However, Dr. Liu did not feel anxious because he faced so many patients every day. Instead, he could face it in the best condition. He did not arbitrarily pass the time in his free time, but constantly improved himself.

  Free time is used to improve oneself, and what you get is your own growth; idle time is used to kill time, and you get self-consumption.

  There is no future, it will be brilliant and dazzling by spending time, but the future of success is based on step by step.

  Every step we have taken is playing its role, big or small, and it always affects our future.


  Years later, our school came to an intern, Xiaojing, who just taught me the same grade.

  Xiaojing is the kind of person who has a very good plan to do things. Every step of his own is steadily and steadily. In her own words, everything in the future is accumulated in every step of the present. Only now is safely walking. Every step is better to be more calm and uncertain about the future.

  The graduation season was originally a period of easy incitement, but for Xiaojing, she did not panic and do the things she had in front of her. She prepared lessons, took classes, and attended classes. In her spare time, she also actively prepared for the teacher recruitment examination, which was given every Wednesday. I helped her with the mini-class, no matter how sharp and unrequited my comments, she never retreated, but continued to grind the class until late at night.

  Later, the Education Bureau went to colleges and universities for direct recruitment. Xiaojing successfully entered the education industry with excellent written interview results .

  If it is not Xiaojing who insists on learning and grinding classes every day , and does not miss every opportunity to grow up, there will be no achievements today, and it will not be hired by the Education Bureau in advance.

  Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Every bit of preparation is filled with infinite power; every step of the effort also hides the possibility of the future.

  The ancients Zeng Yun: There is no such thing as a thousand miles, no accumulation of small streams can not become a river.

  The road of thousands of miles is made by step by step; the vast and infinite sea is made up of countless small rivers.

  Every little step in life is a big step in the future.


  This reminds me of a friend who I met before.

  She started writing articles last year. In just a few months, her articles were reprinted by major platforms. The submissions were usually a manuscript. Many people praised her for her talent, but she did not think so.

  That time chatting on WeChat, she said with some helplessness: What talent does she have! However, it is one step at a time, reading more books, thinking more, making more reading notes, insisting on analyzing the structure of other people's articles every day, learning how to write excellent articles, and then practicing deliberately on their own. After a long period of practice, she insists on making every One step has reached its own standard line, and now has the results.

  I can understand the hardships behind her, and I know that writing a text is not a one-off thing. Writing a text and the experience of a person, the depth of reading, and the insight and learning ability of a person are inseparable, and even more inseparable. Long time practicing the basics.

  Many times, the key to success in the future is not how much we think about it, but how much we do.

  Every step we take will affect the rhythm of the next step. Perhaps it doesn’t make much sense at the time, but after a long time, we will find that every step taken is for your life. .

  There is no accumulation of bricks and tiles for a long time. How come the high-rise buildings come from the ground?

  Don't think that we can skip any of these steps and get the results we want quickly. In fact, every step we have taken determines the final outcome. Both good and bad are all about whether we are walking with our heart.

  To have an expectation for the future, there must be actions to add energy to the future. Every step of life on the road of life has its value and meaning.

  The key to success in the future is hidden in every step you take.