The most taboo words in the workplace
  1. I have tried my best, this is not my problem.
  In the workplace, in the face of the task of the boss, I found that I could not complete it. Do you say to the boss: 'I have tried my best, it is not my problem. ”
  But the boss only wants the results, he does not care if you have worked hard. For the boss, the real effort should be to do everything in his power and use all kinds of methods to accomplish this task.
  2. Why do I always post the invoice, I am not here to post the invoice
  Just entering the workplace, we will always be asked to do all sorts of chores, trivial matters, invoices, delivery, cleaning and so on. At this time, would you say, "I am not coming to the company to do miscellaneous, why do I always let me do these chores."
  Don't underestimate any small things at work. The invoices are not neatly arranged, and the appetite of the unsold bosses will affect the judgment of colleagues and leaders, and decide whether you can get training and reuse quickly.
  3. I will not do this.
  I made a small mistake in my work and the boss criticized you. Do you say it? "I don't know what to do. It is necessary to do something small in such a small matter."
  For the boss, every employee can make a mistake. What the leader cares about is actually the attitude after you make a mistake, and whether you correct the mistake in time or make a mistake to cover up the mistake after you make a mistake.
  4. This has always been the case, it’s none of my business.
  One day, the leader suddenly found that the workflow of something was not reasonable, letting you optimize and improve. Would you say: "Isn't this all the time to do this? Why do you want to change it? It's really troublesome."
  You think that the company's business is almost done, why should we change it. As everyone knows, what the boss wants is to treat the company as an employee of his own family. The boss wants the employee to actively discover the problem, optimize the problem, and make the company better.