When I went to interview this person, it was a rainy day. From this small western city to a remote mountainous area underneath it, all the way is the green that looks up, and everything is revived. The rain is also a period of time. There is a section of road knocking on the window glass. It’s sloppy, and the little can’t hear the sound.

  I was sitting in the car, imagining this person, looking forward to being afraid of hearing her story. Sometimes, being strong is not a good word, it means that too much suffering must be hard. Life, a box filled with colorful chocolates, how can someone open the bitter pure dark chocolate, although it helps to wake up, but can not recall, except suffering or suffering.

  Two hours through the ditch, we finally saw her. The teacher standing in front of me, wearing a purple gold velvet sports jacket, black material pants, black sandals with azure socks. Short hair, a pair of big eyes turbid and dim, with a faint smile on his face. When he greeted people, his voice was very light. When he introduced her husband, the voice was slightly louder.

  The man, the long face of the face was slightly drooping, and the two lines of the law at the ends of the nose were particularly clear and deep. It looked a lot older than her, at least in comparison, she could barely see any wrinkles on her face.

  They sit side by side on the sofa in the principal's room, and she tells her story.

  "We are reorganizing the family. My husband is 13 years older than me. We have raised five children together. The youngest son was married last year. Although it is not materially rich, I feel very happy." When she spoke From time to time, I turned to look at my husband.

  Have to go deep into what they have experienced before reorganization? Will the reorganization of the family really be happy? Seeing more ordinary reorganizations, most of the time they are usually companions with each other. When things are happening, they are going back to each family, looking for each mother, and each of them.

  Recalling the past, the female teacher was crying. She said intermittently, pouring out the past that she had swallowed. Before 2001, her life was smooth, not to say how rich, but the family was safe and healthy, and they taught themselves. The husband planted a few acres of orchard, and the days were still decent. However, an accident broke the calm life.

  That year, her husband took a truck apple to Guangzhou for sale, because it could sell for a good price, but after the accident, there was an accident and never came back. At that time, her eldest daughter was reading Gao Yi. The second daughter was just in junior high school. The younger son was still in elementary school. The sick mother-in-law learned the bad news and made a cerebral infarction.

  The fate is a joke with her, and she clicks on this woman. At that time, she washed her face all night and night, but on weekdays she pretended to have nothing to do, comfort the children, take care of the elderly, teach the land, and take up the burden of life with one's own strength.

  She didn't know how she got through the years, maybe she was numb day by day. During this period, someone always persuaded her to find a person to live together. With her own salary and the meager income in the orchard (she was too busy in class, she had little time to look after the orchard), how can she feed a family? She is afraid that the man who is looking for a new one is not good for her children, and she is afraid that she will miss the children’s learning . For many ordinary people, going to school is still the last straw. If you catch it, you don’t have to continue to plan in the land.

  After three years, I insisted that my eldest daughter went to college, the younger daughter read high school, and the son read junior high school. She was introduced to him.

  At first she didn't want to see it, but I heard that he was the same as his own situation. He loved to die and the child was working in the field. He only had him and his 80-year-old mother, and he moved. In addition, this person is also a teacher, she guessed, the teacher should not be so bad. Although it is ridiculous to speculate on the character by profession, what better reason can she find at that time?

  "It is too bitter, I feel that I can't support myself alone." Her tears were like broken beads, fluttering.

  In this way, under the enthusiasm of relatives and friends, the two people who were sympathetic came together on September 18, 2005. She worried that the child could not accept this strange man as a father, and he talked with the younger son the night before and explained the matter again.

  What impressed this husband was that he went to her dormitory for the first time that afternoon. When the younger son pushed in and saw him, he called him "Dad", his voice was loud and his smile was bright.

  "The child called a dad, and I burst into tears. I really want to go up and hug him." His husband's eyes were also red. Sitting across from me, I almost shed tears, and for this little age I knew the mother’s hard-working boy.

  They visited their parents and went to Xi'an to meet the children of both sides. They simply had a table meal and the two families became a home.

  The soft sound of a wall clock echoed in a lonely space. The fourteen years of hard work and commonality, in the two people shattered and told, warm and extended.

  Her mother-in-law had been unable to walk in the late stage of the cerebral infarction. He went to the hospital to seek medical advice, rushed to buy medicine, and took the old man to the town and the county for physical therapy.

  Here, his 87-year-old mother is in critical condition. She rushes home after class every day and changes her way to cook for the elderly. When the old man chanted and wanted to eat Huang Xing, she hurried out and bought two apricots for 10 yuan. This is a very extravagant thing for her.

  His eldest son had children. She made diapers, scorpions, and small clothes a month in advance. She packed a large plastic bag and sent it to Xi'an. In order to wait for her daughter-in-law to sit on the moon, she also specially took a month off. To take care of her, she does not love the Internet, every day to check the new dishes on the Internet, she is afraid that her daughter-in-law can’t keep up with her nutrition. She has no complaints from morning to night. That month, they are not born, but they are more harmonious and harmonious than their mothers and children.

  When her second daughter went to high school, she had eczema and the skin was festering. He looked distressed. He heard that the dermatology treatment of Jiaotong Affiliated Hospital was well treated. He took the child before and after, and went to the court several times. It is only when the wheat is harvested.

  It’s all these little things that bring together two people and two families.

  Last year, her youngest son choked a few times at the wedding: "Thank you, Dad, when our mother and son were the most difficult, they walked into our home and gave us a lot of love. Mom and Dad, rest assured, my son grew up. I will honor you."

  When they said this, they burst into tears.

  We are listening infinitely. What should I say? Love ? Still family? It is better to say that it is true. I used to think that this thing is too vain, but if it is not true, nothing will happen so beautifully. She said that the unhappiness of reorganizing families is mostly because the calculations are too clear, but they do not, my and yours are ours.

  Later, she quietly told me that he was sick again in 2013, and he was checked out during the medical examination. Fortunately, he found the operation early and had recovered. She said that during those days, she felt that she was trapped in the ice cave. Fortunately, so many children and their hands joined forces to pull her, and he contacted the doctor for medical treatment. It’s dangerous, she has a sigh of relief, the test in life is really everywhere, but still can’t be discouraged.

  The rain in the early summer is sunny for a while, and the sky is like a blue canvas dyed. They followed the principal's room, and she looked up again: "Life is not a rainbow after the storm, and reorganizing the family is equally happy."