I was worried when I heard that my cousin was going to participate in the city-level marathon. Although I know that my cousin loves sports from a young age, but she does not have the stamina and running capacity, she cannot withstand this test.

  Unexpectedly, she actually took the tenth place, which is really incredible!

  The cousin told me that she has been preparing for this event for a whole year.

  Because I have never tried it, I dare not take it lightly. Since deciding to participate in the marathon competition, the cousin has gradually increased the training according to the coach's arrangement.

  From the initial five kilometers per day, to ten kilometers per day, and two to three days a week to take a break, so cross-training, more conducive to physical rest and recovery.

  Including the diet, the cousin is also doing enough work. After each long run, add carbohydrates and protein to quickly restore damaged muscles and prepare for the next start.

  The running volume of 60 kilometers per Friday is strictly in accordance with the prescribed speed, and is adjusted according to the daily movement state.

  After a year of persistence , not only did the cousin develop a good long-distance running habit, but also cultivated her endurance different from ordinary people.

  Carnegie said that people who are not prepared for tomorrow will never have a future.

  It turns out that this is true: all victories are prepared.


  I work at a community service station, and the unit receives a superior acceptance and peer review every six months.

  When we checked in the first half of last year, because our work was done in a hurry, we were too eager to achieve success, resulting in a lower score. In a dozen units, it was at the end.

  This is indeed a heavy blow to us who have been the leader for several years.

  At the moment we learned the results of the competition, our entire team was frustrated to the extreme. We finally know that we must constantly adjust our progress in order to achieve satisfactory results.

  In the second half of the year, we implemented the rectification measures step by step according to the supervision records of the higher authorities, and made the previous deficiencies the focus of the work. We followed the follow-up guidance for those who did not meet the standards and made every job solid. Be careful.

  We no longer pursue speed, but pay attention to details and strengthen communication. Unexpectedly, it not only improves the quality of work, but also greatly increases the satisfaction of residents.

  When the results of the year-end assessment last year came out, the victory was almost without waiting for us. Even if we neutralized the backward performance in the first half of the year, we still won the second place in the town.

  The secret of our growth is: clear goals and full preparation.

  Even though she was led by opponents a lot, but because we have explored a more efficient way of working, and continue to work hard, we also won the opportunity to catch up.


  There is a famous saying: Opportunity will always belong to people who are prepared.

  The colleague’s daughter lost the college entrance examination last year and re-readed for a year before she was admitted to the ideal school.

  The little girl said that the failure of the first year of the exam made her aware of the importance of being prepared. When the students who are cuddling for the time are counting on luck, the students who have prepared in advance have already won the prize.

  In the second year, the little girl worked hard and opened her eyes every day. She would not leave the book anymore. Even if she went to the bathroom, she would take out a booklet and take a look at it; she would not be timid in class, and often discussed the problem-solving skills with her teacher.

  When she was in the college entrance examination again, her performance was more than 100 points more than the previous year. Those days of hard work hardened her medal of victory.

  All success is not from the sky. The appearance of others in the eyes turned out to be their own obscurity.

  Preparation is the best way to succeed. For those who go further, the biggest effort is not to walk as fast as they can, but to be ready for the next stage of sprint.

  Instead of waiting for the opportunity, it is better to take precautions and start now.