I haven't contacted Xiaoya for some time. Just now she sent a message: "The last few months have been the most painful days since I remembered. Many times I always want to give up and feel that I am going to be unable to keep going."

  This matter should start from six months ago. At that time, Xiaoya resigned from her hometown job, holding only 3,000 yuan in her hand and dragging her luggage to the train to Beijing. She told me that she wants to live for herself and her dreams. She doesn't want to cook a frog-like life in warm water. She doesn't want to be comforted by her ease in her twenties.

  In just a few months, she changed two companies, moved three times, and was intertwined several times by the landlord.

  When I was in my hometown, I could eat hot meals as soon as I entered the house, and now I am worried about what I eat every day. I used to go to work on time, I watched TV for a while, and I haven’t chased it for months. The drama. Especially when she moved, she didn't know how many times she cried in the back: one person cleaned up, one person contacted, one person moved things, one person communicated with the new owner, and everything was done by one person.

  However, she supported it. Xiaoya said that those experiences changed her and let her grow up in a short time.

  Why not? Experience is the greatest asset in our lives. Sometimes it takes us a lot of pain, but it also gives us hope.

  Some roads, after all, are going to be alone. Even if the road ahead is full of thorns, as long as you bravely rushed over, all the hardships you have experienced will one day laugh.


  Twenties are a hurdle for life. Some people are afraid of hardships when they are young, and they have nothing to do for a lifetime; some people know what they want when they are 20 years old, and they have created their own life 10 years later.

  I have heard such a sentence : Every powerful person may have bitten his teeth and spent a period of no help, no support, no one to ask for help. In the past, this is your adult ceremony; if you can't go, beg for mercy, this is your bottomless pit.

  A friend once complained to me that she is often wronged at work, often does not understand things, and occasionally is inexplicably isolated by colleagues or friends, the difficulty in life can only be one person... "It seems that the longer the more Not happy," she said.

  I told her that she was experiencing this and I have experienced it. When I go to school, each stage will set a goal for myself and then work hard for it, but I will often be isolated by others because of this "small pursuit." Roommates play games, go shopping, sleep late... and I am early to read, I became a person who was hated by the whole bedroom.

  They ruined me in front of others. No one understands, no one supports it, and no one walks. At that time, I didn’t know where it came from, and urged me to become a team.

  Later, I discovered that many people who have achieved success have had the experience of being alone, with doubts and ridicule behind them, but what is it? We are always working quietly for ourselves.


  A person can only learn the responsibility and responsibility of life if he learns to think independently and learns to solve problems on his own.

  Some people can't stand loneliness and fear others' eyes; some people are moving forward toward the goal and don't care about other people's arguments. Often, the latter have a better life. Looking back, the person who once pointed at the back did not know when it had disappeared into the sea.

  Life is so long, we must have the courage to choose for ourselves.

  I saw a cartoon: two avenues, the flat and wide on the left, a group of people chose this road, walked together with a smile; while the right side was rugged, only one person stood up and chose this difficult The road.

  The group of people laughed at him as a fool, but his heart made up his mind: I must transform this road better than any road. A few years later, the road was repaired and the whole road was his.

  Life, sometimes it feels a bit difficult; some roads, we must learn to go alone. Going through, and looking back at the hardships I have experienced, it’s just that. These experiences have made us strong and courageous and able to face the future life with more confidence .

  If you are experiencing a person’s struggle at the moment , please believe that the future can be...